Visual Link Preview


Easily create a Facebook-like link preview for any link on your website. You can choose the image and text to display and create your very own custom template. The default template can be styled from the settings to match your website.

Some examples of what you could use this for:

  • A call to action for your affiliate links
  • Promote WooCommerce products on your website
  • List sources for your article
  • A weekly posty of interesting websites you’ve found
  • Link to related posts on your own website

It does not require any database lookups, which means even having many of these blocks on a page should not affect performance.

Compatible with both the Classic and Gutenberg Block Editor using shortcodes and blocks.

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This plugin is in active development. Feel free to contact us with any feature requests or ideas.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Add a visual link with live preview to any post or page
  • Example of what the default template looks like in a post
  • Use our settings to easily style the link to match your website
  • Link to your own posts or to any external URL


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  • Visual Link Preview


  1. Upload the visual-link-preview directory (directory included) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Check out our getting started documentation

Nejčastější dotazy

Where can I find the documentation?

All documentation can be found in our knowledge base.

Do you offer any support?

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering awesome support and almost always answer support questions within 24 hours. Send us an email at whenever you have a question or suggestion!


26. 2. 2021
Awesome plug in. Does exactly what it says, profoundly well for my purposes. A+. Thank you to the developers
23. 2. 2021
Thank you for this great plug-in, it's really useful. BTW, I've found 2 minor issues. 1. If the summary has a link tag which is not closed in the summary, it will cause to the next part, so I've fixed 54 line of class-vlp-link.php as below. # $properties['summary'] = nl2br( trim( $unsanitized->summary ) ); $properties['summary'] = nl2br( trim( strip_tags( $unsanitized->summary ) ) ); 2. When it crawls YouTube link, it shows summary as "Sorry for the interruption. We have been receiving a large number of requests from your network.". Different with the above issue, I couldn't spend time for check this is my IP problem or this plugin's structure problem. I hope this can be an info for the other useres.
10. 2. 2021
To be able to customize the template is one plus, being a Gutenberg blocks is the icing on the cake, because: Combining this plugin with Gutenberg columns along with template customization gives me exactly what I needed. Thank you for this plugin !
4. 9. 2020
I was looking for this, its done very nicely and support gutenberg! so cool!! Thank you for creating it 🙏🏼💜 Would love to see it support RTL, the padding now are not done right on RTL. I can help.
30. 6. 2020
The basic functions work right out of the box. Looks good, and works well. And the dev is responsive on support forums.
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Přehled změn


  • Feature: Set nofollow and open in new tab for VLP Block
  • Feature: Set custom link class for VLP Block
  • Feature: Ability to use shortcode directly for advanced purposes
  • Improvement: Keep image size consistent
  • Improvement: Layout on mobile
  • Fix: Browser freezing when trying to load information from some URLs


  • Improvement: Convert paragraph and shortcode block
  • Fix: Image not removing correctly in Classic Editor


  • Fix: Some blocks not showing preview in Gutenberg
  • Fix: Default image size in template causing PHP notices


  • Feature: Easily change template style from settings
  • Feature: Automatic content in Gutenberg block
  • Feature: Automatic summary for internal links
  • Improvement: Better Gutenberg block with preview


  • Fix: Bug introduced in 1.3.2 when creating in Gutenberg


  • Fix: Summary not getting saved correctly upon edit
  • Fix: HTML code showing in summary


  • Improvement: Convert shortcode to Gutenberg block
  • Fix: WordPress 5.0 compatibility


  • Feature: Fetch information from external link using Open Graph


  • Improvement: Gutenberg 3.3 compatibility


  • Improvement: Gutenberg 2.6.0 compatibility for the VLP block


  • Feature: New block for Gutenberg compatibility
  • Feature: Use nofollow and open in new tab for external links
  • Improvement: Better handling of encoding


  • Fix: Prevent overwriting first link in post when editing a newly added link


  • Fix: Problem with encoding unicode characters


  • Feature: Template system


  • Very first version of this link preview plugin