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Display the Telegram Public Channel or Group Feed in a WordPress widget or anywhere you want using a simple shortcode.

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  • Provides an ajax widget to display channel feed
  • Ajax widget contains a Join Channel link
  • Pulls updates automatically from Telegram
  • Uses a responsive widget to display the feed
  • Fits anywhere you want it to be
  • The received messages can be seen from /wp-admin
  • Automatically removes deleted messages
  • Can be displayed using a shortcode
  • Available as a Gutengerg block
  • Allows embeding of Telegram public channel messages
  • Can be extended with custom code

Widget Info

Goto Appearance > Widgets and click/drag WP Telegram Widget and place it where you want it to be.

Alternately, you can use the below shortcode.

Inside page or post content:

[wptelegram-widget num_messages="5" widget_width="100" author_photo="auto"]

Inside the theme templates

if ( function_exists( 'wptelegram_widget' ) ) {
    $args = array(
        // 'num_messages'    => 5,
        // 'widget_width'    => 100,
        // 'author_photo'    => 'auto',

    wptelegram_widget( $args );


    echo do_shortcode( '[wptelegram-widget num_messages="5" widget_width="100" author_photo="always_show"]' );

Get in touch

Development occurs on Github, and all contributions welcome.


Many thanks to the translators for the great job!

Snímky obrazovky

  • Settings Page
  • Settings Page (Cont...)
  • Widget Settings (back-end)
  • Widget View (front-end)
  • Widget Messages List


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Telegram Channel Ajax Feed


  1. Upload the wptelegram-widget folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. After activation, you should see the menu of this plugin the the admin
  3. Configure the plugin.


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10. 8. 2019
Hi, This is the best plugin for the widget of telegram channel to your website. if you are facing any problem, you can contact the developer by telegram @WPTelegramSupport. He is very supportive. He will solve your all problems regarding this plugin.
20. 7. 2019
This is the best and only Telegram plugin and widget that I will recommend for anyone. It is easy to set up. The authors are very quick to respond to any issue you face with the plugin and widget. Download it right away. 5 stars for sure.
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Přehled změn


  • Updated bot token pattern for test token.


  • Updated bot token pattern.


  • Fixed the issue of settings not being saved without Bot Token.


  • Improved compatibility with different browsers.
  • Improved the code as per WPCS.
  • Fixed the issue of settings not being saved without Bot Token.


  • Migrated from CMB2 to React for settings page.
  • Added Guternberg block for Ajax Widget.
  • Removed Widget Messages list in favour of Ajax Widget.
  • Bot Token is no more required for the ajax widget to work.
  • Made the ajax widget search form visible again.
  • Search form results are now displayed in the same iframe, instead of new tab.
  • Fixed the Google Script URL not being used.