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BotPenguin is AI powered free chatbot maker platform to create AI chatbots for your Website, FB messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, Skype, Slack, Kik and wechat. BotPenguin, a chatbot for website is here to take your business to new heights.

Its 24x7x365 availability, No human error, Zero Waiting Time, high conversion rate and automation is some of the salient features.

Major benefits of the BotPenguin as follows:

Lead generation Answering the customer’s queries Assisting as customer support Services like order booking Enabled with natural language processing Zero development time Zero Development Cost.

BotPenguin can be easily and quickly integrated with the Zoho CRM, Hubspot, Word Press, skype, google sheets facebook and many more. These integrations make it very useful and easy of use.

It is available with various plans, starting from the ‘Free’ plan to ‘Custom’ plan designed for the big Enterprizes. BotPenguin has ‘King’ and ‘little’ plans as well. In nutshell, BotPenguin has it’s plan ready for every type of customer. It has many existing clients whose experience with BotPenguin has been very rich so far.


Please follow the following step to step instruction to easily install
the BotPenguin.
If you are not an existing BotPenguin user, Click here to register Copy the unique key from Dashboard > Select Bot > install > CMS >
WordPress and paste it here.

You can see the demo in below vedio

Časté dotazy

Here are the few very frequently asked questions and their answers as

What is the chatbot pricing structure?

BotPenguin offers 4 easy plans for you to choose, based on your business
needs. Baby- It offers you free chatbot which has basic features. Little
– It offers you unlimited bots and 1000 interactions every month. King-
It offers you unlimited bots and 3000 interactions every month. Emperor
– It offers you unlimited bots and unlimited interactions every month.

All these plans have different pricing. Click here to know the chatbot
pricing details and you can also compare the features available in
different plans.

Do you offer a free plan?

We do offer a free chatbot in our Baby plan, there is no need to pay or
provide any card details, you can simply avail it by signing up.

Can I change my billing system from annually to monthly?

Yes, you can change your billing system from annually to monthly by
simply switching to the option of Monthly. In such a case, you will be
charged monthly prices. You can check here the prices for the monthly
billing system.

Do You offer discounts on annual payments?

Yes, the prices offered for the annual billing system are the discounted
prices. You can easily check the price for the annual billing system on
the chatbot pricing menu.

Which Plan is suitable for my business?

We can only suggest you to choose a plan based on your business needs.
For more information, you can reach out to us at

How much data can the bot store?

It depends on the chatbot pricing plan you choose. Each plan allows you
to store different amounts of user data. You can compare these plans

For how many days can the bot store user data?

Each plan allows you to store your conversation history for different
number of days. But in the Emperor plan, a bot can store as much data as
you want and there is no time limit on how many days it can store your
data. You can compare all the plans and choose as per your business

Which plan should I choose if I want to remove BotPenguin’s

You can choose our King Plan or Emperor plan to remove BotPenguin’s

If I want to engage chatbot in my mobile app, which plan should I

You must choose our Emperor plan to engage chatbot for your mobile app
and for more details, you can contact us at and
we can discuss your business needs.

I want my chatbot to book appointments, which plan should I buy?

If you want your customers to book appointments with your business, you
can choose our King or Emperor plan.

How does my subscription works?

We offer yearly and monthly subscriptions and the prices vary as per the
plan. Your subscription will be automatically renewed after every
billing cycle and you’ll be notified to pay.

Can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription by downgrading your current plan
to our free Baby plan anytime you want.

If I cancel my subscription, will you refund my money? In case you
want to cancel our subscription, we will refund your money only if you
cancel your plan within 30 days of your subscription. And we will try to
refund your money as soon as possible.

We do not promote money refund if you cancel your subscription after 30
days, so we request you to try our FREE plan first if you are not sure
to use chatbot for your business

If I miss to pay for my subscription, what will happen?

If you miss to pay your subscription, we will notify you. The chatbot
will continue to work as designed by you but you will not be able to see
the bot interactions or collected data. All the previously generated
leads will be accessible to you only if you make the payment for your

I don’t have a credit card. How else can I pay?

If you don’t have the credit card, you can pay via Debit card. Also, we
accept local currency in few countries, You can contact us at for more details.

What if my bot exceeds the limit interactions as per my plan?

You will be notified when you are about to hit your interactions limit
and on exceeding, you’ll be asked to move to the next plan. But in case
you do not move to the next plan, your chatbot will continue to work as
designed and collect user data but you will not be able to see this
data. All the previously generated leads or interactions will be
accessible to you only if you make the payment for the next plan.

How do I upgrade or downgrade?

If you wish to upgrade or downgrade, You can do it from the Dashboard.

If you upgrade your plan during the billing cycle, you will be charged
on the pro-rata basis i.e. only additional amount for the number of days
you are using the next plan will be charged.


If you have prepaid monthly billing cycle and you are using our Little
plan for the month of July, and you wish to upgrade your plan to King
from July 10th, then you will be charged an additional amount for king
plan from July 10th to July 31st.

If you downgrade your plan during the billing cycle, then you will be
charged accordingly and the amount left in your account will be used for
future billings.


If you have prepaid monthly billing cycle and you are downgrading your
plan from King to Little on July 10th, then you will be charged for
Little plan from July 10th to July 31st and amount left in your account
will be used for next month’s billing.

Do you send invoices/receipts?

Yes, we send invoices by email each time we make a charge. Our email
invoices/receipts include your business billing address for taxation
purposes. Also, you can download the invoice form the subscription
module on the dashboard.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No, you can start with the free plan without sharing the credit or debit
card details.

Do you offer White labelling?

Yes, we offer White Labelling to agencies, a complete solution where you
can even decide your prices. Please write to us at


version 1.0.3 * Authentication * Build * Dashboard * Settings *
Installation * Chat Window

Upgrade Notice

version 1.0.3 ###### Build 1 * Integration 1. Agile 2. Amo 3.
SalesForce 4. iContact 5. Active Campaign 6. Zoho 7. Zoho Desk 8.
Setmore 9. SalesManago 10. Shipway 11. Click Meeting 12. 13.
Event Brite

Build 2
  1. Authentication issue
  2. Chatting issue

version 1.0.3

Build 3
  1. Bitrix24 CRM
  2. Hubspot CRM
  3. Base CRM
  4. Capsule CRM

version 1.0.3 ###### Build 3 1. Appointment 2. Landing Page 3.
Onboarding 4. Copy Bot


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