Zephyr Project Manager


Zephyr Project Manager is a modern, easy to use project manager for WordPress, to help manage all your projects and tasks effectively and get work done. It features a beautifully designed user interface to efficiently keep your projects on track. You can create unlimited projects, tasks and categories, start discussions on tasks and projects and upload files/attachments, manage files from the file manager page, view project progress using charts and use the built-in calendar, just to name a few features.

Core Features

Basic Version (Free)


  • Create unlimited projects and customize them to your preference
  • Set the name, start and end dates, description and category for your project
  • Set the priority for your projects to manage them even more effectively
  • Ability to copy projects and convert projects to tasks
  • Recieve notifications via email of updates and completion
  • Keep everyone informed via the discussion panel, where you can send attachments and messages and the team can respond and view the messages
  • View progress chart of project completion and see progress at a glance
  • Export and import projects to CSV and JSON


  • Create, view, edit and customize as many tasks as you want to
  • Set the name, start and end dates, description, project and assignee for your task
  • Assign tasks to users or teams
  • Set the priority for your task to manage them even more effectively
  • Mark tasks as complete/incomplete easily and open an overview of the task by clicking on them
  • Create subtasks to break tasks down even more and make tasks even more descriptive and easy to complete
  • Start discussions with other team memeber about the tasks, ask questions, and add attachments
  • Copy tasks and convert tasks to projects
  • Export and import tasks to and from CSV and JSON

Android App

  • Download the official Android App now to manage your tasks and projects on the go. The app completely syncs with your website data and provides real time notifications to keep you in the loop

Personal Dashboards

  • Each user has their own personal dashboards where they can see projects and tasks completed, their upcoming tasks and more from just a glance.

Discussions & Attachments

  • Start discussions on projects or tasks and chat with other members on the progress of tasks
  • Upload, download and view attachments straight to and from your tasks and projects

Email Notifications

  • Recieve email updates on overdue tasks
  • Receive weekly updates
  • Receive updates on activity such as completed tasks, deleted tasks etc.
  • Set your notification preferences and choose which notifications you would like to use

File Manager

  • Upload files to tasks and projects and add comments to communicate with other members
  • View all project and task files/attachments in one place and easily manage them
  • Download, view info and delete files from the file manager, easily and effectively


  • Create unlimited categories to keep your projects organized
  • Set the category name description and color to make your projects unique
  • Set the category of your projects and assign multiple categories as well


  • View all your completed and upcoming tasks in the calendar for an easy overview
  • Easily see the work and time required to complete tasks and navigate effectively with the calender
  • Set your own custom date format


  • Create automatic progress charts for your projects and print them
  • View progress charts for each project and set the status of projects
  • Receive emails on project progress
  • See the progress of projects, including completed tasks, pending tasks and more from the project list, for a comprehensive overview

Teams & Members

  • View and manage all the members and teams in one place
  • View team members progress and their work done from a single page
  • Create teams and assign users to your teams
  • Assign tasks to individual members or teams


  • Zephyr Project Manager is highly customizable
  • Set your profile details such as your custom name, profile picture, description, email notifications and more
  • Change the colors used by the plugin to customize the interface to your preference
  • Manage user capabilities and more
  • I am always happy to take on customization requests if you contact me at dylanjkotze@gmail.com 🙂

Fully Translatable and Localized

  • Zephyr has been fully localized to be easily translated into any language

Professional Edition

  • Customizable Frontend Project Manager page
  • Kanban board style projects
  • Asana Integration
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Task Templates
  • Reporting
  • And more…
  • Get the Pro Edition Now

For more information and documentation, please visit the website

Feature Requests

I am always looking to improve the plugin and add more useful features. If there are any features you feel may be missing or if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to add them

Snímky obrazovky

  • Create unlimited projects, customized to your preference
  • Detailed projects
  • Unlimited tasks, with start with helpful overview
  • Create detailed tasks to stay organized
  • Quick task information view
  • Easily edit and manage projects
  • Discuss projects with other members
  • Create categories to categorize projects
  • Change your picture, name, description and notification preferences
  • Easily manage and view all uploaded files from discussions
  • Get a high overview of tasks that need to be done using the Calender
  • See what is going on via the Activity page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress ‚Plugins‘ > ‚Add New‘ screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Navigate to the Zephyr Project Manager option in the sidebar to start using the features of the plugin
  4. From here you can create new projects, tasks, files, discussions and much more.
  5. View the full documentation here for a guide on using the features.
  6. If you experience any problems, please do not hesitate to contact me at dylanjkotze@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to help.


