Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields


Manage all your custom content needs in one location with the Pods Framework.

  • Create content types including custom post types, custom taxonomies and advanced content types using custom tables (separate from WordPress)
  • Extend and customize content types including posts, pages, categories, tags, users, and media
  • Create custom settings pages easily within seconds
  • Add custom fields to any content type or settings page
  • Show your fields anywhere using our shortcodes, widgets, the code-free Pods Template approach, or our automatic theme integration
  • Create connections between any of your content with relationship fields to keep your content organized

Let Pods help you grow your development skills and manage content beyond the standard WordPress Posts & Pages. Check out our Documentation, Support Forums, and our Live Slack Chat to help you build your dream project with Pods.


Content types that evolve with your needs

Create any type of content that you want — small or large — we’ve got you covered. Every content type created with Pods gets all the love it needs to grow up big and strong. You’ll get an easy to use interface that lets you manage custom fields and how your content type will look or function.

Create new content types

With Pods, you can create entirely new content types and settings pages.

  • Custom Post Types – Content types that look and function like Posts and Pages, but in their own separate sections of WordPress
  • Custom Taxonomies – Content types that look and function like Categories and Tags, but in their own separate sections of WordPress
  • Custom Settings Pages – Create custom settings under Settings menu to help organize your site’s custom global settings
  • Advanced Content Types – These are entirely separate from WordPress and function off their own database tables (much like the Drupal CCK)

Extend existing content types

Need to customize your existing content types in WordPress? We offer the ability to extend existing content types across all of WordPress:

  • Post Types – Customize and create/manage fields for any existing post type — Posts, Pages, and even those created by plugins or themes
  • Taxonomies – Customize and create/manage fields for any existing taxonomy — Categories, Tags, and even those created by plugins or themes
  • Media – Create and manage fields for your media uploads to enable you to fill in additional information and context to any image/file you want
  • Users – Create and manage fields for your user/author profiles
  • Comments – Create and manage fields for your visitor comments, easily add fields to fit the way you use comments as reviews and more

Field Types

We have an extensive collection of fields that you can leverage to build the perfect content structure for your site. You can also build your own custom field types with our extensible field type classes.

  • Text
    • Plain Text
    • Website
    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • Password
  • Paragraph
    • Plain Paragraph Text
    • WYSIWYG (Visual Editor)
    • Code (Syntax Highlighting)
  • Date / Time
    • Date and Time
    • Date
    • Time
  • Number
    • Plain Number
    • Currency (30+ international currencies)
  • Relationships / Media
    • File / Image / Video
    • Avatar (for extended Users)
    • oEmbed
    • Relationship
  • Checkbox (Yes / No)
  • Color Picker

Relationships to rule the world with

The power is in your hands with our comprehensive support to relate your content to anything.

  • Custom defined lists of text options
  • Relate to Post Type content
  • Relate to Taxonomy content
  • Relate to any User profile
  • Relate to User Roles
  • Relate to User Capabilities
  • Relate to Media attachments
  • Relate to any Comment

And many other relationships are also available including:

  • Image Sizes
  • Navigation Menus
  • Post Formats
  • Post Status
  • Relate to content within any Database Table
  • Themes
  • Page Templates
  • Sidebars
  • Post Type Objects (choose the post type itself)
  • Taxonomy Objects (choose the taxonomy itself)
  • Countries (predefined)
  • US States (predefined)
  • Canadian Provinces (predefined)
  • Calendar – Days of Week (predefined)
  • Calendar – Months of Year (predefined)

Optional Components to do even more

You can enable some of our included components to extend your WordPress site even further:

  • Roles and Capabilities – Create or edit Roles for your site, and customize their corresponding capabilities
  • Templates – Use our template engine to create templates that can be handed off to clients for care-free management
  • Advanced Relationships – Add advanced relationship objects for relating to including Database Tables, Multisite Networks, Multisite Sites, Themes, Page Templates, Sidebars, Post Type Objects, and Taxonomy Objects
  • Advanced Content Types – These types of content were built into Pods prior to 2.3, but are now optionally enabled
  • Table Storage – Enable table-based storage for custom fields on Post Types, Media, Users, and Comments. Also adds the ability to add custom fields to Taxonomies
  • Markdown Syntax – Parses Markdown Syntax for Paragraph Text / WYSIWYG fields
  • Pages – Create custom pages that function off of your site’s URL path, with wildcard support, and choose the Page Template to use

Plays well with others

We also do our best to integrate and play nicely with other projects:


Pods really wouldn’t be where it is without all of the contributions from our donors and code/support contributors.


Many thanks go out to the fine folks who have helped us translate Pods into many other languages.

Join us in further translating the Pods interface at: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/pods

We are also available through our Live Slack Chat to help our translators get started and to support them on the process.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Create new content types or extend existing ones
  • Add fields of many different types, with individual options for each so you can define your content type to be what you need it to be
  • Post Type pods will add fields to the Post editor
  • Taxonomy pods will add fields to the Taxonomy forms
  • User pods will add fields to the User forms
  • Comment pods will add fields to the Comment forms
  • Media pods will add fields to the Media forms


  1. Unpack the entire contents of this plugin zip file into your wp-content/plugins/ folder locally
  2. Upload to your site
  3. Navigate to wp-admin/plugins.php on your site (your WP Admin plugin page)
  4. Activate this plugin

OR you can just install it with WordPress by going to Plugins >> Add New >> and type this plugin’s name

Nejčastější dotazy

Where do we go for Support on your plugin?

Our primary Support is handled through our Support Forums. For the fastest support, you can contact us on our Live Slack Chat in the #support channel. We do not staff our Slack channel 24/7, but we do check any questions that come through daily and reply to any unanswered questions.

We do have a community of Pods users and developers that hang out on Slack so you’re sure to get an answer quickly. We answer our Forum questions once a week with follow-up during the week as we’re prioritizing resources towards restructuring and improving our documentation.

I’ve found a Bug or I have a Feature Request

If you’ve uncovered a Bug or have a Feature Request, we kindly request you to create an Issue on our GitHub Repository at https://github.com/pods-framework/pods/issues/new. Please be very specific about what steps you did to create the issue you’re having and include any screenshots or other configuration parameters to help us recreate or isolate the issue.

Will Pods work with my Theme?

Most likely the answer is yes. We don’t require any special CSS or display attributes to use Pods with your theme so you should have little to no difficulty showing your content in your theme. If you encounter any issues, contact your theme developer and ask them about their support for the standard WordPress theming functions and how to use WordPress Template Hierarchy with their theme.


7. 8. 2021
This plugin does more than you can imagine. The five stars of this review go to the people who support both the plugin programmatically and the pods community. I have been using pods for well over a year in all sorts of projects, to the point that it has become my "core" plugin. It has a learning curve, which for simple projects is not that steep, regardless of your developer experience, or lack of. For more complex products, things get interesting, especially with a not-so-good documentation (the community, myself included, needs to step up), which means more digging and more mental work, but we developers are so much used to it. And don't forget about the "friends of pods" program, which really helps sustain the development and support. Even a $5 one-time donation can work wonders if more and more people engage that way. Anyway, 5 stars for this amazing plugin, which I can highly recommend to anyone who is not afraid with some trial and error. It's free, not freemium, free. Install it and play around and I am sure you will love it! That's the beauty of free software.
15. 6. 2021
The Pods plugin allowed me to recreate a complex site in a timely manner. It's relatively simple to use with a good community out there for getting the most out of it.
1. 6. 2021
As a PHP newbie I tried for more than a week to simply show the ACF field label on frontend, after installing this plugin all it took was less than 30 minutes. THANK YOU!!!
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Přehled změn

2.7.31 – September 23rd, 2021

  • Pods 2.8 is coming on October 11th! Check out the Pods 2.8 Field Guide for more information.
  • Fixed: Resolve issues where searching a Pod would cause queries like post_title.t or display_name.t unexpectedly. #6050 (@sc0ttkclark, @unknownnf)

2.7.30 – August 12th, 2021

  • Fixed: Prevented a few PHP notices from showing on the new WordPress 5.8+ widgets screen.

2.7.29 – August 4th, 2021

  • Security: Clean up post type and taxonomy labels so they avoid potential output escaping problems in WordPress core (@sc0ttkclark, reported by Muhammad Daffa via WPScan)
  • Friends of Pods: Updated CTA text about our 2021 donor goals. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: Support for Timezones in datetime / time fields. #6042 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Support for Pantheon WP Native Sessions plugin. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: Optimized the PNG image assets using PNG8+Alpha with ImageAlpha and ImageOptim. #6028 (@lowwebtech)
  • Fixed: Hidden fields now properly submit correctly. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Post type has_archive no gets set to a false properly when disabled. #6069 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Resolve PHP `strlen()„ warnings when validating text values being saved. #6062 (@pd-cm, @sc0ttkclark, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Sorting URLs in PodsUI include post_type and taxonomy when Advanced Content Types are set to be underneath a Post Type’s top level menu. #6040 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Fallback to the manage fields in PodsUI for reordering when reorder fields are not overridden. #6058 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Depend on plupload when showing custom upload directory option for file fields. (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.28 – May 20th, 2021

  • Added: New upload directory option for File fields using Plupload that lets you choose to customize which directory the files end up in. #6021 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Relationship fields now support custom selectors in the REST API. You can specify my_field.some_field to output a specific field in your REST API options for each relationship field. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: New pods_image_for_post() and pods_image_url_for_post() functions have been added for certain page builders like Oxygen. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: New query variable prefix option (num_prefix) for PodsUI instances. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: pagination_type and pagination_location options for PodsUI instances to support more flexible pagination options. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: Implement search and sort field sets for PodsUI instances to more easily specify which fields are searchable or sortable. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: PHP fatal errors no longer occur for avatar fields in certain situations. #6007 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: PHP fatal errors no longer occur for PHP 8 in certain situations. #6012 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with relationship fields not outputting their full data to the REST API when the related object is not a valid pod. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with not saving the fields for the extended Media pod when making update requests through the REST API. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Implemented a temporary PHP 7.4+ fix for Freemius. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Searching WP-based objects in PodsUI interfaces now resolves to the proper fields. (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.27 – April 20th, 2021

