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Design in Canva, Figma & Adobe using your Woo & WordPress data

Design in Canva, Figma & Adobe using your Woo & WordPress data


DataPocket is a revolutionary plugin created to enhance design workflows for WordPress and WooCommerce users by integrating seamlessly with popular design tools such as Canva, Figma, Adobe Express and the complete Adobe Suite. It allows users to populate their design projects with real data directly sourced from their WordPress site, including images, text, and pricing information from WooCommerce.

DataPocket is designed as a one-way connection towards design tools.

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  • Real Data Integration: Pulls live data from WordPress and WooCommerce to populate design projects in Canva, Figma, Adobe Express and the Adobe Suite.
  • Images, Texts, and Prices: Includes images, product descriptions, and pricing data directly into your designs for accurate representation.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Accelerates design processes by eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Collaboration: Facilitates seamless collaboration between team members, stakeholders, and clients by enabling real-time sharing.

Use cases

  • E-commerce Design: Create product catalogs, promotional materials, and marketing assets using up-to-date product data from WooCommerce.
  • Website Mockups: Design realistic website prototypes with actual content pulled from WordPress pages and posts.
  • Content Creation: Streamline content creation processes by directly importing blog post content and images into design projects.


This plugin was created by DataPocket.

Design in Canva, Figma & Adobe using your Woo & WordPress data


  1. Install DataPocket either via the WordPress.org plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Activate DataPocket from the Plugins tab – Installed Plugins.
  3. Navigate to DataPocket Settings – Copy the key and paste into your DataPocket account.

Please, find further instructions in the following links:

WordPress installation instructions

WooCommerce installation instructions

Nejčastější dotazy

Is datapocket’s AI available on Figma and Adobe?

Datapocket’s artificial intelligence is currently available in all platforms.

How long does it take to synchronize my entire catalog with my design platform?

You will be able to enjoy using all your products within minutes, the larger the data source, the longer it can take.

What happens if I delete an item from my eCommerce?

As there is a full sync between your design platform and your eCommerce your item will also disappear.

Is the 24/7 synchronisation automatically activated?

That is correct, once your eCommerce is connected it will automatically stay synchronised.

Can I connect multiple eCommerce to one Canva account?

That is correct, if you have multiple eCommerce, even from different technologies, you can have them easily connected to your desired Design Platform.


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