10. 10. 2020
I have used several task management plugin, but this one is the best and I recommend it to everyone. Especially one with incredible support from Dylan. De is kind, fast and he masters his plugin well. he helped me a lot. Thanks Dylan for the help! Rafik
5. 10. 2020
I have been using Zephyr Project management plugin for about 1 month. As the leader of a recently established non-profit which is advocating for changes in different challenging fields, I realized that we needed to be very organized. Therefore, I started looking for different online project management platforms. I used the free trial of one of the most famous ones (not a plugin), but realized that the free version had many limitations. On the other hand, the paid version was very expensive and needed ongoing payments. Since affordability was very important for us, I started reviewing almost all available project management plugins in the hope of finding a more affordable platform. I put the features of each plugin in an excel sheet to compare them in a more scientific way. The excel sheet showed me that the Zephyr Project management plugin was superior in many aspects. Then I installed the free plugin and used it for a couple of days. Next, I purchased the pro version as I needed more functionalities including the Kanban boards. A great thing about the cost of the pro version of Zephyr Project management is that it is a one-time payment. I not only have been amazed by different and very powerful features of Zephyr plugin, but also with the exceptional and outstanding support of its developer Dylan. I am surprised how a plugin developed by one person can be more powerful than the high cost project management platforms built by large companies. Dylan has been very organized, quick and supportive in responding to my inquiries and adding the features I have requested. He goes above and beyond in all his responses. You can hardly find such support and customer service. When I wanted to install this plugin, I read one of the reviews and it said world needs more people like Dylan. I can definitely confirm this statement. In contrast, there was a negative review complaining about the lack of advanced option in the settings, and in contrast to what the plugin claims. That is not the case at all at this time. The plugin has the advanced settings along with lots of different options to setup almost everything you can think of. Dylan has updated the plugin and added several features to it in response to my requests in the last few weeks. However, he is very committed to releasing the updated version only after everything is tested completely. The value my team and I have gotten are way more than what we have paid for. That is why I was compelled to take the time to write this review just as a small appreciation to Dylan. My suggestion to those who have doubts about this plugin is using the same approach I used. First, compare similar plugins in an excel sheet, then install the free plugin and eventually buy the pro version if needed. It is a very small investment that will lead to great returns in your business and activities. I am certain that you will not be disappointed. Keep up the great work Dylan and Zephyr Project Manager!
24. 9. 2020
Very nice Project Management plugin for small business! What you see is what you get! It’s simple, easy to use, and to the point. Excited to see how this plugin further develops, a high potential plugin! Go4it Dylan!
22. 9. 2020
This is an awesome plugin for managing projects. It looks great and functions well which I find to be pretty rare. I had a couple of problems but Dylan was fast to reach out (like next day quick) which surprised me. He addressed all of my problems and fixed the issues I was having. I am impressed and am confident in this plugin and developer to provide me with the service I need in the future!
9. 9. 2020
Este es el mejor plugin para gestión de proyectos que hemos utilizado en aaneu. Si bien hay algunas funcionalidades que so han sido actualizadas a la versión actual de wordpress, como por ejemplo, el tilde a tareas completadas no se realiza apropiadamente aún, hemos decidido tomar la versión Pro. Mi pregunta: al intentar sincronizar desde mi dispositivo android, la app no reconoce mi nombre de usuario de wordpress. Por otra parte, me solicita una contraseña, que no sé donde debo gestionarla. ¿Quizás todas estas funciones se activen al comprar el Pro?. Pero como aún no lo hemos hecho, y no podemos configurarlo, quisiéramos asegurarnos de que esto no será un problema al adquirir el plan pro. Muchas gracias y felicitaciones por tu trabajo Dylan. Sigue adelante.
14. 6. 2020
1. Does this work with Buddypress? 2. Can BP profile users create tasks and manage their own tasks? 3. How can you integrate with push and email notifications for tasks? 4. If you planning to be international. English documentation is a must.
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Přehled změn


  • Various fixes and improvements
  • Tested with WordPress 5.4.2
  • Lots of new features in development and coming soon


  • Maintenance updates and small improvements


  • Added description and start and end date to subtasks to add more information
  • Added project assignees
  • Added ability to archive and unarchive projects
  • Added new permission to allow only project assignees to edit their projects
  • Improved dashboard project charts
  • Fixed projects counting subtasks as completed tasks as well
  • Fixed wrong timezone used for messages in the discussion panel
  • Created new WooCommerce integration available on the website
  • Added ability to set hour and minutes for tasks start and end dates
  • Added ability to drag and change task orders on project pages
  • Lots of other changes and improvements
  • Tested with WP 5.3


  • Added French translations thanks a million to Laureline!
  • Added recurring tasks to calendar
  • Added ability to edit shortcode tasks
  • Improved project category selection in the dashboard
  • Added ‚list‘ view type for task list shortcode
  • Added ability to set limit to task list via the shortcode
  • Fixed issue with tasks table not being created on some hosting environments


  • Tested with WordPress 5.2 and fixed PHP notice
  • Added new shortcode: Calendar [zephyr_calendar]
  • Added new shortcode: New Task Button [zephyr_new_task_button]
  • Added new shortcode: Display files [zephyr_files]
  • Added new shortcode: Upload File button [zephyr_file_upload]
  • Added new shortcode: Display activity [zephyr_activity]


