Saves you from asking „have you emptied your cache?“.

Forked and updated for todays WordPress and PHP from the original plugin by Paul Clark.


  • Safe to leave running on live sites.
  • Only refreshes browser cache for a file if it has been modified.
  • Resolves Content Delivery Network (CDN) issues. No need to purge CDN cache.
  • Multisite compatible.
  • „Just works“ — no configuration necessary.


Requires scripts use any of the below functions to load. Almost all files meet these requirements. The only case it doesn’t account for is when URLs are hard-coded. This shouldn’t ever be done, since it can break sites for other reasons.


  1. Search for „reBusted“ under WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New
  2. Install the plugin.
  3. Activate the plugin.


30. 6. 2020
This plugin has been a godsend for Beaver Builder sites where the CSS version number is impossible to update (even with its own cache clearing tool).
8. 5. 2020
I appreciate this so much, many things weren't working on a website I'm working on with an uncommunicative host and this worked instantly.
10. 12. 2019
What more can I say! It does exactly what is says on the tin! Previously I had to keep the Chrome Dev Tools open with the option to disable the cache (while dev tools is open) to get my child theme style.css version number to update after a change on page refresh, but now that's no longer required. Also see it being very useful for when clients are waiting for a quick change and have the previous version stuck in the browser cache. Thanks, I'll be using it on other sites going forward 🙂
21. 8. 2019
I always have one or two clients where "its still not working for us" This is the plugin that solves that. Recommend developers/agencies everywhere install this and save them and their clients a bundle of time. Thanks for keeping this alive after the last Busted version went AWOL.
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  • Fixed fatal error on ancient PHP versions.


  • Forked from original Busted! plugin and updated for todays WordPress/PHP.
  • PHPUnit tests added.