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Create professional responsive data tables within minutes. An intuitive table builder supports many features on mouse click and layout and behavior changes of almost any element of a DataTable through an advanced options section. Data tables are based on the famous DataTables plugin for jQuery supporting any database table size.

Use the form builder to create highly customizable data apps for back-end and front-end. Customization is supported through templates, supporting many features like master-detail pages, lookups, inline editing, advanced search features, dynamic hyperlinks, WordPress role management integration and many more.

Manage data and databases with the user-friendly Data Explorer or use the Query Builder to write SQL queries from the WordPress dashboard. Remote database access to MariaDB and MySQL is available for all versions. Premium users can access foreign databases like SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MS Access through our premium proxy server and auto sync CSV (including Google Sheets), JSON and XML files.

Data Tables

Intuitive table builder to create professional data tables for back-end and front-end in minutes

Data Apps

Data Projects is a form builder that helps to create highly customizable data driven WordPress apps for back-end and front-end

Data Management

The Data Explorer helps WordPress users to manage local and remote data and databases directly from the WordPress dashboard

Remote Databases and Remote Data Files

Connect to remote databases and auto sync remote data files

Query Builder

Execute SQL queries directly from the WordPress dashboard

Dashboards and Widgets

Widgets are highly customizable and can be shown on dashboards (back-end), webpages (front-end), and external websites

  • Manage all your data in one location
  • Share your data widgets anywhere (back-end, font-end and other websites)
  • Give specific users and user groups access to locked dashboards
  • Allow users to create their own dashboards
  • Low cost Business Intelligence solution

Geolocation search

Create a searchable geolocation map from a database table


Charts builder for creating charts from SQL queries

Data Designer

Create tables and indexes using an intuitive user interface

  • Create tables and indexes
  • Modify tables and indexes
  • Supports reverse engineering and reconciliation

Plugin Settings

Many detailed plugin settings are available to manage the plugin user interface and behavior

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(1) Upload the WP Data Access plugin to your blog
(2) Activate it
(3) Navigate to the WP Data Access menu

1, 2, 3 and you’re done!


1. 9. 2023
Needing to rewrite URLs on our website, I found WP Data Access to be absolutely fantastic! In the past, I had to dump the database to a 400MB text file, edit it and re-import it. With fingers crossed. This plugin makes it immensely easier to do a search and replace on tables. Aside from the plugin being extremely well designed, I also had need to contact their tech support and I found them to be absolutely great. I should add that I found the issue I had was due to insufficient DB privileges, and not to any fault of the plugin itself. I couldn't be happier with it.
24. 5. 2023 2 odpovědi
With WP DATA ACCESS, you can sort a table as an alphabet search. The helpdesk was super responsive. Letter 'A' gives the entries with 'A', Letter 'B' gives the entries with 'B'... We get the Pro version to get support en it has been a success.
18. 4. 2023
This plugin, in theory is excellent - there weren't many plugins I could find that could connect & retrieve records from my SQL DB sitting on my remote virtual server. This plugin did it perfectly. The only issue i had was it took 30 seconds just to retrieve 1 record. However I do not know if the issue is with the plugin or my website. So i cannot blame this plugin without further info, however I didn't have time to do more extensive troubleshooting. In terms of customer service the team were amazing - they continued to troubleshoot the problem with me exhausting alot of options. They were patient and great service. In the end they were happy to give me a refund. Assuming your website doesnt pose any delays/issues, this plugin should work great for you.
29. 3. 2023
I have to admit this product is a little hard to understand using the documentation and videos, but this is a great table handling product. Support has been wonderful.
27. 3. 2023 1 odpověď
I'm a small business owner, not a programmer. I know just enough to get most things done, but sometimes something like WP Data Access makes things easier. This plugin has been a big help and great to work with. It would be easier if I knew SQL, but if I have trouble, my experience with customer support so far has been great and dependable.
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