  • Added: Support taxonomy and other object field filters in Pods::find(). #5994 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: WP 5.7 filter_by_item and filter_by_date labels. #5959 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: pagination_type shortcode param. #5977 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Allow ID as parameter for pods_audio() and pods_video(). #5999 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: Use correct pagination item classes. #5179 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Polylang compatibility for populating default field values. #5879 (@Chouby, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent incorrect sanitizing of option fields since 2.7.25. #5909 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Traversal display filters for single and multiple relationships. #5985 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Support capitalized file extensions. #5975 (@sc0ttkclark, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Resolved PHP notice in the PodsAPI. #5952 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Resolved PHP notice when using ?pods_debug_sql=1 on Pods Admin UI screens. (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Stop tracking Freemius add-ons and rely on just Pods itself. #5981 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Prevent potentially unsafe HTML tags from being used in admin menu text. (@sc0ttkclark, props to Hagai Wechsler and Daniel Elkabes from WhiteSource Software)

2.7.26 – January 8th, 2021

  • Fixed: Prevent PHP warnings in the components/Templates/includes/element-pod_reference.php file. #5914 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: New filter pods_shortcode_detect_from_current_post allows you to override whether a shortcode should detect the post object outside of the loop (default is only when in_the_loop()). This helps to fix problems that are part of the integration which the free Pods Beaver Themer Add-On uses. (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.25 – December 28th 2020

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added: Custom no access message for templates. #5875 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: New filter pods_field_validate_{$type}. #1106 (@JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Ensure compatibility with the WordPress 5.6 jQuery update. #5892, #5896 & #5897 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent wp_unslash() from unnecessarily over sanitizing input. #5040 & #4424 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent issues with HTML entities in custom relationship values when it gets to JavaScript. #5894 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Better support multiple languages in the Relationship AJAX search. #5888 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Include the post_type value in attachment saves so that the more WordPress core actions trigger. #5748 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Allow the_excerpt to be used as custom filter on singular pages. #5899 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Better support caching of the avatar images/data and integrate with the get_avatar_data filter. #5771 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.24 – November 5th 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Fix media [each] loop if no media Pod exists. #5882 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Fallback to default display field if custom option is invalid for relationship fields. #5839 & #5859 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Use pathinfo to properly validate file extension. #5876 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.23 – October 30th 2020

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added: Support auto-templates for taxonomies, users and comments. #3962 & #5832 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark, @gwhitney)
  • Added: Support template parameter and nested shortcode content for field shortcodes. #5801 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Allow function calls in all tags, not just template tags. #4887 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Support custom image sizes for all image field types in magic tags. #5870 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added/Fixed: Support special magic tags in Pods Templates. #5697 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added/Fixed: Support Pod related magic tags in shortcode query parameters. #5734 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Allow traversing in avatar attachment. #5870 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: If the media Pod exists, use it’s context to run media loops to support other fields and traversal. #5855 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Implement PHP 5.4 session_status() function. #5840 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Allow WP objects to be passed in pods(). #5845 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Compatibility: Enqueue DFV scripts when editing the page with Beaver Builder to fully support the media window. #5799 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Updated: Primary Branch header for GitHub Updater. #5847 (@afragen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: .src tags for PDF’s now render the PDF file link instead of the thumbnail in templates [each] loops. #4040 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed. HTML entities for relationship fields UI. #5843, #5835 & #5796 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Select2/SelectWoo now also enqueue the locale files when available. #5860 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Support lowercase ID’s for magic tags in media loops #5852 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Avatar should always return a square image. #2738 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Selected items query for autocomplete relationships. #5542 & #5831 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent SQL errors on magic tags in some cases. #5797 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Error if there is no DB prefix available. #5803 (@JoryHogeveen, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Fix edge case „No Access“ error when all Pods were deleted. Redirect to next Pod admin page if needed. #4842 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Removed empty filter in ui/admin/setup-edit-field.php. #5686 (@sc0ttkclark, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent possible notice if image doesn’t exist. #5866 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Remove source maps from production builds. #5822 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: PHP warning in file field gallery view. #5809 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.22 – August 13th 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: WP 5.5+ compatibility layer for postbox headers so they appear and work correctly while still working for previous versions of WordPress. #5806 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Patched a Freemius JS file that needed updating for WP 5.5+ compatibility. #5806 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Prevent fatal errors about memory when using preview links for Advanced Content Types. #5783 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent fatal errors about memory when using certain magic tag / thumbnail combinations. #5805 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Resolve our DFV JS <div> issues with PodsUI filters and add .toggle-row class handling for frontend. #5806 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Ensure REST API responses for Media returns correct value when extended by Pods. #5763 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Ensure pods_permission() unserializes when role/capability data is serialized. #5768 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.21 – June 30th 2020

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added: New filter: pods_field_pick_object_data_params. #5756 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Pods fields & magic tags: Traverse through serialized metadata. #5603 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Support get_query_var() in pods_v (and thus special magic tags: {@query.##}). #5719 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: WYSIWYG field option for custom editor height. #5673 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: REST field options: Only display depth for array response type. #5714 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Updated: Refactor Pods::field() method. #5682 (@JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Relationship dropdown error & encoding. #5740 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Getting single vs multiple metadata values edge case errors. #5661 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Nested relationship fields should render as array of objects in REST. #5745 (@lkraav)
  • Fixed: Add noopener and noreferrer for all target _blank links. #5742 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Only check delete_users for single installations in pods_is_admin(). #5712 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Deprecated taxonomy form actions. #5700 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: DateTime field: Allow input values compatible with the display format. #5687 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Whitespace trimming for templates. #5672 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Taxonomy option rewrite with front label tooltip. #5681 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Pods test factory compatibility with WP core text factory. #5716 (@JoryHogeveen) – June 4th 2020

  • Security: Remove deprecated usage of escapeMarkup in selectWoo and tighten JS rendering (@sc0ttkclark, @miha.jirov)

2.7.20 – April 5th 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Resolved issues with Freemius notices not being able to be properly dismissed. (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.19 – April 5th 2020

This version was bugged due to a deployment that sent out a copy of 2.7.18 as 2.7.19.

2.7.18 – April 3rd 2020

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added: Add is_required() helper method for fields objects to abstract some logic. #5657 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Updated: Removed duplicate code from pods_list_filter() that is now in wp_list_filter(). #5644 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Updated: Now prefixing the Templates and Pages component menu items with „Pod“ so they aren’t as easily confused with normal WordPress menu items. #5647 (@JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Compatibility layer for ACF so it won’t conflict anymore. #5667 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Remove PHP 5.6+ only code that was causing issues for those running older PHP versions. #5659 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent PHP errors when enforcing numeric values during validation of number fields. #5666 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent deprecated warnings with special magic tags usage like {@user.id} instead of {@user.ID}. #5642 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Fix the decimal/thousands separator logic used for number and currency field validation and saving. #5653 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Resolve issues with [if] and [else] logic for boolean fields that was causing it to always evaluate to true. #5656 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Only load Freemius on Pods Admin, Plugins, or the Updates screens. (@sc0ttkclark) – March 27th 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Double comma in custom pick display formats. #5637 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Auto use_current not working correctly outside the loop. #5636 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: pods_trim() does not trim whitespaces by default. #5640 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.17 – March 26th 2020

New Features & Enhancements

  • Added: New callout for our Friends of Pods program will show up on the Pods Admin > Pods list so we can let people know how to donate. #5571 (@nicdford, @sc0ttkclark, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Freemius integration to support our new Friends of Pods add-ons and enable us to let people opt-in to usage stats for planning future compatibility decisions. #5624 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: New not_found tag to the Pods shortcode to return default string if no output is empty. #5580 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: New hooks when saving field table definitions (table-based Pods). #5623 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: New custom multi-relationship display format. #5612 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Support traversing into post thumbnails objects. #5610 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Compatibility: Add ACF backwards compatibility functions/shortcode. #4855 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.4 – Add user Pod fields to privacy export data. #5606 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Compatibility: Match WordPress 5.4 CSS changes. #5608 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Shortcodes now automatically revert to the current queried object. #5598 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Add „full“ to available image sizes. #5185 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Set Pods current queried object detection based on class instances instead of class parameters. #5617 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Docs: Update inline docs for pick field selected logic. #5014 & #5017 (@sc0ttkclark)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Date/Time – Correct empty value validation. #5534 & #5544 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Date/Time – Allow midnight (00:00:00) as time value. #5616 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Number/Currency – Parsing error for number format 9’999.99. #5559 & #5597 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Number/Currency – Do not set default value of 0 if field is empty. #5539 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: CLI export/export-item commands. #5041 (@0xLBF)
  • Fixed: Allow No (0) as an answer for radio and select boolean fields. #5549 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Prevent get_meta() cache loop. #5577 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Pods component descriptions. #5543 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: PHP 7.4 – Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated. #5582 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: PHP 7.4 – Trying to access array offset on value of type bool. #5556 & #5615 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: PHP 7.4 – Array access notices. #5631 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Replaced hook used for meta boxes in admin for custom component integrations to avoid deprecated notices from WordPress. #5622 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Prevented potential fatal errors on Pod Template editor screen when pod configuration is broken. #5622 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Docs: Link to Gallery Documentation in Image field inline help doc. #5541 (@wpacademy) – November 14th 2019

