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Printess Editor


The Printess Editor makes creating personalized templates fast and easy.
It comes with its own layout editor and the fronted for your customers to customize the various options.
Sell photo mugs, t-shirts or other personalized content within minutes.

Head over to , register your account for free and start selling.

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How to get started?

Check for the installation process and your first product.

Where to get support?

Check our manual at or
write an e-mail to , we’ll answer asap :).

How much does it cost?

The account is free of charge.
Only pay when your customers order something.
10 orders are free.

Please check for more details.


Pro tento plugin nejsou žádné recenze.


Printess Editor je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Initial release


  • Added: Possibility to use different templates for variations.
  • Fixed: Deletion of variants when a Printess template is assigned.


  • Added: Replaced table of personalized items in customer order detail view with CSS-Grid for easier styling.
  • Fixed: Adding personalized items to basket failed for variants in case the item was added through the personalized items table inside the customers order detail view.


  • Added: possibility to change saved design name on second and every consecutive „save“ click.


  • Fixed: Fixed broken printess settings after entering wrong api domain which resulted in a disappearing save button


  • Fixed: broken saving of designs that created a new saved design with the same name on every second save click.
  • Fixed: better table structure for saved designs in saved designs view and personalized products in order detail view
  • Added: Option „Show original product in basket“ that when unchecked does not display the original product inside the basket after editing a basket item.
  • Added: Personalized items are now put upfront inside the shopping cart whereas the last edited one is on top.


  • Added: Support for HPOS
  • Added: Translation of „this item was edited. Consider removing it from your cart“
  • Last version to support PHP 7.0 . New versions will need at least PHP 8.1 See php versions that still have security support:


  • Added: Moved personalized items table in order detail view on top of order detials
  • Added: Better styling for saved designs table.


  • Fixed: When using Ajax to add items to the cart, the editor did not close when adding items to the cart.


  • Fixed: Broken Editor Overlay behavior in case the shop system is specifiying a maximum width for body and is moving the body into the browser center.


  • Fixed: Fixed broken variant handling when editing cart item from within mini (overlay) cart. The Design variant (production pdf after the order) stayed the same, but the basket item and then later the ordered variant used the first available product variant.


  • Fixed: Fixed issues with printess_adjust_add_to_cart being called with only 2 paramters instead of 3 due to customers theme handling things differently.