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Journal Notes

od Jacob Martella

Tato šablona je odvozená od: Crosswinds Framework.

Verze: 1.0.2

Poslední aktualizace: 29. 11. 2023

Aktivních instalací: 30+

Verze WordPressu: 6.0 nebo novější

Verze PHP: 7.0 nebo novější

Domovská stránka šablony

Everyone seems to have a blog these days. And Journal Notes gives you a nice and easy entry into the world of blogging. The theme is super simple to set up. You can just add in your great posts and you’re good to go! There’s really nothing to it. But there’s even more power to Journal Notes. Tapping into the WordPress site editor, Journal Notes allows you to customize your entire website, from how the site title looks to the colors and fonts used on the site and so much more. Plus there are a variety of different patterns that you can use to change how your posts are displayed as well as crafting your pages. So whether you want something super simple that you can start with in just minutes or the ability to really make this blog your own, Journal Notes will help you start your blog today!

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