HivePress – víceúčelový WordPress plugin pro adresáře, seznamy a inzeráty


HivePress je rozšířitelný, vysoce přizpůsobitelný, snadno použitelný plugin, který umožňuje tvorbu webových adresářů a seznamů jakéhokoliv typu.

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Nezáleží, zda jsou to stránky typu adresář firem, pracovní portál, realitka, inzeráty nebo prostě jakýkoliv seznam – HivePress je skvělá volba.

Šablona zdarma

HivePress přichází s ListingHive šablonou zdarma, která je plně kompatibilní s HivePress a jeho rozšířeními.

Rozšíření zdarma

Existuje řada rozšíření zdarma, které můžete nainstalovat jedním kliknutím přímo z WordPress nástěnky.

  • Favorites — Allow users to keep a list of favorite listings.
  • Messages — Allow users to send private messages.
  • Geolocation — Allow users to search listings by location.
  • Reviews — Allow users to rate and review listings.
  • Claim Listings — Charge users for claiming listings.
  • Paid Listings — Charge users for adding listings.

Support zdarma

Poskytujeme support zdarma, který obsahuje opravu nahlášených chyb a odpovědi na otázky k HivePress. Připojte se k fórum komunity za účelem sdílení vašich návrhů a pomozte nám zlepšit HivePress!


5. 1. 2022
I was looking for an easy-to-use solution for an online directory and HivePress fit the bill! It is easy to use and set up. You can personalize everything you need on your listing and vendor profile. The support is fast and good. We are using the pro version as well and working well. Please note that you need so coding knowledge (PHP and CSS) to fit exactly what you want to do but out of the box, it is already working well. I highly recommend it.
5. 1. 2022
On the surface, this is a beautiful plugin. The authors are engaged and responsive. Their website has great documentation and snippets to enhance the features. By all rights it deserves a great rating except for a few things. Even though I disagree with the method the plugin "Piggy Backs" on other plugins, they use a child page that screws up the Orders page for the Woocommerce plugin. Hivepress has taken over this page for listing and feature purchases. The author even admits it is confusing. Why is the child page necessary? Woocommerce is great by it's own rights, but for this plugin, having to add the extra "bloat" that Woocommerce adds to the website is unnecessary. Why have a super center when a shopping cart will do? This plugin also uses the WordPress comment features to handle the Hivepress reviews and messages. Again confusing. I'm sure the authors are familiar with custom post types and creating tables. Check out the competition and see how they do it. The plugin could have better notifications when something happens. There is a snippet that I used to create buttons for this but being notified should be a basic feature. (BTW, the count is off when you click the notification balloon.) There are some CSS issues for anyone not using the Hivepress theme and you might want to read up on how Google Search handles the schema for reviews. There are ways to tell Google what type of review it is and should the review be posted in the search (people for example). This plugin does not offer that. The main reason why this plugin gets the low review; it doesn't allow for a reply to a review. Just like with this review for this plugin, the author gets to respond. What incentive is there for someone to claim a listing if they can't do anything? So why not just give the other add on plugins the bad reviews? Because they are just that, an add on.
30. 12. 2021
Une bonne appli assez simple qui fourni pas mal de fonctionnalités même en version gratuite, il est juste dommage que le thème ListingHive, qui va avec (obligatoirement), soit peu personnalisable! Mais fais bien l'affaire pour commencer un site de petites annonces ou annuaire payant. Le service client vous répond également assez rapidement sous 24/48h.
21. 12. 2021
Why on God's Earth do you people keep deducting money from my account? What kind of rubbish is this? How many times will i pay for your stupid theme? How many times? This is fraudulent! And i'm reporting you right away!! Nonsense!!
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HivePress – víceúčelový WordPress plugin pro adresáře, seznamy a inzeráty je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


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