  • Fixed: The last SVN tag was temporarily missing files, this release just ensures people get the update that has all files. – November 13th 2019

  • Fixed: Reverted changes in #5289 to auto templates that introduced breaking changes. We will revisit this in a future maintenance release. #5531

2.7.16 – November 13th 2019


  • Enhancement: CSS fixes for WP 5.3. #5501 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Format traversed fields properly. #4932 (@jamesgol)
  • Enhancement: ACT list view pagination. #5510 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Add PODS_SHORTCODE_ALLOW_EVALUATE_TAGS to debug info. #5310 (@JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Avoid SQL errors when using special magic tags. #5310 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Validate shortcode query tags before default to current object. #5520 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Unslash simple relationship values to support saving quoted values. #5517 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Add sanitize_title optional to sluggables instead of applying default. #5516 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: DateTime: Always parse any manual input data. Also fixes clearing values. #5488 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: DateTime: jQuery date & time picker overlapping formats. #5467 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: DateTime: Fix datetime-local HTML5 input format. #5460 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Could not submit a form if required checkbox not ticked. #5481 (@Turkal)
  • Fixed: Allow migrate packages to import pages. #5476 (@jamesgol)
  • Fixed: Allow pods_str_replace() function to handle non-strings. #5254 (@jamesgol)
  • Fixed: Refactor and fix issues with Advanced Content Types capabilities. #5504 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Add object key to prevent undefined index notice. #5493 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Make sure number of arguments passed to PodsMeta->save_post() is correct. #5512 (@jamesgol)
  • Fixed: ACT pagination URL for child type. #5510 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Custom table relationships SQL error. #5505 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Allow Pods to ALTER table if the SQL field definition has changed. #5507 (@jamesgol)
  • Fixed: Admin menu: set hook priority to 9 instead of 99 to fix CPT submenu placement. #5497 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Make auto templates for a Taxonomy Pod behave sensibly. #5289 (@gwhitney, @sc0ttkclark, @JoryHogeveen)

2.7.15 – September 5th 2019


  • Enhancement: Add year range option to date & datetime fields. #5442 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Support single select relationships in templates when using [each]. #4507 (@sc0ttkclark, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Prevent creation of Pods using reserved keywords from WordPress Codex and Pods. #5428 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Allow all callables to be passed in magic tags. #5436 (@JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Always convert database value for date/time fields without timezone to maintain the actual value. #5423 & #5424 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Solve issues with saving date/time fields in other locales. #5444, #5421, #5415 & #5451 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Import from file with absolute path. #5430 (@mistraloz)
  • Fixed: Fix numeric soft format issue removing decimals & numeric slider input formatting. #5281 & #5215 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Fix & improve error handling & debug logs. #5452, #5450, #5440, #5419, #5435 & #5453 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Corrected Malaysian Ringgit currency sign. #5446 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Flush Pod cache before returning errors, #5420 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.14 – July 9th 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Always convert database value for date/time fields with UTC timezone to maintain the actual value, #5382, #5402, #5403 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Stop add new button from being disabled when no selection has been made yet for single select, #5401 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Resolved PHP notices in PodsAPI::save_pod_item(), #5411 (@pglewis)

2.7.13 – June 28th 2019


  • Enhancement: Support meta fields as display field for relationships, #5299 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: DateTime/Time field code and performance #5302 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Added Nigerian Naira currency, #5377 (@webcreativeng)
  • Enhancement: Added filter pods_enqueue_dfv_on_front for enqueueing DFV scripts on frontend, #5313 & #5303 (@nicdford)
  • Added: Add debug information for Pods to Site Health Info area, #5399 (@sc0ttclark, @JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Cursor is jumping to the start of the block when Gutenberg autosaves, #5274 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Select drop-downs set to required, #5031 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: HTML escaping issue in the Manage Fields list, #5246 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Translate Pods stuck with Portuguese translation in the Admin menus, #5259 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: option cache handling when using external object cache, #5294 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Fix force WWW option on website/URL fields, #4881 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Phone field should not put anything in the field input on ‚blank‘ values, #4881 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Versioned tag names are not compatible with Composer, #5278 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: get_post_meta() always retriggers pods_transient_set(), #4690 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Date output in magic tags for date fields uses DateTime class by default instead of date_il8n, #5296 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: PHP 7.3 compact() notices due to undefined var names, #5266 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Use Marionette.noConflict() to keep a private copy of Marionette, #5237 & #5354 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Remove floats from fields within pods manage fields (UI), #5362 (@nicdford)
  • Fixed: Set table charset for Pods Advanced Content Types to WP default charset, #5276 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Avoid PHP warnings by removing unused $check_value logic in PodsField_Pick, #5205 (@ziqbal, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Fix PodsData fetch for when using object cache and settings pages, #4960 (@pcfreak30, @sc0ttclark, @JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Moved session_id() check outside the big conditional so it’s always executed, #5182 (@mastef)
  • Fixed: Change deprecated (since WP 5.1) hook wpmu_new_blog to wp_insert_site with backwards compatibility, #5369 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Error when PodsInit isn’t available on network pages, #3353 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Shortcodes no longer stop the page from loading when they encounter SQL errors, #5279 (@sc0ttclark, @JoryHogeveen)

2.7.12 – December 20th 2018


  • Enhancement: Sort currency list alphabetically by name, add Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) and US Cent currency support, #5247 (@sc0ttkclark)

Bug Fixes

Fixed: Serial comma display works again for Users, Comments, and Media relationships when used in Pods::display() and magic tag templating without specifying the object field you want to display, #5251 (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.11 – December 7th 2018


  • Enhancement: Added: New pods_data_auto_calculate_total_found filter can be set to true to auto-calculate total_found() number right away after a Pods::find() query runs, defaults to false, #5232, (@sc0ttkclark)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Javascript errors on pages without the Gutenberg editor active under certain circumstances, #5225 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Avoid extra user queries when not necessary, #5230 (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.10 – December 5th 2018

Gutenberg / WordPress 5.0 Compatibility

  • Fixed: TinyMCE Compatibility Bug for Gutenberg, #5217 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Read-only Checkboxes now properly save values as 0 or 1, #4961 (@atanas-angelov-dev)
  • Fixed: Scrollbar Compatibility bug for List View in Gutenberg Editor, #5220 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Modal Support for Gutenberg, Add/edit Modal now triggers save and close to the modal, #5191 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Component header parsing for developer/tableless mode, #5222 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Currency symbol no longer overlays input field in WP 5.0, #5219 (@pglewis, @sc0ttkclark)


  • Enhancement: Added support for new WP 5.0 custom post type labels used by Gutenberg, #5223 (@wpstudio, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: Add pods conditional logic handling on frontend forms, #5136 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Add current memory usage to stats, #5178 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: Add support for Taxonomy descriptions, #4766 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Enhancement: Component Pages does not allow adding page templates in plugins, #4734 (@creabrain)
  • Enhancement: Add Pods functions to Query Monitor conditional, #5208 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Add bi-directional status label to relationship fields, #5200 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Enhancement: Removed old forum feed, inserted the wordpress.org feed, and squelched warnings from SimplePie/PHP 7+, #5172, #4363 (@pglewis)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: pods->save() does not clear fields with shorthand syntax, #5166 (@mastef)
  • Fixed: Comma character breaks custom post type dropdown, #2042 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Admin Columns 3.2+, #5129 (@JoryHogeveen, @DGStefan)
  • Fixed: Missing Styles of DFV form field using $pods->form, #5056 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: „Single Select“ Relationship Return differently depending on Format, #5138 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Media modal doesn’t work on frontend using pods form, #4715 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Use minified versions of Backbone.Marionette and Backbone.Radio, #5115
  • Fixed: Always enqueue the DFV script by default if in the admin, #5111 (@pglewis, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Add static groups cache for PodsMeta::groups_get() to improve memory usage on bulk wp_insert_post and other similar calls, #5088 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Only disable components when using PODS_TABLELESS if the component is relying on custom tables, #5206 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: PHP Warning for array key pods_rel not found, #5210 (@JoryHogeveen)

2.7.9 – August 9th 2018


  • Added: Support for Pods::fields() argument keyed which when set to true will return the array for relationship fields with the IDs used as keys, #5092 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: pods_shortcode_output filter to allow customization of shortcode output based on shortcode attributes, #5083 (@sc0ttkclark)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Fix compatibility issue with Polylang & WPML when getting the current language from the edit post and edit tax pages. #5060 (JoryHogeveen)

2.7.8 – July 26th 2018

  • Hotfix: Time field generates a fatal error on PHP prior to 5.5, #5079 (@davegaeddert)

2.7.7 – July 26th 2018


  • Code Quality: Disallow multiple assignments and assignment inside conditions, #5021 (@GaryJones)
  • Code Quality: WordPress.WhiteSpace.PrecisionAlignment compliance, #5026 (@GaryJones)
  • Code Quality: Use interpolation to construct all dynamic hook names, #4992 (@GaryJones)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: ‚others‘ capability checks for current_user_can pods_{$action}{$pod} vs pods{$action}others{$pod} capabilities, #5043 (@Ulminia, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: „Export all“ button for ACTs does not work, #5005 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Pods Template Editor is adding two ‚tabs‘ to the front of the template during Save. #5022 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Midnight (00:00) results as ‚empty‘ in an [if][/if] Template Tag. #4999 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Non-internationalized string „Add Another Custom Capability“. #5028 (@GaryJones, @pglewis)

2.7.6 – June 8th 2018

  • Fixed: Records added modally via DFV’s ‚Add New‘ are not selected and don’t refresh list view in 2.7.5, #5014 (@sc0ttkclark, @pglewis)

2.7.5 – June 7th 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Only flush rewrite rules in an admin context, #5006 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: SelectWoo fields would sometimes call focus() inappropriately #4725 (@GaryJones)

