Include Me


Include Me helps to include in posts or pages external files usually to be shared
between different posts or pages or that contains PHP or other code that can be
compromised by the visual editor.

The use is immediate: the shortcode [includeme] is all that you need (see the documentation
on Include Me official page).

The best way to use it is to include functionalities
written in external PHP that will be rendered in post body or to include pieces of
javascript that will be hard to add with WordPress editor.

Inclusions can be rendered with IFRAME if needed to create boxes that display
external web pages.

This plugin is made of few line of code, ultralite!

Other plugins by Stefano Lissa:


You can contribute to translate this plugin in your language on WordPress Translate


  1. Put the plugin folder into [wordpress_dir]/wp-content/plugins/
  2. Go into the WordPress admin interface and activate the plugin
  3. There is no option page, please consult the official plugin page for usage

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30. 5. 2021
Brilliant in it's simplicity. Already using it for custom loops where i need to control every aspect. [includeme file="myloop.php" id="" cat="7" tag="5" ids="" ppp="12" width="560" ratio="portrait" size="medium_large" ] Kudos @satollo
9. 2. 2021
Probably the best plugin to add a PHP script (or another file, JS or iframe) via visual editor! Пожалуй, это лучший плагин, позволяющий в два счёта подключить скрипт PHP (или JS, или iframe) прямо из визуального редактора. Пробовал несколько плагинов - у них у всех не работал PHP. Этот же просто супер!
3. 2. 2021
Spent a few hours looking for something like this for a new project. Exactly what I needed. An easy way to stuff my website with my own code without messing with plugins too much. Still works on WordPress 5.6, by the way.
22. 10. 2018
Best plugin I've found for the purpose. I use it so I can edit files in local editor, which save a huge amount of time. Thank you so much for creating and maintaining this gem!
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