  • New Feature: Task recurrence settings to set tasks to recur each day, each week, month or annually
  • Improved calendar display and added more details information and color coding
  • Added full multisite compatibility
  • Lots of performance and optimization enhancements
  • Assign categories to new projects
  • Improved dashboard with user overview
  • Group projects by categories
  • Switch between project list and project grid view
  • Fixed assignees not being selectable from the project quick task creation section
  • Added mentions to discussions and tasks to easily mention users
  • Improved progress section in projects and displays user progress as well
  • Ability to select custom statuses from Project > Progress section
  • Simplified and improved permission settings
  • Ability to drag calendar items


  • Added Czech language translation with many thanks to Martin Šmíd 🙂
  • Added category selection to new project modal
  • Added category select page to show projects by category


  • Improvements to mobile display
  • Tested with WP 5.1.1
  • Removed logging calls
  • Fixed issue with status column not being created on install on some servers


  • Added the ability to create and set statuses and priorities for tasks and projects individualy
  • Multiple assignees on tasks
  • Improved project progress page with filtering and task progress overview
  • Ability to display unique ID or project ID next to project name
  • Added new shortcode options to show tasks from certain projects or certain users
  • Fixed email issue and added project specific email settings
  • Added user role management settings for administrators
  • Fixed localization POT file issue
  • Fixed JS error for non ES6 browsers


  • Added status color coding to calendar
  • Added project, team, status and assignee filtering to the calendar


  • Custom priorities/statuses with custom name and colors can now be created and used
  • Filtering projects by category has been added
  • Fixed issue with tasks not showing in ‚My Tasks‘ if in assigned ‚team‘
  • Send email notifications to all assigned ‚team members‘ as well
  • Fixed tooltip items for charts not showing
  • Fixed Export to CSV and JSON not working correctly and improved importing
  • Fixed issue with new custom color settings only showing after reload, once saved
  • Added task description to new task email notification
  • Added ability to set custom email ‚from name‘ and ‚from email‘ for email notifications
  • Fixed issue with multiple lines in comments only showing in one line


  • Added full RTL (right-to-left) support in both free and premium versions
  • Added shortcode functionality to display single projects and tasks in the frontend
  • Added more information to calendar events including assignee names, the project name and the description


  • New Feature: Added task and project priorities
  • Fixed file upload issue on file manager page
  • Fixed Calendar issue and redunant string in the beginning of each task
  • Added localization support for missing strings and calendar
  • Added custom date format and date localization
  • Styling improvements and compatibility issues


  • Improvement: Realtime notifications for new messages, new tasks and new projects created by users
  • Android Mobile App is now available in the Free version
  • Added realtime push notifications to apps
  • Shortcuts for creating new projects and tasks and pressing enter to create tasks or projects when the popup is open
  • Various styling improvemnets


  • Added validation for new tasks to check if start date is earlier than the due date
  • Various styling fixes and improvements
  • Styling fixes for IE browsers


  • Added localization for sidebar menu titles and page titles
  • Fixed issue with project selection not updating after saving more than one task
  • Styling improvements and enhancements


  • Fixed PHP error on Devices page


  • Improvement: Styling overhaul – fixed many small styling issues and revamped the styling with some more modern styling
  • Improvement: Automatically show changes made to task and projects name in the header of the edit page
  • Fix: Added fallback for viewing tasks when there is a JS error
  • Improvemnet: Added notifications sent to Android App
  • Other: Removed the deactivation survey and the Patreon request notice and some other notices to provide less clutter


  • Fix: Fixed issue with tasks loading on Calendar on some pages due to incorrect rest URL
  • Improvement: Added deactivation survey to the plugin to pinpoint if there are any major problems or features that people are needing
  • Improvement: Added missing English strings in the PO file


  • Fix: Calendar task URL leading to incorrect URL in dashboard
  • Fix: Added ‚Task Assigned‘ notification preference to Teams & Members edit section
  • Fix: Tasks due this week email being sent if no tasks are due
  • Fix: Added check for the rest URL to see if it is available to fix a Calendar issue


  • Fix: Fixed conflicting AJAX errors when error reporting is active
  • Improvement: Completely internationalized the plugin for localization
  • Improvement: Added loader/spinner for certain AJAX requests to improve the UX
  • Improvement: Changed layout of dashboard to make it easier to use and get data from
  • Improvement: Added team and project link to task modal view
  • Imrpovement: Various small styling changes and improvements
  • Added Spanish Translation with 100% translation


  • Fix: New task email notification is now only sent to assignee
  • Fix: Emails only sent to members that have Zephyr access
  • Fix: Overdue summary email was sent even if there are no overdue tasks
  • Fix: Some browser notifications for overdue tasks were shown to the incorrect user and not the assignee
  • Improvement: Added info section to Zephyr dashboard to show version numbers and indicate if Pro is installed
  • Improvement: Default ‚All Activity‘ and ‚Weekly Activity‘ to false
  • Improvement: Added notificaiton option for ‚Task Assigned‘