2.7.4 – June 6th 2018


  • Code Quality: Address some i18n code standard violations, #4982 (@GaryJones)
  • Code Quality: All @since and @deprecated tags updated to use three digits everywhere, #4995 (@GaryJones)
  • Added: Tooltip for the Hierarchical option for taxonomies, #4949 (@pglewis)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: jQuery.fn.size() is deprecated #3898 (@GaryJones)
  • Fixed: CLI: Fix missing negation on valid & exists checks #4989 (@GaryJones)
  • Fixed: Check for localized ‚help‘ before adding tooltip #4614 (@davidatwhieltrue, @GaryJones)
  • Fixed: Autocomplete/List View broken with „Other WP Objects“, #4504 (@pglewis, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: HTML entities in a field’s description are converted when the Pod is loaded again, #4495 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Relationship fields related to the _pods_pod or _pods_field post type would not return the correct value, #4979 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Code Editor for Pods Template double-escapes HTML when Visual Editor is OFF in WordPress, #3462 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Pods breaks Theme Editor for PHP files, hangs loopback test #4595, #4931 (@jamesgol, @pglewis)
  • Fixed: Time field cannot save midnight #3488, #4937 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Resolve file uploads directory check logic for file exports #4970 (@elia-senatore-cippest, @sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Media modal issues in post edits, #4945, #4967 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Fatal error if not logged in and accessing wp-admin, #4828 (@therealgilles)
  • Fixed: Pick fields with predefined/custom lists using numeric keys not loading values #4892, #4753 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Non-required color-picker field did not allow saving empty value #4919 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: CodeMirror fields in Taxonomy and User edit forms #4913 (@pglewis)

2.7.3 – May 6th 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: ‚search‘ param for Pods shortcodes #4909 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: ‚before_content‘ and ‚after_content‘ were ignored in widgets #4891 (@pglewis) – May 5th 2018

Developer and deployment enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Pods Widget output #4891 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Slider controls not showing #4895 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Fatal exception attempting to parse Persian DateTime strings #4896 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: Array to string conversion notice in Pods form #4886 (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.2 – May 3rd 2018

New Features Added

  • Added WP-CLI commands for Pods, more details at https://docs.pods.io/advanced-topics/pods-wp-cli/ (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Added: Filter HTML class for li.pods-field form element to allow for more styling options. #4813 (@paddelboot)
  • Added: Currency field enhancement: Add a currency sign before the field input. #4714 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Added: Currency formats with spacing between currency sign and value #4838 (@JoryHogeveen)

Bug Fixes & Corrections

  • Fixed: Missing thickbox styles for PodsUI::filters() #4797 Fixes #4693 which was preventing Advanced Content Type Filters Popup from Loading (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Text field readonly no longer defaults to true #4794 Fixes #4791 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Simplify how we inject the PHP string into the JS #4787 Fixes #4786 which was creating syntax error in JS for number fields (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Tooltips were not working in the Pods Templates or Roles and Capabilities components #4851 (Fixes #4850) (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Isolates qtip styles and functionality to pods only which should hopefully resolve any issues with conflicting with other plugins/themes that may use the tooltip functionality [#4834] Fixes #4832 where tooltips were not displaying (@nicdford)
  • Fixed: Tooltip corrections: Update Pods Add New screen for extended taxonomies as Table Storage is not required since Term Meta was added by WordPress. #4609 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Issue where fields with particularly long post titles would extend past the width of the container #4831( Fixes #4700) (@nicdford)
  • Added: appropriate CSS namespace prefixes to avoid style conflicts #4632 (#4612) (@nicdford)
  • Fixed: Prefix all form styles with form.pods-manage. Namespace prefix all pods-manage styles to avoid CSS conflicts with Gravity forms (#4615,#4612) (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Pods DFV fields no longer depend upon the specific instance of jQuery shipped with WordPress (#4680). (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Update all storage type tooltips. Many were still referencing old Custom Taxonomy Table Storage requirements that were no longer required after Term Meta support. Fixes #4835 (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Bug with decimal handler when converting to dash (-) #4829 (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Checkbox misalignment on custom settings pages (#4711) (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Quality of life visual updates and optimizations for the CLEditor (#4633) (@nicdford)
  • Fixed: %F with PHP’s sprintf function defaults to a precision of 6 decimal places, we now include the precision specifier whenever more than 6 decimal places of precision is needed. (#4741) (@0xLBF)
  • Fixed: Extend the condition for WPML validation exception to cover the Translation Editor so required fields don’t break the Translation Editor in WPML. (#4802) (@dgwatkins)
  • Fixed: Corrects most relationship fields on media items when editing in grid mode. Select2 based fields still need a workaround (Autocomplete, List View). (#4795) (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Avoid printing null message in PodsUI #4796 (@davidatwhiletrue)
  • Fixed: Single-select Post Thumbnail does not display in Pods Template traversal. Allow traversing into post_thumbnail. (#4719) (@jamesgol)
  • Fixed: Disable the „Add New“ button for relationships when we’re inside a media modal window (#4864). This is just a workaround until we can iron out the CSS and display for a modal from a modal. (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: Autotemplate hook validation to verify filter before applying Auto Templates (#4695) (@JoryHogeveen)
  • Fixed: Allow user-meta (and other extended Pods) to work in templates (#4847) (@jamesgol)
  • Fixed: Corrected conflicts with container CSS/JS around Date/Time Fields (#4878) (@pglewis,@nicdford)

Fixes for Unit Testing and Workflow

  • Fixed: Skip npm install and js tests on the PHP 5.3/Precise box to fix #4788 (#4789) (@pglewis)
  • Fixed: mockery 1.0 requires php >=5.6.0; downgrade to 0.9 for now #4818 @pglewis
  • Fixed: PHP Codesniffer Fixes #4569 (@sc0ttkclark)
  • Fixed: eslint rules and formatting for Javascript (DFV only) #4590 (@sc0ttkclark)

2.7.1 – December 8th 2017

  • Fix table join logic for taxonomies when renaming meta fields #4613 @sc0ttkclark
  • Fix Pods Form submit errors and 404s #4618 @pglewis
  • Fix dashicons style conflicts with Pods Form #4626 @nicdford
  • Roll-back minimum version requirement for MySQL from 5.5 to 5.1 #4634 @sc0ttkclark

2.7 – December 4th 2017

New PHP & WP Minimum Version Requirements:

  • PHP Version Change Requirement 5.3+
  • WP Version Change Required 4.5+

Major Changes in 2.7 Release: Flexible Relationships:

  • New Relationship Field Format „List View“: The power of the new flexible relationships is our new modal window that opens within the existing record for relationship fields. This is modeled after the Media Modal from WordPress and provides full functionality to Add New related records or edit existing records all from within the parent record of the relationship. This is provided through our new List View field format for relationship fields. To see a demo of this field in action head on over to our YouTube
  • Add New with Flexible Relationships: The new flexible relationships will automatically enable Add New on all your existing relationships, but you can disable this from the Additional Options tab for each relationship field. You can switch field formats to the new List View from additional options tab as well.
  • Dynamic Field Views: The relationship fields and file upload fields have been rewritten to take advantage of „Dynamic Field Views“, driven by JavaScript. More technical details about the directions we went towards these field changes can be read about in our „Pods 2.7: What We Did and Why We Did It“

Significant Improvements and Fixes:

  • Enhancements for Date, Time & Date/Time Fields to improve class inheritance, use WP Defaults and allow for custom options for saving and display @JoryHOgeveen
  • Gallery & Tile View for Upload/Media Fields #3589 @JoryHogeveen
  • IsEmpty for all Date/Time Fields, Number, Currency, etc. improvements for [if field][/if] for Templates @JoryHogeveen
  • Major fixes for Pods Templates: Proper handling of shortcodes within Pods Templates and in if/each blocks. Proper handling of all image tags and user traversal @jamesgol
  • Comment Traversal #4118 @sc0ttkclark
  • Update Compatibility with Admin Columns 3.0+ #4570 @JoryHogeveen
  • Filter Added for Select2 Overrides #4571 @sc0ttkclark
  • Fix for Advanced Content Types and Relationships in [each][/each] tags correcting for lowercase id. #4585 @0xLBF

Behind the Scenes Fixes and Improvements:

  • js unit tests #3640, #4049 @pglewis
  • pods_ui_get_params hook #3785 @telwing
  • table storage list fields #4420 @jamesgol
  • Refactor CSS @nicdford
  • Built with Node @pglewis
  • Pods Templates added for Polylang Translation Compatibility @JoryHogeveen
  • SelectWoo migration from Select2 to address version incompatibilities #4546 @pglewis

Known Issues with this Release:

  • Relationships to Taxonomy have Flexible Relationships disabled as the input screen for Taxonomy was not able to be accessed in an iFrame. We’re working on this for a future release. – August 4th, 2021

  • Security: Clean up post type and taxonomy labels so they avoid potential output escaping problems in WordPress core (@sc0ttkclark, reported by Muhammad Daffa via WPScan) – June 4th, 2020

  • Security: Remove deprecated usage of escapeMarkup in Select2 (@sc0ttkclark, @miha.jirov)

2.6.11 – September 20th 2017

  • Fixed: WordPress 4.8.2 introduced a breaking change that no longer correctly prepared number/currency queries. It did not introduce a vulnerability but only produced Database errors.
  • Stay tuned for Pods 2.7 which will be out soon — Download Pods 2.7 RC1 and join our Pods Slack channel #pods-beta to help us finish the final testing

