Export WordPress Users to CSV/XML


Easily export WordPress user data into custom CSV, XML, and Excel files with the User Export Add-On for WP All Export.

Featuring a three step export process and an intuitive drag & drop interface, WP All Export makes complicated export tasks simple and fast.

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With the User Export Add-On you can:

  • Export a customized CSV, XML, or Excel file: Easy drag and drop formatting allows you to export any CSV or XML file without writing any code at all. Rename spreadsheet columns and XML elements, rearrange them, whatever you want to do.

  • Customize the data included in the export: WP All Export’s intuitive interface makes it easy to select exactly which user data you’d like to export. Export only the data you need.

  • Need to migrate user data from one site to another? WP All Export will generate your WP All Import settings for you so importing your users back into WordPress is easy, simple, and fast.

  • Wish you could edit your WordPress User data in Excel? Now you can – export it with WP All Export, edit it, and then import it with WP All Import, no configuration required.

WP All Export Professional Edition

The Pro edition of WP All Export is a paid upgrade that includes premium support and adds the following user export features:

  • Guaranteed technical support via e-mail: Get personal help from our team of import/export specialists. We have been answering hundreds of support requests per week for years. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, chances are we’ve seen it before and know exactly how to handle it.

  • Export user meta data: Lots of plugins and themes store custom data in WordPress. You can export all of it with WP All Export Pro.

  • Migrate users: Export users from one WordPress site and import them into another, no configuration required. If you need it, you have complete control over your data to process it or make changes during the migration.

  • Export WooCommerce Customers: Drag and drop to export all of your WooCommerce customer data, even their order history. Custom export fields allow you to combine separate pieces of data, like first name and last name or city, state, and zip code. Drag and drop as many different piece of data as you like, adding them to the same cell in your spreadsheet or the same element in your XML file.

  • Send your data to 500+ apps: Full integration with Zapier allows you to send your exported WordPress User data to services like Dropbox and Google Drive, to create and update reports in Google Sheets, send email updates, or anything else you can think of.Read more about WP All Export Pro and Zapier.

  • Schedule exports to run automatically: Exports can be configured to run on any schedule you like. You can export recent user sign ups, users from a specific date range, users with a specific user role, etc. Scheduled exports are very powerful when combined with Zapier.

  • Add rules to filter data: WP All Export Pro makes it easy to export the exact users you need. Want to export all of your customers who bought a specific product? Want to export all users that registered last month? Want to export all users with a specific custom field/user meta data value? We made it easy.

  • Create custom XLS/XLSX files: Microsoft Excel can read and modify CSV files, but it also uses XLS and XLSX files. Get WP All Export Pro if you need to export your WordPress users directly to an XLS or XLSX file.

  • Pass data through custom PHP functions: With WP All Export Pro you can pass your data through a custom function before it is added to your export file. Write and preview your code inside WP All Export Pro while you’re setting up your export. This allows you to manipulate your data any way you see fit.

Upgrade to WP All Export Pro.

Automatic Scheduling

A new service from Soflyy, Automatic Scheduling provides a simple interface for setting exports to run on a schedule. The service will make sure that your exports start on time and that they successfully complete without the need to set up individual cron jobs.

It costs $9/mo and can be used with WP All Export and WP All Import. You can set up as many exports and imports on as many sites as you like.

What information is shared with Soflyy? If you set an export to run on a schedule, WP All Export will open an encrypted connection to Soflyy servers. It will send the license key, site URL, ID of the export you want to run, export security key, and times that you want the export to run.

Export Users to CSV

A CSV is a very simple spreadsheet file. Essentially, it’s just a text file where commas are used to separate each column. With WP All Export you can very easily set up a WordPress user CSV export and control the order and title of the columns.

Very often you’ll want to edit your WordPress users with Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or maybe something else. This is why a CSV user export is so powerfule – every piece of spreadsheet software out there can work with CSV files, even basic text editors. WP All Export allows you edit your WordPress user data using whatever spreadsheet software you like.

Export Users to XML

Sometimes you’ll want to export your WordPress user data so that some other software, service, or tool can use it. They will usually require your data to be formatted as an XML file, which looks a lot like HTML. But don’t worry, with WP All Export you don’t need to know anything about all that to set up an XML user export.

With WP All Export you simply drag and drop to create your custom user export XML file. You don’t need to write any code, just drag and drop. But don’t worry, if you do know how to write XML and have some specific requirements, instead of drag and drop you can write up a custom XML export and insert your WordPress user data wherever it needs to go in your XML feed.

Premium Support

Upgrade to the Pro edition of WP All Export for premium support provided by our team of import/export specialists.

E-mail: support@wpallimport.com

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Snímky obrazovky

  • Export users with WP All Export.
  • Drag and drop to create your custom WordPress user export.


Either: –

  • Upload the plugin from the Plugins page in WordPress
  • Unzip wp-all-export-user-export-add-on.zip and upload the contents to /wp-content/plugins/, and then activate the plugin from the Plugins page in WordPress


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