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Contact Form 7 pomáhá udržovat více kontaktních formulářů a navíc umožňuje flexibilně přizpůsobit formulář i obsah zprávy jednoduchými značkami. Formulář podporuje odesílání řizené Ajaxem, CAPTCHu, Akismet spam filtraci, a další.

Dokumentace a podpora

You can find docs, FAQ and more detailed information about Contact Form 7 on If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ or in any of the documentation, you should check the support forum on If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new topic for it.

Contact Form 7 potřebuje Vaši podporu

Je těžké pokračovat s vývojem a podporou tohoto naprosto bezplatného pluginu bez podpory od uživatelů jako jste právě vy. Pokud máte Contact Form 7 rádi a považujete jej za užitečný nástroj, zvažte prosím možnost dobrovolného příspěvku. Váš dar pomůže povzbudit a podpořit další vývoj pluginu a zlepší uživatelskou podporu.

Doporučené pluginy

Následující pluginy jsou doporučené pro uživatele Contact Form 7:

  • Flamingo od autora Takayuki Miyoshi – S Flamingem můžete ukládat odeslané zprávy z formulářů do databáze.
  • Bogo od autora Takayuki Miyoshi – Bogo je jednoduše pochopitelný vícejazyčný plugin, který vám nezpůsobí bolesti hlavy.


Můžete pomoci přeložit Contact Form 7 na

Snímky obrazovky

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  1. Nahrajte kompletní složku contact-form-7 do /wp-content/plugins/ adresáře.
  2. Aktivujte plugin přes menu Pluginy ve WordPressu.

V administračním menu WordPressu pak naleznete „Contact forms“.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin web site.

Časté dotazy

Do you have questions or issues with Contact Form 7? Use these support channels appropriately.

  1. Dokumentace
  2. Časté dotazy
  3. Support Forum


Installation Instructions
  1. Nahrajte kompletní složku contact-form-7 do /wp-content/plugins/ adresáře.
  2. Aktivujte plugin přes menu Pluginy ve WordPressu.

V administračním menu WordPressu pak naleznete „Contact forms“.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin web site.


Super cool contact!

This is the most cool contact plugin for WordPress! Everything is simple and work smooth! Thank you for such great job!


Contact Form 7 начиная с версии 4.8 не отправляет формы при отключенном в WP REST API
Поэтому, если вы отключили у себя (например в function.php) эту бяку REST API, то откатитесь на Contact Form 7 ver. 4.7 с ней проблем не будет.

Это как один из вариантов решения проблемы REST API & СF7

Great resource

Quite simply the best, most reliable contact form plugin there is out there, still.
Other forms might look prettier but there’s no beating simply working every day no matter what. This is a great little plugin that’s lightweight, fast, and relatively easy for most people to figure out and use.

And if you want the form to look prettier, retain responses for future reference, or add conditional (if this, then that) logic, or even take PayPal payments or donations there are other plugins to enable those capabilities. I think Takayuki’s done a great job.

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Contact Form 7 je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


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Přehled změn

For more information, see Releases.


  • Remove improper uses of esc_sql().
  • Fix the refill REST-API request so that a nonce is set when available.
  • Give more contrast to unused mail-tags in the Mail tab panel to make them easier to recognize.
  • Undo the previous change of HTTP status code for the REST-API response.


  • Code using create_function() has been removed to avoid security risks and warnings given when using with PHP 7.2+.
  • Display the notice of config validation again to encourage admins to apply some important validation items recently added.
  • REST API endpoint returns more specific HTTP status code 409 instead of 400.
  • Fixed appearance of configuration error signs in the Additional Settings tab.


  • Supports subscribers_only setting
  • Changes the default value of WPCF7_VERIFY_NONCE to false
  • WPCF7_FormTagsManager::collect_tag_types() supports invert option
  • New filter hooks: wpcf7_verify_nonce, wpcf7_subscribers_only_notice, wpcf7_remote_ip_addr, and wpcf7_submission_is_blacklisted
  • Fixed: Form-tag’s tabindex option did not accept 0 or negative integer values
  • Shows a validation error when no option in a radio buttons group is checked
  • Config validator: Adds a validation rule against the use of deprecated settings (on_sent_ok and on_submit)
  • Allows to pass the skip_mail option through the WPCF7_ContactForm::submit() and WPCF7_Submission::get_instance() function parameters.
  • Triggers wpcf7beforesubmit custom DOM event. You can manipulate the formData object through an event handler.


  • wpcf7.initForm JavaScript function added to isolate form initialization process.
  • Fix response message duplication caused by repeated click on submit button.
  • Clear $phpmailer->AltBody to avoid unintended inheritance from previous wp_mail() calls.
  • Fix incorrect character count of textarea input.
  • Akismet: Exclude the comment_author, comment_author_email, and comment_author_url values from the comment_content value.
  • REST API: More reliable approach to build route URLs.
  • Include free_text inputs into event.detail.inputs.


  • Stopped using jquery.form.js.
  • Added custom REST API endpoints for Ajax form submissions.
  • WPCF7_FormTag class implements ArrayAccess interface.
  • WPCF7_FormTagsManager::filter() filters form-tags based on features they support.
  • New form-tag features: do-not-store, display-block, and display-hidden
  • Removed inappropriate content from h1 headings.
  • Added the support of size:invisible option to the reCAPTCHA form-tag.