2.6.10 – July 14th 2017

  • Fixed: Pods Templates were creating erroneous output with nested [if _fieldname_][else][/if] and [each _fieldname_][/each] template tags inside HTML entities after 2.6.9 upgrade. This fix bypasses do_shortcode and also bypasses do_shortcodes_in_html_tags which was the problem with this particular fix. Fixes (#4324,#4307,#4307). (#4335). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Multi-file fields save was causing array to string conversion warning. New function & helper added called array_filter_walker for backwards compatibility. Also fixes the ‚editable‘ titles in Multiple File Upload. Fixes (#4112,#4313). (#4314). [@mgratch,@JoryHogeveen,@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Pods Templates & Page Capabilities have been added to the Members Cap Filter and Pods Role Manager from Components, Roles & Capabilities. This corrects an issue where Pods Templates and Pods Pages were not available to Admins, only Network Admins. Admins will still need to have the pods_templates_ and pods_pages_ capabilities added to their role, but now they’ll be able to do this without additional code. Fixes (#4311). (#4342). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Corrected 2.x branch for GitHub Feed. Fixes (#4305). (#4306). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Minor Spelling fixes related to i18n. (#4276) [@garrett-eclipse]
  • Updated: Removed CodeClimate Integration (#4275) and updated glob 7.1 (#4242). [@Ramoonus]

2.6.9 – May 30th 2017

  • Added: Pods Template Component is now automatically active on initial installation or reinstallation of Pods. Fixes (#3446). (#4060,#4180). [@pglewis,@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Auto Template Fix: Add configurations setting to override and allow Auto Templates to run against the_content outside of the WordPress_Loop. By default now, it will only run inside the WP Loop. (#4088). [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Allow raw value in PodsUI rows. New type „raw“ that can output HTML form elements; used in i18n component. Fixes (#3959). (#3960). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Template Reference in Template Editor now properly displays without running out of memory. Fixes (#3370,#3992). (#4088,#4000). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: post_author querying now works through traversal of related post type. Fixes (#3931). (#3953,#4065). [@sc0ttkclark,@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Search the proper SQL column with „search“ and meta based CPT. Fixes (#3858). (#4007). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Ensure call to pods_view returns shortcode generated content, instead of echo’ing. Fixes (#3433). (#4010) [@dom111]
  • Fixed: Additional CSS Classes were not saved (#4003) so new Duplicating Pod now gives preference to existing field options values on duplication (#4028). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: duplicate_pod_item now works for WP objects. Fixes (#3238,#4025). (#4070). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Hidden field did not save Default Values on fields with both Visibility hidden and a Default Value set. Fixes (#3996). (#4061). [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Use register_taxonomy_for_object_type for post types that support post formats. Was not originally being registered for Pods CPT. Fixes (#2165). (#4076,#4084). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Help Text for HTML fields wpautop reference. Fixes (#4090,#4091). (#4089). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Corrected Pods overriding preview link for post updated messages. Fixes (#4092). (#4093). [@tuanmh]
  • Fixed: When using shortcodes/magic tags with PDF attachments, ._src returns an image since WP 4.7. This will now output the URL of the file. You can still get PDF generated images using ._src.image_size or ._img. Fixes (#4040). (#4111). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Audio attachments will now work properly with pods_attachment_import. (#4155) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Handling of Single & Double Quotes in post_thumbnail interpolation. Fixes (#4166). (#4167). [@quasel]
  • Fixed: Adding back_link to wp_die() usage which allows Modal Add/Edit to give you a way to go back in the edit screen. Fixes (#4168). (#4169). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Conflict with The Event Calendar issue with Handlebars (as we’re using an older implementation). Temporary hack until 2.7 with the correct fix. (#4173). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Missing images in unit test (#4177). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Invalid AJAX error with frontend forms and Settings Pods; $id will always return for AJAX requests. Fixes (#4181). (#4184). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Allow float values for menu positions and the option to remove trailing decimals from number field. Fixes issue where Pods Converted menu positions with decimals to INT on save. Fixes (#2839). (#4192). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Composer: composer installers v1.2 to v1.3. (#4239) [@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Editable Titles in Multiple File Upload fields are ‚editable‘ again (broke in 2.6.8) without breaking bidirectional relationship saving. Fixes (#4112) and resolves (#3477,#3720). (#4264). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Spelling error in UI. Fixes (#4266). (#4267). [@danmaby]
  • Updated: Brand assets for Pods (icons and banners) for WordPress Plugin Directory. Fixes (#3948). (#4268) [@jimtrue]

2.6.8 – January 17th 2017

  • Added: WP Gallery display options for image fields. Fixes (#3905). (#3910). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Add action after successful AJAX in admin_ajax. This allows other scripts to hook in the ajax handlers from Pods. Fixes (#3839). (#3840). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Keep Plupload instances in windows.pods_uploader[id]. This makes it possible to bind event listeners to the file uploader. Fixes (#3763). (#3768). [@thirdender]
  • Added: New singular capabilities for Taxonomies for Compatibility with WP 4.7. Fixes (#3896). (#3946). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Enhance Currency Field storage. Fixes Adds new format as arrays for multiple values (label, name, sign) and decimal handling options. Fixes(#1915,#3453). (#3949). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Number/Currency format validation error with French formatting. Fixes (#3842). (#3950). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Additional save_user/save_post handling problems corrected and addition of Unit Tests. Fixes (#3918,#3801). (#3945). [sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Double qtip/tooltip when using single checkboxes (boolean type). Fixes (#3940). (#3943) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Undefined Index Notice in (#3936). (#3941). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Properly clear cache before running post-save actions in PodsAPI::save_pod_item. Prevents double saves being necessary to use the pods_api_post_save_pod_item filters to update WordPress Object fields. Fixes (#3917). (#3938). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Revamp pods_error to handle multiple modes, PodsMeta now returns false instead of die/exception. Fixes (#3930). (#3937). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Update save_post / save_user handling with better fallbacks when nonce not active. Fixes an issue where the $is_new_item was not set as expected on post saves and user saves. Fixes (#3801,#3918). (#3936). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Add pods_ui_get_find_params filter for PodsUI to extend default find(). Fixes (#3925). (#3926). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Compatibility additions for WP 4.7, Taxonomy Class (#3895,#3894)
  • Fixed: Proper reset of the local var cache in Pods::$row when using add_to/remove_from/save. Fixes (#3784). (#3923). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: get_meta() $single usage to ensure it’s always a boolean. Fixes (#3742). (#3921). [@sc0ttkclark,@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Multiple Travis and Unit Test fixes and build functions. (#3942,#3913,#3911,#3907,#3903,#3888,#3887,#3886,#3885,#3883,#3882,#3881,#3880,#3869,#3868,#3819,#3770,#3750,#3745,#3743) [@Ramoonus,@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Removing a Bad Init Call generated by a fix to correct plupload file field listings. Fixes (#3900,#3731). (#3901). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Pass audio_args to the Audio Shortcode, src wasn’t being passed when multiple audio files were on the same page using the same shortcode. Fixes (#3891). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Corrected non-printable character added after $api->cache_flush_pods() to settings-tools.php. Fixes (#3876). [@szepeviktor]
  • Fixed: opcache names and add OPcache. Fixes (#3864). (#3875). [@szepeviktor]
  • Fixed: Make sure self::$field_data is set in all cases. Corrects issue where relationship to predefined list was not working in AutoComplete/Select2 fields. Fixes (#3862). (#3863). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Unchecking Show in Menu in the Admin UI selection for Custom Taxonomies will now properly not show the Taxonomy. show_in_menu option for for Taxonomies. Fixes (#3848). (#3852). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Make field type labels translatable. Fixes (#3849). (#3850). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Store the old field name in meta. Pods already stored the old ‚pod‘ name, but didn’t do the same for fields after updating. Added for (#3841). (#3842). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Fix error with PODS_LIGHT and components. Fixes (#2301,#3811,#2293). (#3837). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Update the attachment parent if updating a post type. Only updates if the parent isn’t set but allows file fields/upload fields to now properly show parent post. Fixes (#3808). (#3834). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: CSS fixes (remove old images + linter), fixing issues with gradient button not in WP Core. Fixes (#3812). (#3833). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Improve CSS for Code Field (CodeMirror). Fixes (#3818). (#3832). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Set Start of Week Day from General Settings; fixes issue where Calendar of datetime field in admin UI didn’t follow the first day of week settings from Setting, General. Fixes (#3826). (#3831). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: PHP7 Compatibility issues, a few deprecated constructors and deprecated mysql_ with the use of $wpdb. Fixes (#3828). (#3830). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Update postmeta cache before get_post_meta calls when bypassing cache, ensuring the meta is „fresh“. (#3807). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: When preloading config after flushing cache, bypass cache. solves the issue when running multisite and you’ve got an object cache drop-in that won’t flush cache for multisite when wp_cache_flush is called. (#3806). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Fix error exporting taxonomy relationship over REST API. Fixes (#3606). (#3794). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Use taxonomy capabilities in custom locations for taxonomy edit pages. Fixes an issue where Taxonomies assigned as Top Level Menu Items are not usable by Editors (only by Administrators). Fixes (#3569). (#3780). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Correcting a bug in adding Taxonomy REST support. Fixes (#3777). (#3778). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Clear $related_item_cache when saving a relationship. Fixes an issue where the $PodsAPI::save_relationships was not clearing the cache. Fixes (#3775). (#3776). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: jQuery fix to change from deprecated .live() to .on(). Fixes (#3771). (#3772). [@mikeschinkel]
  • Fixed: Basic included post types from WP-API are no longer having their REST base overridden by Pods. Fixes (#3759). (#3760). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Fix SQL for multilingual taxonomies for compatibility with PolyLang. Fixes (#3728). (#3754). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Fix plupload file field listings, specifically fixing some issues in the CSS and jQuery. Fixes (#3731). (#3732). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Removed max-length for default field value for Text & WYSIWYG fields. Fixes (#3729). (#3730). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Updated URL for translation contributions. Fixes (#3725). (#3726). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Validate field option dependencies based on location within tabs. Corrects and issue with compatibility between Pods SEO. Fixes (#3707). (#3723). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Properly update bidirectional taggable relations. Corrects the issue where bidirectional relationships were creating new entries from the taggable choice in AutoComplete fields, but not saving the relationship. Fixes (#3477). (#3720). [@caleb]
  • Fixed: Allow the entry of negative numbers in Currency fields. Fixes (#3708). (#3709). [@pcfreak30]

