Tento plugin byl uzavřen, a je od 12. 12. 2022 nedostupný. Není již k dispozici ke stažení. Důvod: Bezpečnostní issue .


24. 2. 2022
i glad to use this plugin , clean and free . thanks
10. 2. 2021
Although the plugin does pretty much exactly what it says (it’s basically just for ORGANIZING and FILTERING media). Even though not written directly, I was indirectly (the stuff implied between the lines) advertised there would be a simple gallery insertion by inserting something like the folder shortcode which there is not. That is why I’m not giving full 5, because I believe the very purpose of such plugin is to be able to put it somewhere in the end. I was able to program it – the plugin is very readable and lightly written, but I can’t show you how, because moderators here are funky sometimes 🙂
7. 1. 2021
Was a really good plugin but it doesn’t works anymore with the lates WP 5.6 update.
6. 10. 2020
This looks like a decent plugin, though I haven’t tried it. I’m only reaching out here, so I can ask developer to STOP SENDING SPAM via contact forms. Thanks 🙂
24. 2. 2020
I have several thousand images in my library. Mediamagic implements a hierarchical file structure that greatly simplifies the task of finding a given image. On thing I particularly like is that images is assigned category names identical to the names of files where they reside.
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