Multiple Post Passwords


This is a simple Plugin that lets you set multiple passwords for your password protected posts and pages. It also supports Custom Post Types.

On posts/pages with password protection it will show an extra Metabox with a field to input additional passwords, one in each line.

Note that if you just changed a post/page to password protection you have to save once and completely reload the page so that the extra field appears.

Works with the new Gutenberg Editor introduced in WordPress 5.0.0 as well as with the Classic Editor (Plugin).

Snímky obrazovky

  • The meta box to add additional passwords in classic editor

  • The additional passwords meta box in gutenberg editor


  1. Upload the zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Edit the post or page you want to protect with multiple passwords
  4. When you set a password, save once and reload the page, the field to add multiple passwords will appear in the sidebar at the right side
  5. Set as many passwords as you wish, one in a line

Časté dotazy

I cannot see where I can enter the additional passwords

First set one password (as you normally would in WordPress), then save once, reload and you´ll see the extra field where you can add the passwords.

We decided to not show the extra metabox if there is no password set so it does not clutter the interface.

Please also be aware that the metabox will appear at the bottom of the sidebar in the new Gutenberg Editor (WP Version >= 5.0.0), while it will be at the top of the sidebar in the Classic Editor.

Does this support custom post types

Yes, this was implemented in Version 1.0.2

What about feature X

Just go to the support forums and kindly ask for it, then we´ll see what we can do. Thank you!


29. 9. 2020
Super Plugin, mit dem man einfach mehrere PW für eine Seite oder einen Beitrag erstellen kann. Aktuell muss man die Seite neu laden, damit die Funktion sichtbar wird. Ich hatte damit ein paar Probleme und Andreas hat mir schnell und kompetent weitergeholfen, vielen Dank dafür!
8. 7. 2019
As others have mentioned I didn't need a members area for my site, I just needed a way to create multiple passwords for certain users to access a page. Simple, effective plugin. Great work!
5. 5. 2019
I just wanted to give a page multiple passwords so I could control access. I didn't need the broader functionality of a 'membership' plugin so this worked perfectly for me.
31. 10. 2018
It worked perfect. To activate the the multiple password section, just password protect the page as usual and save it, then you'll see a box above that section, become available to enter additional passwords.
28. 10. 2018
Tried another Plugin but that just did not work. This one does what it´s supposed to do without problemns
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  • implement cache to speed things up for many passwords in one post/page


  • add support for custom post types


  • remove wordpress brand from url domains
  • fix post sanitization


  • Initial release