2.6.7 – August 15th 2016

  • Fixed: Magic Tag {@permalink} fixes for taxonomy / user / comment detail URL Mapping. Fixes (#3339). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Pods Wizard for Forms now properly uses the [podsform] shortcode. Fixes (#3251). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Issue with pll_get_post returning false instead of null. Fixes (#3596). (#3599) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG editor type option is used as dependency by the editor options. Fixes (#3549). (#3610) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Do not display metagroup if all fields are set to hidden. Fixes (#1614). (#3615) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Allow post_status filter to be set for related post_type objects in the edit field UI (#3626). Fixes (#3594). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Refactor object type checking in PodsRESTHandlers::get_handler (#3630). Fixes (#3629). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Added PODS_DIR to directories that are checked by field_loader() (#3644). Fixes (#3643). [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Improved field alignment on setting pages (#3649). Fixes (#3648). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Check for PodsInit in general.php (#3665). Fixes (#3473,#2803,#3353). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Taxonomy capabilities + No more hardcoded tax settings (#3678). Fixes (#3676,#3677). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: Allow field options to be filtered (UI). Also allows for il8n module to improve translation handling. (#3683). Fixes (#3682). [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Fixed: WPML Compatibility (#3691). Related to (#142). [@srdjan-jcc]
  • Fixed: Pods field() now properly handles user and media when the output type is pod/pods. Original issue resulted in $object being empty as user and media do not have a pick_val (#3694). Fixes (#3693). [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: travis-ci: test with PHP 7.1 (#3702). [@Ramoonus]

2.6.6 – June 23rd 2016

  • Added: Polylang compatibility with latest versions along with fixes to longstanding issues with editing and displaying content, relationships, and taxonomy (#3574). Fixes (#3572, #3506) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: REST API v2 Compatibility (#3584). Switches register_api_field to register_rest_field. Fixes (#3581) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Allow changing the Auto Templates Filter. This adds a new section in the Auto Templates tab that allows overriding the default the_content filter (#3542). Fixes (#3540) [@Shelob9]
  • Added: Polylang support to pods_v post_id (#3562). Allows Pods templates that are translated to be properly selected. Fixes (#3561,#3537) [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Create new ‚post_id‘ method for pods_v (#3537). Provides a method to allow i18n plugins to return a different post id. Related to (#3542,#3526) [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Add filter to PodsMeta->groups_get() allowing adjusting the groups via filter (#3548). Related to (#3547) [@jamesgol]
  • Added: Use form_counter in field name to be unique and prevent conflicts. (#3535) Fixes (#3533) [@pcfreak30]
  • Added: Add user, media and comment support to REST API (#3516). Related to (#3418,#3419) [@pcfreak30]
  • Added: Filter the Pods Metas to Display (#3544). Fixes (#3520). [@coding-panda]
  • Fixed: REST API cleanup for pick field handling. (#3560) Fixes (#3559) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Exclude Unique Post fields from duplication during $pods->save. (#3564). Includes ID, post_name, post_date, post_date_gmt, post_modified, post_modified_gmt and guid. Fixes (#3563) [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: Allow midnight (00:00) as valid time (#3555). If „Allow empty value“ is unchecked and a value is not passed it will default to the current time, but it will still accept 00:00:00 as a valid value. Related to (#3488) [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Pass $strict = false to load_pod (#3554). This will keep the „Pod not found“ message from being displayed during register of other post types. Related to (#3416) [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Don’t add space to currency names that use HTML encoding (#3553). Fixes British pound currency symbols and others. Resolves (#3498) [@jamesgol]
  • Fixed: Removed extra setting showing up in Auto Templates settings for Taxonomies (#3543). Fixes (#3541) [@Shelob9]
  • Fixed: Use html_entity_decode to convert separator as it is an html entity. (#3536) Fixes (#3527) [@pcfreak30]
  • Fixed: PodsRESTHandlers::write_handler needs to be static (#3511). Fixes (#3510) [@pcfreak30] – May 4th 2016

  • Fixed: Typo in PLL Compatibility check corrected. (#3504) Fixes (#3503). Thank you @JoryHogeveen and @fmommeja for tracking down, fixing and validating this fix. [@JoryHogeveen] – May 4th, 2016

  • Fixed: Additional Field Options tab disappears from field admin view. Fixes (#3501). [@sc0ttkclark]

2.6.5 – May 3rd, 2016

  • Fixed: Renaming of Pods with underscores to hyphenated names that was introduced in 2.6.3. Hyphenated Pods names will remain hyphenated and Underscored Pods names will remain underscored. Fixes (#3499). [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Support for new Polylang Versions with much kudos to @JoryHogeveen for tackling this (#3491). Fixes (#3490,#3223) [@JoryHogeveen]

2.6.4 – April 25th, 2016

  • Fixed: Modified Run activation/install priority to fire before plugins loaded. Fix for the Clearing Pods Cache automatically after Pods Upgrade (#3487). Fixes (#2558,#3348) [@sc0ttkclark] – April 21st, 2016

  • Fixed: An Git / SVN deploy bug caused some files to not be properly pushed to WordPress.org SVN, this release is just to ensure everyone who may have updated to 2.6.3 during the period which we were fixing it will be able to still get the proper file updates

2.6.3 – April 21st, 2016

  • Fixed: Fix forcing underscores when loading Edit Pod Form (#3483). Fixes (#3095) [@sc0ttkclark] Kudos to @lkraav for helping us pin this particular issue down and bring it to resolution.
  • Fixed: Clearing Pods Cache automatically after Pods Upgrade „Salt n’Pepa“‚ing the cache keys (#3401). Fixes (#2558,#3348) [@sc0ttkclark]

2.6.2 – March 24th, 2016

  • Added: Support for object fields when using Pods::field() with a specific $field and $option. This was also used to correct a problem with „fetching“ Custom Taxonomy’s Term List when using Pods Feeds in Pods Gravity Forms Plugin. (#3437) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Correcting CSS used for Dashicon to remove conflict with icon usage in Divi. (#3404,#3406) [@jimtrue]
  • Fixed: Currency/Number Validation used to correct issue with Currency Usage in the Pods Gravity Forms plugin (#3436) [@sc0ttkclark]

2.6.1 – February 15th, 2016

  • Added: Additional Label support for Post Type / Taxonomy register functions (#3275) [@pcfreak30]
  • Added: Add use_current option for Widget Single (#3393,#3394) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Add option to website fields to open links in new window (#3388,#3387) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: ‚type‘ not ‚object_type‘ (#3378,#3351) [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Update Select2 to v3.2.0, should resolve #3344 (#3377,#344) [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Change Markup to Support CSS in WP 4.4 (Thanks to @nicdford we missed mentioning in 2.6 Change log) (#3277,#3270,#3279)
  • Fixed: Non-Zero Array Keys here in PHP7 cause odd behaviour so just strip the keys (#3294,#3299) [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Corrected Dashicons Link in the Menu Options panel of Edit Pods (#3287,#3271) [@benbrandt]
  • Fixed: Update Version number on 2.x (#3282,#3281) [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Typo’s Rest into REST (#3303) [@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Disable xdebug on Travis (#3284,#3283) [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Remove dockunit leftovers (#3307) [@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Do not use Hashtag as name (#3316) [@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Over-escaping strikes again (file upload, restrict file types with more than one mime type) (#3083,#3328) [@pglewis]
  • Fixed: Refresh #3388 with 2.x (#3388,#3389) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Replace usage of get_currentuserinfo with wp_get_current_user (preparation for WP 4.5) (#3399,#3398) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Taxonomy custom meta fields returning false from REST API (#3365,#3369) [@anandamd]

2.6 – December 9th, 2015

  • Added: Support for Term Meta in WP 4.4 – Now create meta-based taxonomies and Pods just magically works! (#3169,#3163) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Added: Add REST API Support to Post Types, Taxonomies, Users. Read the update in https://github.com/pods-framework/pods/pull/3184 for step by step details. (#3184,#3182) [@Shelob9]
  • Added: Added compatibility with the latest Polylang version, using $polylang-model to get the current language and version. (#3223) [@JoryHogeveen]
  • Added: Inline hook docs in PodsAdmin class (#3180,#3179) [@Shelob9]
  • Added: Fixes to REST API Admin Tab (thanks @nicdford) to display always but also explain why it won’t work if not able to work. (#3246,#3259) [@Shelob9,@nicdford]
  • Added: PHPunit support for clover-coverage FN (#3176) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Travis do not allow PHP7 to fail (#3235) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Tests for Mariadb and mysql 5.6+7 with PHP 5.6 Travis (#3212,#3208) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Nonce and text translation to delete link in pod edit sidebar. Fixes issue where attempted to delete pod from edit page results in fatal error. (#3203,#3194) [@cpruitt]
  • Added: Use phpcs standard wordpress in scrutinizer (#3166) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: phpunit support for clover-coverage (#3161) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Travis allow PHP7 to fail (#3153) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Travis include WordPress 4.3 in test matrix (#3152) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Travis cache composer (#3151) [@Ramoonus]
  • Added: Grunt ignore dockunit.json (#3150) [@Ramoonus]
  • Updated: Dockunit – replace PHP 7 rc1 with rc4 (#3201) [@Ramoonus]
  • Updated: Improve Contributing guidelines correcting wrong pull location and fixing correct release branch. (#3149,#3147) [@quasel]
  • Fixed: Scheduled post preview message/URL. When a post was scheduled, the status message displayed at the top of the edit post page was malformed where the string placeholders were numbered. (#3234) [@sparkdevelopment]
  • Fixed: Merged #3205 to fix install-wp-tests.sh (#3211,#3205) [@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Add pods_auto_template_name filter, by context to change auto template (#3199,#3200,#3198) [@Shelob9]
  • Fixed: Revert scrutinizer less is more (#3172,#3170) [@sc0ttkclark,@Ramoonus]
  • Fixed: Remove limit of 5 in get_template_titles Auto Template (#3157,#3160) [@jimtrue]
  • Fixed: Related_act.permalink calls to fix permalink/slug traversal in ACTs and related taxonomies (#3156,#3155,#2779) [@sc0ttkclark]
  • Fixed: Added option to deselect Auto Template for Archive views. There needed an ‚empty‘ selection to correct issue where Template error wouldn’t go away. (#3148,#3146,#3142,#3247) [@Sgillessen]
  • Fixed: Added Dockunit Badge (#3145) [@tlovett1]
  • Removed: Double exclude path in scrutinizer (#3228) [@Ramoonus]
  • Removed: Readme removed code coverage badge (#3220) [@Ramoonus]
  • Removed: Dump composer in Scrutinizer (#3204,#3167) [@Ramoonus]
  • Removed: Composer remove coveralls. Was not being used and needs phpunit support. Could also be replaced by php codesniffer or scrutinizer. (#3174) [@Ramoonus]

