Gravity Forms Zero Spam


This Gravity Forms add-on blocks spam a non-obtrusive anti-spam measure to all of your Gravity Forms.

There are no settings or configuration needed: all you need to do is activate the plugin!

Do you not want to use ReCAPTCHA because it’s user-hostile? Use this instead! There are no stoplights or crosswalks here.

Originally based on David Walsh’s „Zero Spam“ technique. Requires Gravity Forms.

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Why don’t I see any changes after activating this on my site?

There are no settings to this plugin! It will block spam automatically and invisibly.

Is this plugin PHP7 compatible?


Will this block spam comments or registrations on my site?

No. For that, we recommend Ben Marshall‘s WordPress Zero Spam plugin.


15. 2. 2021
It helps way more than Gravity Forms' built in features, and it's nice to try invisible options before making users deal with Captcha quizzes. 🙂
2. 12. 2020
We looked to this solution because Akismet was marking too many false positives. This plugin has performed miserably. Legit messages marked as spam, easily ID'd spam marked as legit. The fact that a legit, manually entered inquiry was marked as Spam on day 1 is deeply concerning based on how this plugin works. It should be impossible for a human to enter data into a hidden form field but that seems to be what happened. While it's a tough call to say this is worse than Akismet, it's certainly not better.
20. 11. 2020
I can't believe I have not given this a review before. This has worked perfectly on scores of my client sites. Hugely valuable. Thank you for making this unobtrusive too.
14. 11. 2020
Been using for several months on numerous high-traffic Gravity forms and no spam coming through. Really glad I found this plugin because Google Recaptcha just wasn't working as effectivley as it used to. Thanks!
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Gravity Forms Zero Spam je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn

1.0.5 on February 16, 2021

The Gravity Forms Zero Spam plugin is now maintained by GravityView. We look forward to continuing to improve this simple, effective spam blocker for Gravity Forms. Thanks to GoWP for their great work!

  • Improved: Only add anti-spam JavaScript when the Gravity Forms plugin is active
  • Fixed: Sanitized key, in case there were any unsafe characters generated by overriding the random_password filter.
  • Fixed: Made GF_Zero_Spam::deactivate a static method
  • Updated: Now using the wp_print_footer_scripts action to add the script (was wp_footer)


  • Should fix ‚jQuery undefined‘ errors


  • Added support for multi-page forms (thanks, @supporthero)


  • Update FAQ and compatibility notes in readme.txt


  • Fix issue with forms not submitting after an initial validation error


  • Initial version