Form Vibes – Database Manager for Forms


Form Vibes lets you save the form submissions from various form plugins in the database. It also provides a graphical analytics report that allows you to visualize how different forms are performing.

Form Vibes Features

  1. Capture Form Submissions – It automatically captures and saves the form submissions in the database.
  2. Viewing Submissions – View your captured submissions in a tabular format.
  3. Export Submissions – You can export the submissions in a separate CSV file.
  4. Delete Submissions – Delete unimportant form entries from the submissions table.
  5. Analyses Form Submissions – Analyses the form performance graphically.
  6. Dashboard View – View quick stats and analytics to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  7. Filter Submissions – Filter submissions monthly, weekly, daily, or for a specific date.
  8. Auto-Refresh – The submissions table is automatically updated.

More Features On Premium Version

  1. Submission Filtering – Apply advance filters to form data, filter submissions based on fields, date range.
  2. Export Profiles – Export form submissions into a CSV file, apply multiple conditions and logic on form data.
  3. Data Profiles – Display submissions on the front end, have complete control over what you want to display.
  4. Role Manager – Restrict users from accessing some features by managing user roles and permissions.

Easy To Configure

There are no extra configurations required, you need to activate the plugin, and it will automatically start capturing leads.

Easy To Use Interface

It has a simple, user-friendly interface, through which you can manage form submissions easily.

Light Weight and Instant Loading

Code is optimized for fast loading and instant live editing with no extra resources.

Expert Support

We have a highly efficient support team who are always ready to help you. Ask your queries in Support Forum or contact us directly.


It captures form data sent through the forms created using these plugins :
Elementor Pro
Contact Form 7
Bricks Builder Form
Caldera Forms
Beaver Builder
More coming soon…

🧑‍💻 Documentation and Support

Other Plugins

AnyWhere Elementor Pro
Elementor Addon Elements

Snímky obrazovky

  • Form Submission
  • Advanced Date Range Filtering
  • Graphical Report Analyze the performance of the Form
  • Graphical Report Day, Month and Week based graph
  • Graphical Report with advanced date range filtering


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress

Nejčastější dotazy

Does it need any configuration

No, it is plug ‚n‘ play plugin. Just install the plugin and it will start capturing and displaying reports from support form plugins.
You can visit settings page to see some basic config options.


6. 4. 2022
Works extremely well. Pro version does what expected and ability to display form submissions on front end is easy to set up. Contacted support for a small issue and they responded promptly with a solution that fixed the problem immeditiatly.
23. 3. 2022
Funciona! L'estic utilitzant per recollir les dades dels formularis que tinc fets amb CF7 en una web del sector de l'educació dissenyada amb Elementor i funciona correctament. Great plugin 😉
21. 3. 2022
Beats Elementor's built in submissions feature on so many levels. And the PRO version has even more features, excellently implemented.
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Přehled změn


  • Fixed: Bricks Integration not working while using bricks child theme


  • Added: Support for Bricks Builder Form
  • Fixed: Wrong date range was selected on „Last 30 days“ and „Last quarter“
  • Fixed: Contact form 7 attachments upload


  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Compatibility with php 8.0.0
  • Fixed: Export profile missing name
  • Fixed: Security issue


  • Fixed: Elementor empty upload field
  • Fixed: Quick export date range
  • Fixed: Gravity form redirect and confirmation message
  • Fixed: Select only single date
  • Fixed: Dashboard widget and analytics bug fixed when no local storage
  • Fixed: Dashboard widget conflict fixed with Post View Counter plugin


  • Fixed: Permission issue for non admins


  • Code optimization and revamped UI.


  • Tested with latest WordPress & Elementor Release.
  • Freemius SDK Updated


  • Fixed: Wrong weekly analytics data
  • Fixed: Dashboard Widget NaN issue
  • Added: An option in setting to keep applied filters.
  • Enhancements: UI improvements


  • Fixed: Null values break js code
  • Fixed: Contact Form 7 file upload bug
  • Enhancements: UI improvements


  • Fixed: Elementor Form File Upload bug fixed.


  • Fixed: Export to CSV bug.


  • Fixed: Elementor Global Form issue fixed


  • Tweak: Center aligned submission detail box for tables with large number of columns
  • Fixed: Removed deleted form fields from the submissions table
  • Fixed: Made admin notices dismissible.


  • Fixed: Fixed issue with field renaming.
  • Enhancements: Persistent user selectors for date range and selected form
  • Enhancements: Optimized database queries


  • Fixed: Fix bug and notices from previous release.


  • Fixed: Bug in exporting data with large number of columns.
  • UI and Performance improvements.


  • Fixed: New added fields were not saving in some cases.
  • Fixed: Debug messages were logged even when debug mode is disabled.
  • Fixed: Blank screen on fresh installation in some cases.


  • Fixed: Submissions not loading if field id is blank in Elementor Pro Forms.


  • Fixed issue cause by log request uri on some servers.
  • Fixed issue in caldera forms reporting.
  • Modified some code to add compatibility with PHP 7.0


  • Fixed issue: Previous release was blocking admin notices.
  • Fixed css issues.


  • Code restructuring for better UX and performance
  • Added option to refresh submission list without reloading
  • Added option to refresh auto refresh list and analytics


  • Fixed compatibility issues with WordPress 5.4
  • Fixed issue with submission not visible in admin in some cases


  • Tweak – Hide empty/non existing old forms from the Form list.
  • Tweak – Some other UX improvements and code optimization.


  • Fixed – Issue with database table create in plugin installation
  • Fixed – Issue with csv export due to special characters in some languages
  • Tweak – Added option to enable/disable Export Reason feature.


  • New – Beaver Builder Form integration.
  • Tweak – Added option to specify reason for exporting. Information about who exported the days and why will be save in database.
  • Tweak – Added ability to save page url and user agent (optional).
  • Tweak – Some other UX improvements and code optimization.


  • Fixed – Elementor forms data not loading due to malformed json response.


  • Fixed – Wrong column order in csv export
  • Fixed – Issue with saving data of Elementor Global Form widgets
  • Some other minor performance and ui enhancements.


  • Added Dashboard Widget
  • Added option to delete saved entries
  • Added option to control whether to save IP Address or not


  • Fixed issue with submissions not saving in some case. (Thanks to @idatus)
  • Fixed issue with saving multi data field like checkbox, radio field etc.


  • Fixed issue in saving submissions with long text.


Initial Plugin Launch