2.5.5 – September 16th, 2015

  • Added: Unit testing for PHPUnit 4.8 support. (#3090, #3069) Kudos to @Ramoonus
  • Fixed: Drop External code coverage – timeout in Scrutinizer. (#3091) Kudos to @Ramoonus
  • Fixed: Changed Content property to fix spacing issues with AutoComplete Field where the formatted selection fields have awkward spacing between the selection box and the selection list. (#3098, #3097, #3099) Kudos to @nicdford
  • Fixed: Issue where [each] tag traversal did not work with Taxonomy in Pods Templates. Related notes regarding pod->object_fields for taxonomy added for 3.0 notes. (#3106, #3018, #3107, #3111) Major thanks to @pglewis
  • Fixed: permalink field traversal has only been working for post types, not for related taxonomies. (#2779, #3114, #3115) Kudos to @pglewis
  • Added: Support for CPT UI 1.0.x in CPT UI migration component by adding support for multiple possible option names for post types and taxonomies. (#3112, #3109, #3113, #3116, #3117) Kudos to @pglewis
  • Added: Merged Auto Template into Pods Template Component. (#3125, #3105) Major thanks to @Shelob9 both for the original plugin and for incorporating this into Pods Templates.
  • Added: License.txt changes to sync with GPL v2 (#3130, #3133) Kudos to @Ramoonus

2.5.4 – August 10th, 2015

  • Added: Support for Compare ALL with meta_query syntax. Kudos to @pcfreak30. (#3037, #3038)
  • Added: Query_field tests (meta_query syntax for where) (#3033, #3032, #1662, #2689)
  • Added: Support for autoCAST()ing meta_value orderby for dates and numbers (#3043, #3041, #3058)
  • Added: Feature/pods page export support. Added ‚pods_page_exists‘ filter to allow Pods Page content to be supplied from another source (eg exported files) (#3049, #3054)
  • Added: Copy of EDDs scrutinizer (#2917, #3072)
  • Removed: PHP4-style constructor removed in Pods Widgets (#3055, #3056, #3057)
  • Fixed: PHP Doc Improvement (#3039, #3040)
  • Fixed: Style escaping which created a quote encoding bug in PodsMeta.php. (#3053, #3032)

2.5.3 – June 11th, 2015

  • Added: Support for Term Splitting in WP 4.2 (#2856, #2660)
  • Added: Support for Pod and Field names with dashes and prefixes with underscores (#3012, #3021, #3022)
  • Added: Add git workflow and a link to it from contributing.md (#2490, #2496)
  • Added: Unit tests for PodsField_Boolean (#2473, #2474)
  • Added: Unit test to create pod factory object and moves fixture set up from traversal tests to test case. (#2445)
  • Added: Additional Pods_Field_Text tests added to incorrect text dependencies. (#2388)
  • Fixed: Fixes for Drag and Drop Reorder Action not working in ACT’s (#3015, #3016)
  • Fixed: Fix for pagination handling in shortcodes. Shortcodes currently use ‚pagination‘ for two contexts (display and data) but if page or offset is supplied, it’s only meant for one context (display). (#2807, #3004)
  • Fixed: Update post field in pod instance before saving, related to MetaData (post field) not flushing after saving (#3000, #3002, #3003)
  • Fixed: Corrects Delete not working for Edit Items (#2752, #2991)
  • Fixed: Corrects ACT – Admin Order DESC not working && SQL error if order by an relationship field (#2843, #2989)
  • Fixed: Composer: updated for phpunit 4.7 (#2987, #2988, #2783)
  • Fixed: ui/js/jquery.pods.js fixes (#2971, #2972)
  • Fixed: Remove @internal phpDoc for pods_query() (#2970, #2969, #2975)
  • Fixed: Fix for ACT editor not staying on current item after saving (#2968, #2942, #2974)
  • Fixed: Fix for over escaping icon URL in file fields previewer (#2957, #2956, #2955, #2978)
  • Fixed: Fix for symlinked pods in local deve environment (#2946, #2945, #2949)
  • Fixed: Removed Vestiges of Old Updater (#2940, #2983)
  • Fixed: Clarify help text as to what does and doesn’t get deleted on reset (#2792, #2778)
  • Fixed: Missing $ in PodsInit line 494 (#2475, #2476)
  • Fixed: Trim off whitespace when saving custom fields; code in classes/fields/pick.php already does this. (#2386, #2343)
  • Fixed: Updated Taxonomy to get called after cache is flushed (#2264, #2375, #2382)
  • Fixed: Cleared old unit tests from EDD (#2380)
  • Fixed: Allow fields to be sorted by orderby; Two separate but connected issues. First if orderby is passed then the $data array is never populated. Then looping through $ids will always give it results sorted by priority in the relationships field (data returned by lookup_related_items) (#2350, #2277)

2.5.2 – May 14th, 2015

  • Fixed: Issues with default values for number and other types of fields.
  • Fixed: Issue where Pods update was causing WP-API endpoints to 404. Rewirte rules now flush on wp_loaded.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing proper display of fields in a related CPT via Pods::field()
  • Fixed: Issue preventing codemirror from being enqueued in Pods templates and therefore breaking Pods tempaltes editor in certain configurations.
  • Added: Added caching info to debug info.
  • Fixed: Bug that was causing Pods to overwrite admin menus.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing ongoing compatibility with Admin Columns.
  • Improved: Style of components filter bar.
  • Improved: Proper sanitization/ escaping of URLs.
  • Fixed: Shortcode button was outputted in post editor when shortcodes were disabled. This will no longer happen.
  • Improved: Translation strings in ui/admin/help
  • Improved: Gradients in Pods wizard.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing associated taxonomies to be fetched via Pods::field() and therefore magic tags.
  • Improved: Icon font used for Pods admin icon.
  • Improved: Elaborated on what data is and isn’t deleted when Pods data is reset.
  • Added: Compatibility with Github updater plugin.
  • Updated: New youtube video in readme.
  • Added: Support for term splitting in WordPress 4.2.
  • Removed: Extra meta data with pods prefix
  • Fixed: Issue where multiple post type Pods objects called in same session were treated as the same in cache.
  • Fixed: Double slashing in PodsView class.
  • Improved: URL escaping in PodsUI – March 16th, 2015

  • Security Update: We recommend all Pods 2.x installations be updated to the latest version of Pods
  • or replace your plugin files with the download of your version from https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/developers/
  • Fixed: Pods UI orderby now strictly enforces Database column format – January 22nd, 2015

  • Fixed missing files for font icon.

2.5.1 – January 22nd, 2015

  • Fixed: Issue preventing fields from being sorted by weight or by orderby, that was affecting image multi-select image field ordering.
  • Fixed: Missing gradients in UI.
  • Fixed: Use of anonymous function in PodsMeta.php causing issues with old versions of PHP.
  • Fixed: Issue where hidden fields were being shown for admin users, when they should have been hidden.
  • Fixed: Issue where PodsAPI::delete_field() was unable to delete fields in certain situations.
  • Fixed: Issue with pods_version_check() usage that was causing a deprecated core function to run, when it was supposed to prevent it from running.
  • Fixed: Issue with pods_error() that was causing it to display AJAX errors improperly.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing public, publicly queryable & rewrite with front from saving choices in advanced options.
  • Fixed: Magic tag for custom taxonomy, which was showing no content in Pods Templates in 2.5.
  • Fixed: If block in Frontier.
  • Fixed: Issue with custom taxonomy joins preventing „custom_tax.d.custom_field“ type where clauses from working.

