Security Header Generator


This plugin generates the proper security HTTP response headers, attempts to generate a valid Content Security Policy, and sets browser permissions if configured.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Standard Header Settings
  • Content Security Policy Settings
  • Permissions Settings
  • Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Import/Export Settings
  • Headers Set


  1. Download the plugin, unzip it, and upload to your sites /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    1. You can also upload it directly to your Plugins admin
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

Nejčastější dotazy

What is a Content Security Policy?

A Content Security Policy is an added layer of security that helps to detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, including Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks.

Will this detect every external source in my site?

Unfortunately, no. While it will make every best effort to do so, it cannot capture external resources inside already external resources.

How do I automatically generate a Content Security Policy using your plugin?

Login to shell for your site, change directory to your websites root folder, and run wp csp generate. Have some patience because it can take some time to run. Please make sure to run it a few times, I cannot guarantee that it will get everything, but, in my tests on my own sites it did.


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Security Header Generator je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Remove: document-domain from the Permissions-Policy header
    • no longer supported:
  • Remove: execution-while-not-rendered from the Permissions-Policy header
    • no longer supported:
  • Remove: execution-while-out-of-viewport from the Permissions-Policy header
    • no longer supported:
  • Remove: navigation-override from the Permissions-Policy header
    • completely removed
  • Remove: gamepad from the Permissions-Policy header
    • no longer supported:
  • Remove: The FLoC Permission Policy.
    • completely removed
  • Add: hid to the Permissions-Policy Header
  • Add: identity-credentials-get to the Permissions-Policy Header
  • Add: idle-detection to the Permissions-Policy Header
  • Add publickey-credentials-create to the Permissions-Policy Header
  • Add screen-wake-lock to the Permissions-Policy Header
  • Add serial to the Permissions-Policy Header
  • Add web-share to the Permissions-Policy Header


  • Remove: prefetch-src from the Content-Security-Policy
    • no longer supported:


  • Fix: Implementation Page
    • now accurately reflects the confguration set


  • Verify: Up to 6.3 Compliant
  • Fix: PHP 8.2 deprecation notices in field Framework


  • Test: Up to 6.2 compliant


  • Add: setting for allowing an access control origin
    • This should help out with CORS issues, especially from google


  • Fix: PHP 8 warning messages
    • Warning: Undefined array key "Permissions-Policy"
  • Fix: PHP 8 fatal error on special circumstance
    • KCP_CSPGEN_Headers::kp_get_generated_csp(): Return value must be of type array, string returned


  • Test: Up to 6.1.2 compliant
  • Fixed: Directory traversal in plugin
  • Fixed: Added check/uncheck all option for checkbox field.
  • Updated: Google Web Fonts array added new fonts.
  • Updated: JS libraries (codemirror, leaflet, etc).
  • Improved: Some JS and CSS coding.


  • Test: Up to 6.1.1 compliant
  • Remove: Server identifiers removers.
  • Rework: Broke out the front-end and admin headers to separate methods
  • Fix: Check for duplicate headers, or already set headers


  • Fix: Typo in versioning


  • Test: Up to 6.0.2 compliant
  • Tech: force PHP 7.4 minimum
  • Remove: Upgrader hook
    • this is no longer needed
  • Remove: X-XSS-Protection Header
    • was depracated in version 2.2.13. Only compatible browsers as of 7/14/2022 are Edge and and Safari
      Use CSP to mitigate XSS


  • Test: Up to 6.0 compliant
  • Test: Up to PHP 8.1 Compliant
  • New: Plugin Icon =)
  • Updated: Settings Field Framework
    • Added: Number field „min“, „max“, „step“ options.
    • Updated: Google Web Fonts array added new fonts.
    • Updated: JS libraries (codemirror, leaflet, etc).
    • Improved: Group field „custom title and prefix“ option (samples added).
    • Improved: Some JS and CSS coding.


  • Fix: Eval and Inline for empty directives


  • Fix: Forgot a debugging var_dump… SMH


  • Fix: Include blank directives:
    • Even if the directives are blank for the CSP, they should still be included with the ‚self‘ flag
  • Test: Up to 5.9.2 compliant
  • Fix: CLI performance.
    • Was timing out, then skipping some directives on larger sites.


  • Fix: Default WP CSP headers not being set
  • Fix: Implementation now includes Default WP
  • Feature: Implement debug check to queue unminified style and scripts
  • Fix: Implementation from the CLI pulls


  • Update: Settings framework


  • Fix: OR to ||
    • forgot about it in the main plugin file
  • Update: translatable resources
    • New: /languages/security-header-generator.pot


  • Fix: Array issue
  • Fix: Strict typing issue


  • Feature: Implement post update hook to try to properly migrate existing settings to the new format
  • Update: Change exportable/importable settings names, more legible
    • While I will do my best to automate this, please note it may not be perfect… I am only human after all 😉
    • If you export your settings before updating, you can import them again after updating and the below will be
      taken care of for you.
    • Just in case it does not work 100%, please export your settings before updating to this version and
      perform a search and replace for the string to remove it:

      • Search: „kp_cspgen_“
      • Replace: null|nothing|empty
    • NOTE: If you do not export your settings I will not guarantee that you will not have to reconfigure the plugin.
      Although… I did take a backup 😉 You will need to hop into your database to grab it though, it will be in your
      options table, and it is called: wpsh_TEMP_settings. I will have this automatically removed in a future update
  • Add: Option to remove server advertising.
  • Add: Expect-CT header
    • The Expect-CT header lets sites opt in to reporting and/or enforcement of Certificate Transparency requirements,
      to prevent the use of misissued certificates for that site from going unnoticed.
    • Doc:
    • Hook: wpsh_expectct_header
  • Updated: Feature Policies.
    • Removed the following: battery, layout-animations, legacy-image-formats, oversized-images, screen-wake-lock,
      unoptimized-images, unsized-media, web-share
    • The above no longer have any browser support.
    • Added: Descriptive descriptions for each directive
  • Updated: Content Security Policy
    • Added: the following fetch directives:
      • child-src, manifest-src, object-src, prefetch-src, script-src-elem,
        script-src-attr, style-src-elem, style-src-attr, worker-src, navigate-to
    • Added: Unsafe Inline and Unsafe Eval settings on each CSP directive
    • Added: Descriptive descriptions for each directive
    • Reworked: Settings for the entire section, which of course caused me to rewrite the way they are implemented.


  • Implement: The 2 new headers documentation and implementation tabs SMH


  • Deprecated: The X-XSS-Protection header has been deprecated by modern browsers.
    • As a result we are marking the setting, hook, and functionality to set it as deprecated and
      will be removed in future versions of this plugin.
    • Doc:
    • Set to log as deprecated
  • Rework: Settings Fields
    • found it was causing a conflict with another plugin
  • Add: 2 new Headers
    • Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy
      • This response header (also named COEP) prevents a document from loading any cross-origin resources that don’t
        explicitly grant the document permission
      • Hook: wpsh_coep_header
    • Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy
      • This response header (also named COOP) allows you to ensure a top-level document does not share a browsing
        context group with cross-origin documents. COOP will process-isolate your document and potential attackers can’t
        access to your global object if they were opening it in a popup, preventing a set of cross-origin attacks dubbed XS-Leaks
      • Hook: wpsh_coop_header
  • NOTE: There is no full browser support yet for Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy, so for now it is going to be left out. As a result,
    the only option for the Embedder Policy is „unsafe-none“. Once it is fully cross-browser this header will be implemented.


  • Fixed: Admin bar menu show in for non-admin capabilities.
  • Improved: Usage anywhere framework fields.
  • Updated: JS libraries (codemirror, leaflet, etc).
  • Improved: Some js and css coding.


  • Verify: Core 5.9 Compatibility
  • Feature: Add some hooks. All pretty self-explanatory, so here is the list and arguments if there are any:
    • wpsh_pre_headers, wpsh_send_frontend_headers, wpsh_send_admin_headers, wpsh_post_headers
    • wpsh_sts_header – Arg: The „Strict-Transport-Security“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_ofs_header – Arg: The „X-Frame-Options“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_xss_header – Arg: The „X-Xss-Protection“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_mimesniffing_header – Arg: The „X-Content-Type-Options“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_referrer_header – Arg: The „Referrer-Policy“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_dlopt_header – Arg: The „X-Download-Options“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_crossdomain_header – Arg: The „X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_csp_header – Arg: The „Content-Security-Policy“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_upgradesecure_header – Arg: The „Content-Security-Policy“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_floc_header – Arg: The „Permissions-Policy“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_permissions_header – Arg: The „Permissions-Policy“ header content for the generated options
    • wpsh_pre_csp_generate – fires off before the Content Security Policy is generated
    • wpsh_post_csp_generate – Arg: The generated Content Security Policy string


  • Tweak admin permissions
    • found an issue where a subsite admin could not administer
      the settings if the super-admin disabled Plugins in settings


  • Convert all major comments to phpdoc
  • Fix OR DIE on direct file access
  • Removed double PHP version check (whoops!)
  • move the plugins stylesheet
  • Core 5.8.1 Compliance


  • Update: Rewrite Field Framework


  • Update: Field Framework


  • fixed minor issue setting FLoC header


  • Removed sticky header for settings
    • it was not working properly in all browsers anyways
  • Implemented Permissions-Policy header
    • See Here for more information:
  • Organize header settings into separate tabs
  • Fixed issue where setting would automatically collapse
  • Re-implement uninstall


  • WordPress Core 5.8 compliance
    • Tested
  • feature re-implement WP CLI functionality
    • Attempts to spider the site gathering up only external resources like imagery, stylesheets, scripts, fonts, frames, etc…
    • Creates a custom post type to hold the output of the parsed external resources
    • Adds the domains only to the Content-Security-Policy header


  • Fix issue where admin menu would not show for some
  • Force PHP 7.3 minimum on actviation


  • Publishing
    • slight issue in readme was preventing updating to 1.9.17


  • Remove the remote header checks implemented in v1.9.11
  • Update Documentation


  • New class to attempt server-side header Implementation
  • If server-side headers do exist, show a note in Settings
  • Attempt to override existing headers
    • only headers set by plugin
  • Cache the above check for 1 day
  • Temprorarily remove the CLI functionality


  • Update settings framework
  • Updated minimum PHP requirement to PHP 7.3


  • Update for WP Core 5.7.2
  • Update methods to force output type


  • implement FLoC decline setting and headers


  • full field framework update


  • field framework update
  • little styling tweak for it


  • fix path issue


  • replace field framework
    • big thanks to Codestar:
  • rebuild the settings and retrieval
  • rework admin sending of headers
  • clear cache on settings save


  • update field framework
  • 5.7 compliance
  • check for existing functionality


  • fix uninstall to remove all options, including for multisite


  • Implement true autoloader
    • rename class files accordingly
  • Implement true autoloader for CLI
    • rename class files accordingly


  • First public release