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LinkGather is a plugin to allow you to export all your blogs URL paths. It is made up of three different ways to gather and export your blogs post links, page links and JetPack shortlinks.

Very simple to use, just install and activate the plugin and LinkGather will appear in your WordPress Admin Menu on the left side of your admin portal. Click LinkGather and you will have the option to click on Post Links, Page Links and Shortlinks.

Note: shortlinks will only work if you have JetPack installed and the shortlinks module enabled.

Clicking on the three options will present you with a table of all the links and titles that are in your WordPress site. LinkGather will also show you how many links there are and will also give you the ability to download all the links in CSV file format.

Video Demo


Once you have downloaded and installed the plugin, you should then go ahead and activate it which will add a new menu item on the left side of your WordPress admin console called LinkGather.

When you hover over this menu option, you will then see a sub-menu with the different sections available to you.

If you click on the Home link, this will take you to the LinkGather home page which includes instructions, similar to these, on how to use the plugin.

Post Links

Click the Post Links option to take you to the page that will display all of your WordPress sites published posts links.

You will now see a table with two columns, one for the title of your posts and another for the links of your posts. Depending on how many posts you have will depend on how long this list will be.

Underneath the link table, you will see that LinkGather has also calculated how many post links you have.

Below that, you will see the Download Post Links option – clicking this will export all your post links to CSV file format.

Page Links

The above procedure is exactly the same for Page Links, however instead of bringing back published posts, it will bring back published pages instead Links

The option for Links is again exactly the same procedure as those above, however, links are actually built in short links created by the JetPack plugin. If you have the JetPack plugin installed, you must have the short links option also enabled for our plugin to be able to gather those links.

If you do not have the JetPack short links module enabled, our plugin will just pull back basic post links instead.

Assuming that you have JetPack short links enabled, clicking on our plugins Links option will bring back all those short links that LinkGather has found.

Clicking on the Download Shortlinks will export all the shown to CSV file format.

Nejčastější dotazy

Q. Are there any settings required?
A. No, just install and activate the plugin and it is ready to use.

Q. Are there any date range options?
A. Not in this first release, but this may be added into future versions.

Q. Can other options be added to the output and export?
A. Not in this first release, but if it is requested, we can add extra features for future versions.


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Version 1.0.0 – New release.
Version 1.0.1 – Video demo fixed. Tested for WordPress version 5.5.3.