Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.



Na často navštěvovaném webu nemůžete provádět změny živých , publikovaných příspěvků, aniž byste je nejprve nezkontrolovali a neschválili. Revisionize klonuje váš příspěvek, stránku nebo CPT na koncept, který vám umožní vyladit, upravit a experimentovat s obsahem. Zobrazte si své navržené změny a / nebo sdílejte náhled s dalšími kolegy, abyste změny schválili. Až budete spokojeni, publikujte revizi, která zkopíruje vaše změny obsahu do původního příspěvku. Můžete také naplánovat publikovování revize v určitém čase.

Official Addons

Visit to add functionality that makes Revisionize even more powerful.

Compatible with

Known Issues

  • Gutenberge. Revisionize is not compatible with the default Gutenberg editor. You must install the Classic Editor plugin.
  • WP Recipe Maker. There have been reported issues that indicate Revisionize does not work with this plugin. However, we could not verify these reports. Use at your own risk.
  • Some plugins store content in their own database tables, which Revisionize knows nothing about. It’s possible that publishing a revision will not save changes for these types of plugins. Revisionize will only work with content stored in the wp_posts and wp_postmeta tables.

Please post in the support section for help before leaving a negative review!

Snímky obrazovky

  • Revisionize a post
  • Alternate way to Revisionize
  • A Revision. Save as many drafts as you wish. Preview the post to see how it looks. Or delete it if you don’t want it. When the revision is published, it will overwrite its original. But don’t worry, the original is saved as another revision (for a backup).
  • Schedule multiple revisions/variations to be published consecutively. The URL of the post stays the same, the content will just update at the scheduled time. No redirects or messing around with slugs.
  • The original post is kept around as a revision just in case you want to revert back to the way things were.


6. 11. 2019
There is no support for Gutenberg nor plans to support it, as confirmed by the author. I do appreciate author’s clarity but cannot recommend the plugin with this major handicap
31. 10. 2019 2 odpovědi
This plugin completely messes with Yoast and basically throws out all your meta tags and redirects. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use it. Otherwise what it does do should have been included in the wordpress editor. I’m not sure how I’ll get along without it any more.
13. 8. 2019
This was so close to making me ecstatic. Unfortunately, lack of Gutenberg editor support is a deal-breaker. I would gladly pay for this feature if a premium version is released with this ability.
18. 4. 2019
We have a workflow requirement where content is updated on a weekly basis and should be published on a Saturday evening on the same page/URL. Without this plugin, it would mean having to manually do it every time… on a Saturday evening… which is not fun. With this plugin, we can even set up scheduled content for weeks to come. Kudos!
12. 10. 2018
This plugin solves a problem with approval workflow that has plagued WordPress for a long, long time. Kudos for providing the community with a solution, and congratulations on the perfect review scores!
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Přehled změn


  • Fix. Remove PHP Notice on the admin menu editor screen


  • Fix. Work toward being translatable.


  • Fix. Add missing i18n domain.
  • Improvement. Add Known Issues to readme.


  • New. Setting to preserve original author or overwrite it with author who is revisionizing.


  • Fix. Show settings on default multisite page.
  • Fix. Prevent non super admins from uploading addons on multisite.


  • Fix. Undefined index errors.


  • Fix. Handle edge case where malformed addon data comes back from


  • Fix. Use correct path to addons directory for Multisite.


  • New. Action for developers. revisionize_after_copy_post
  • Fix. Ensure author ID is set when a backup revision is created during cron.


  • Fix. Move addons directory to a location safe from overwrites.


  • New. Action for developers to add hook after a revision is created.
  • Fix. Fatal error when checking is_wp_revision_different.


  • Fix. Notices when admin bar shown on non-edit pages. Thanks @kshaner.


  • Fix. Use settings when cron publishes a scheduled post.
  • Feature. Revisionize link added to admin bar.


  • Fix. Properly fetch addons list.


  • Fix issue where addons list is empty causing Warnings to be displayed.


  • Fix issue where addons weren’t loaded if the revisionize_addons_root was used. Thanks @piscis


  • Make revisionize and its addon framework work better with WordPress Network/Multisite installations.
  • Add filter to change the addon install directory.
  • Check for addon updates.


  • Generalize user_can_revisionize so that it’s true if a user can edit pages.


  • Fix Fatal error on 2.0.0 – had forgot to commit settings.php and addon.php. Please update and activate again.


  • Add a basic settings panel.
  • Add ability to install addons


  • Fix critical bug for non ACF users.


  • Add filter to give developers control over updating post dates. See here. Thanks @piscis
  • Fix bug with gmt date.


  • Fix edge case bug where ACF change was not tracked in WP Revision Tracker.


  • Track ACF changes in the built-in WP Revision Tracker when a Revisionized post is published.
  • Add filter (revisionize_exclude_post_types) to exclude Revisionize functionality for specific post types. By default ACF custom field types are disabled.


  • Maintain original post dates when a revision is published
  • Add filter (revisionize_keep_original_on_publish) to override behaviour of keeping the original as a revision when publishing.
  • Hide experimental dashboard widget that was added in 1.3.0. See here if you want to show this widget again.


  • Fix issue where publishing a revision did not overwrite the original post when ACF 5 was installed but no fields were assigned to the post type.


  • Add filters to let developers control which users can revisionize or access revisionized posts. See here for more details on how to use. Thanks @ryanshoover.
  • Add a dashboard widget showing pending revisions. See here for more details. Thanks again @ryanshoover.


  • New add filter to allow developers to customize button text. Thanks @robbiepaul.


  • Fix issue where post titles containing ampersands are escaped when a revision is scheduled with cron. Thanks @piscis.


  • Fix known issue where direct publishing of a Revision that has ACF would not actually update the fields. Thanks for the help @thegaffney


  • Only allow users to Revisionize posts that they can also edit. Related discussion
  • The author of the original post is maintained when a Revision is published – it doesn’t get set to the author of the user who created the Revision.