2.5 – December 30th, 2014

  • Major performance enhancements can now make things run up to 400% faster (props to @jamesgol!)
  • More unit tests — now 1,858 tests with a total of 13,420 assertions covering all content type, storage type, and field variations (props to @sc0ttkclark, @clubduece, and @mordauk! it was a group effort)
  • Added Travis-CI / Scrutinizer-CI for all pushes and pull requests to unit test and check for other issues
  • Upgraded Code Mirror library
  • Upgraded qTip library
  • Updated translations — Add your translations at http://wp-translate.org/projects/pods
  • Fixed: Added nonces for multiple actions in the admin area to avoid accidental / unwanted results
  • Fixed: Issue causing issues in admin with CodePress admin columns.
  • Fixed: Issue preventing Pods Template editor from working with certain xcache configurations.
  • Added: ‚join‘ to the accepted tags for Pods Shortcode.
  • Added: ‚pods_data_pre_select_params‘ filter.
  • Improve: PodsAPI::export_pod_item_lvl(), adding item ID to all steps.
  • Simplify logic when creating new PodsAPI singleton internally.
  • Switch from Pods::do_hook() to apply_filters() or do_action() for ‚pods_pods_fields‘, ‚pods_pods_field_related_output_type‘, ‚pods_pods_field_‘, ‚pods_pods_field‘, ‚pods_pods_fetch‘, ‚pods_pods_reset‘, ‚pods_pods_total_found‘, ‚pods_pods_filters‘
  • Fixed: YARRP support.
  • Ensure that pods_v_sanitized() passes the $strict argument to pods_v().
  • Prevent use of date_i18n() in PodsData when not needed.
  • Fixed: Issue where updating relationship to users in pods editor threw an erroneous error.
  • Fixed: Hiding of text in title-prompt-text
  • Updated design of new Pod wizard to match MP6 (props to @nikv!)
  • Fixed: Inline docs for pods_api_get_table_info_default_post_status filter
  • Fixed: Issue where Pods::field() showed cached data after saving via Pods::save(), without re-building the Pods Object.
  • Allowed PodsField_Pick to save names
  • Switched pods_v() to use switch/case instead of if/else where possible.
  • Prevented Pods::id() from calling the field method unless it has to.
  • In PodsData::select(), allow proper use of cache expiration time.
  • Fixed: Issue in currency fields to ensure proper handling of decimals.
  • Added a „pre_select“ hook in PodsData.
  • Improved traversal regex in Pods::find() to have better handling for variation of backticks.
  • Removed usages of the deprecated WordPress function like_escape().
  • Remove redundant file/class checks for Pods Templates.
  • Implement glotpress-grunt for manging translations.
  • Fixed: Issue where get_current_screen(), in some contexts was used as an object, when it was null.
  • Improved: Styling of shortcode insert button.
  • Prevented string replace and trim from running on a form field default when default value is not a string
  • Fixed: Issue preventing color pickers from working in front-end form.
  • Switched from using $wpdb->prefix to $wpdb->base_prefix in pick field class.
  • Fixed: Default avatars on the Discussion settings page replaced by user’s custom avatar.
  • When saving custom fields, whitespace is now trimmed.
  • Better validation of custom fields when saving custom post types.
  • Improved: Handling of required fields.
  • Changed the default of $display_errors in Pods class to true.
  • Allowed save_post_meta to delete single meta elements instead of update.
  • Fixed: An issue preventing fields from being sorted by orderby.
  • Fixed: Issue where fields, storing one value, returned arrays, instead of strings.
  • Allowed extending the link category taxonomy, if in use.
  • Added join as an acceptable tag for Pods shortcodes.
  • Fixed pods_error(): reversed logic that was emitting an error instead of throwing an exception when $display_errors is false
  • Fixed issue where user_url was created as a required field when extending users.
  • Add ability to use pods_group_add() in the ACT editor.
  • Security Update Reminder: As of Pods 2.4.2, we recommend all Pods 2.x installations be updated to the latest version, or replace your plugin files with the download of your version from https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/developers/
  • If you need assistance in upgrading your Pods 2.x site to the latest version of Pods, please don’t hesitate to contact us at https://pods.io/help/

2.4.3 – June 23rd, 2014

  • Fixed: Pods Templates component now has better handling of the new shortcodes
  • Fixed: PodsUI data issue with Custom DB Table support
  • Fixed: Readonly fields and noncing now works properly, Pods 2.4.2 caused all forms with readonly fields to fail submission
  • Hardened: Further security hardening of the [pods] shortcode, added PODS_DISABLE_SHORTCODE constant to allow sites to disable the Pods shortcode altogether

2.4.2 – June 22nd, 2014

  • Security Update: We recommend all Pods 2.x installations be updated to the latest version of Pods to fix a noncing issue with form saving, or replace your plugin files with the download of your version from https://wordpress.org/plugins/pods/developers/

2.4.1 – June 19th, 2014

  • Fixed: Display of of hidden fields in Pods Forms
  • Fixed: Reordering fields in PodsUI
  • Fixed: PodsUI Admin Icon Display
  • Add new filter: ‘pods_pod_form_success_message’ for changing the message when Pods Forms are successfully submitted.
  • Fixed: Issues in Packages component when importing existing fields.
  • Added new filter: ‘pods_view_alt_view’ for overriding normal Pods Views to be loaded in via AJAX inline from Pods AJAX Views plugin.
  • Fixed: PHP error in Pods Template reference.
  • New Constant: PODS_PRELOAD_CONFIG_AFTER_FLUSH check to allow for preloading $api->load_pods() after a Pods Cache flush.
  • Fixed: Issue with tabled-based SQL delete actions.
  • Fixed: PodsUI SQL table-based lookups
  • Added: New Hooks In ui/admin/form, which generates ACT editor, for adding additional forms or other content to editor.
  • Added: Inline docs for ‚pods_meta_default_box_title‘ filter and normalized args across each usage.
  • Added: Item ID to pods_api::export() item array.
  • Fixed: Update from GitHub functionality.
  • Fixed: Issue where extended custom post types had diffrent names then original post type due to use of dashes in names.
  • Improved UX for select2 field adding new items.
  • Fixed: $params with unslashed data in Pods_Admin::admin_ajax()
  • Fixed: Unwarranted base_dir warnings.
  • Fixed: Pagination/search boolean checks.
  • Fixed: Issue when mbstring module is not active.
  • Fixed: Issue with markdown module header causing activation errors.
  • New Filter: ‚pods_admin_components_menu‘ to add/edit components submenu items.
  • Added: Ability to use pods() without any parameters. Will pull the pod object based off of the current WP_Query queried object / object id

2.4 – April 16th, 2014

  • After a long road, we’ve got a new minor release out that fixes a large number of outstanding bugs and adds a few improvements that were within reach right away.
  • In Pods 3.0 we’re focusing on finishing some overarching performance improvements that are necessary to support large installs with the new Loop and Repeatable fields features.
  • Added: Tagging feature for Relationship fields with Autocomplete (Select2) which lets you add new items on-demand when saving
  • Added: PodsAPI::get_changed_fields() that can be used when in a pre-save hook to return array of changed values or used in PodsAPI::save_pods_item() to track changes to fields
  • Added: _pods_location to $params for PodsAPI::save_pod_item which will contain the URL of the form it was submitted from
  • Added: New Pods Template editor revamp to include auto-complete for magic tags and field reference, which can be further extended by installing Pods Frontier
  • Added: An optional download link to File Upload field type
  • Added: Additional Currency formats to Currency field type
  • Added: created/modified functionality (see Advanced Content Types) to other Pod types, as long as they are date/datetime fields
  • Added: Support for JetPack Publicize and Markdown modules
  • Added: Max character length option for paragraph fields
  • Added: Actions before and after Pods Form all and individual form fields are outputted
  • Added: New constant PODS_ALLOW_FULL_META for for enabling/disabling get_post_meta( $id ) interaction with Pods (on by default)
  • Added: New constant PODS_DISABLE_SHORTCODE_SQL to disable SQL-related parameters in shortcode
  • Added: ‚pods_admin_media_button‘ filter to disable the Pods shortcode button in post editor
  • Added: ‚pods_api_save_pod_item_track_changed_fields_{POD_NAME}‘ filter for tracking changes to fields
  • Added: ‚pods_pick_ignore_internal‘ filter to enable/disable Relationships with core Pods types (_pods_pod, etc)
  • Added: ‚pods_image_default‘ filter to allow for placekitten.com or other image placeholder scripts for testing
  • Added: Improved Pods Template code sanitization
  • Added: Better names for many fields in Pods Editor
  • Added: New and improved help bubbles in Pods Editor
  • Added: Instructions about using Pods Templates in Pods Widgets
  • Added: New descriptions for Pods Pages and Pods Advanced Content Types component descriptions
  • Added: Support links in Pods Admin -> Help
  • Added: Currently active theme to Pods Debug info list
  • Added: Inline docs for ‚pods_api_get_table_info_default_post_status‘ filter
  • Added: Inline docs for ‚pods_admin_menu‘ filter
  • Added: Inline docs for ‚pods_admin_setup_edit_options‘ (and related) filters
  • Added: Inline docs for ‚pods_admin_setup_edit_tabs‘ (and related) filters
  • Fixed: Issues with user tables in multisite
  • Fixed: Issue with PodsForm::default_value
  • Fixed: With Pods UI. Keep view when generating pagination links
  • Fixed: Bug with custom extensions for allowed file types in upload fields
  • Fixed: Compatibility problem with changes to plupload in WordPress 3.9 that prevented upload pop-up from loading
  • Fixed: Array to string conversion error for CSS fields in Pods UI
  • Fixed: Magic tags for taxonomies in Pods Templates
  • Fixed: Fixed jQuery scope in Pods Form inline JavaScript
  • Fixed: Added ‚output‘ to reserved content types names and reserved query vars
  • Fixed: Issue where required currency and number fields could be saved at default value
  • Fixed: Undefined method error in WP 3.4 due to use of WP_User::to_array() which was added in WP 3.5
  • Fixed: Issue with ability to use filters on reorder page with Pods UI
  • Fixed: Pre-save enforcing of max length for meta-based values
  • Fixed: Extra spaces in custom defined list labels
  • Fixed: Pagination default value for Pods shortcode
  • Fixed: PodsForm::submit_button() method that had been lost from previous versions
  • Fixed: Usage of pods_v in currency.php for optimzation purposes
  • Fixed: Correct parent_file to highlight the correct top level menu
  • Fixed: Improper wording for text at top of settings page field

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