Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating


Improving the user experience with your website is a top priority for everyone who cares about their online activity,
as it promotes familiarity and loyalty with your brand, and enhances visibility of your activity.

Yasr – Yet Another Stars Rating is a powerful way to add SEO-friendly user-generated reviews and testimonials to your
website posts, pages and CPT, without affecting its speed.

Jak používat

Hlasy recenzentů

With the classic editor, when you create or update a page or a post, a box (metabox) will be available in the upper right corner where you’ll
be able to insert the overall rating.
With the new Guteneberg editor, just click on the „+“ icon to add a block and search for Yasr Overall Rating.
You can either place the overall rating automatically at the beginning or the end of a post (look in „Settings“
-> „Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings“), or wherever you want in the page using the shortcode [yasr_overall_rating] (easily added through the visual editor).

Hlasy návštěvníků

You can give your users the ability to vote, pasting the shortcode [yasr_visitor_votes] where you want the stars to appear.
If you’re using the new Gutenberg editor, just click on the „+“ icon to add a block and search for Yasr Visitor Votes
Again, this can be placed automatically at the beginning or the end of each post; the option is in „Settings“ -> „Yet Another Stars Rating: Settings“.

Vícepoložkové hodnocení

Vícepoložková hodnocení dávají možnost hodnotit v každé recenzi různé aspekty: například, pokud hodnotíte videohry, můžete vytvořit aspekty „Grafika“, „Hratelnost“, „Příběh“, atd.

Nástroje pro migraci

You can easily migrate from WP-PostRatings, kk Star Ratings, Rate My Post and Multi Rating
A tab will appear in the settings if one of these plugin is detected.

Supported itemtypes

YASR supports the following schema.org itemtypes:

BlogPosting ✝,
Book ¶,
LocalBusiness ‡,
Movie Δ,
Product §,
Recipe ||,

✝ BlogPosting itemtype will not show stars in search result.
More info here

¶ Book supports the following properties
* author
* bookEdition
* BookFormat
* numberOfPages

‡ LocalBusiness supports the following properties
* Address
* PriceRange
* Telephone

Δ Movie supports the following properties
* actor
* director
* Duration
* dateCreated

§ Products supports the following properties
* Brand
* Sku
* Global identifiers
* Price
* Currency
* Price Valid Until
* Availability
* Url

|| Recipe supports the following properties
* cookTime
* prepTime
* description
* keywords
* nutrition
* recipeCategory
* recipeCuisine
* recipeIngredient

Video Tutorial

In this video I’ll show you the „Auto Insert“ feature and manual placement of yasr_visitor_votes and yasr_overall_rating shortcodes

Související odkaz

Chcete víc funkcí? Zkuste YASR Pro!

Snímky obrazovky

  • Example of Yasr Overall Rating and Yast Hlasy návštěvníků shortcodes
  • Yasr Vícepoložkové hodnocení
  • Pořadí podle uživatelů zobrazující nejvíce hodnocené příspěvky
  • Pořadí podle uživatelů zobrazující nejlépe hodnocené příspěvky
  • Žebříček hodnocení


Tento plugin poskytuje 6 bloků.

  • Yasr: Overall Rating
  • Yasr: Visitor Votes
  • Yasr: Top 10 Reviews
  • Yasr: Top 10 By Visitors Votes
  • Yasr: Most Active Authors
  • Yasr: Most Active Visitors


  1. Navigate to Dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New and search for YASR
  2. Click on „Installa Now“ and than „Activate“

Nejčastější dotazy

Co je to „Celkové hodnocení“?

It is the vote given by who writes the review: readers are able to see this vote in read-only mode. Reviewer can vote using the box on the top right in the editor screen. Remember to insert this shortcode [yasr_overall_rating] to make it appear where you like.

Co je to „Návštěvnické hodnocení“?

It is the vote that allows your visitors to vote: just paste this shortcode [yasr_visitor_votes] where you want the stars to appear.

Demo stránka pro Celkové hodnocení a Návštěvnická hodnocení

Co je to „Vícepoložkové hodnocení“?

To je vlastnost, která dělá YASR tak skvělým. Vícepoložková hodnocení dávají příležitost hodnotit v každé recenzi různé aspekty: například, pokud hodnotíte videohry, můžete vytvořit aspekty „Grafika“, „Hraní“, „Příběh“, atd. a hlasovat pro každý z nich. Chcete-li vytvořit sadu, přejděte do „Nastavení“ -> „YASR: nastavení“ a klikněte na záložku „Vícepoložková hodnocení“. Chcete-li je pak vložit do příspěvku, stačí vložit zkrácený kód, který pro vás vytvoří YASR.

Demo stránka pro Vícepoložková hodnocení

Co je to „Pořadí hodnocení“?

Je to graf 10. nejlépe hodnocených položek podle recenzentů. Chcete-li jej vložit do příspěvku nebo stránky, stačí vložit tento zkrácený kód [yasr_ov_ranking]

Wht is „Users‘ ranking“ ?

Toto jsou dva grafy v jednom. Ve skutečnosti, tento graf ukazuje jak nejčastěji hodnocené příspěvky/stránky tak i nejlépe hodnocené příspěvky/stránky.
Aby se nějaká položka objevila v tomto grafu, musí být alespoň dvakrát hodnocena.
Vložte tento zkrácený kód tam, kde chcete aby se graf zobrazoval [yasr_most_or_highest_rated_posts]

Co je to „Nejaktivnější recenzenti“?

Pokud máte na vašem webu více než jednoho recenzenta, tento graf zobrazí 5 nejaktivnějších z nich. Zkrácený kód je [yasr_top_reviewers]

Co je to „Nejaktivnější uživatelé“?

Pokud návštěvník (přihlášený, nebo ne) hodnotí příspěvek/stránku, jeho hodnocení je uloženo do databáze. Tento graf zobrazí přihlašovací jméno – pokud byli přihlášeni nebo „Anonymous“ jestliže nebyli – 10. nejaktivnějších uživatelů. Zkrácený kód: [yasr_most_active_users]

Demo stránka pro Pořadí

Počkat, počkat! Je potřeba si pamatovat všechny tyto zkrácené kódy?

If you’re using the new Gutenberg editor, you don’t need at all: just use the blocks.
If, instead, you’re using the classic editor, in the visual tab just click the „Yasr Shortcode“ button above the editor

Does it work with caching plugins?

Since version 2.3.0 YASR works with every caching plugin available out there.
In the settings, just select „yes“ to „Load results with AJAX“.
YASR has been tested with:
* Wp Super Cache
* LiteSpeed Cache
* Wp Fastest Cache
* WP-Optimize
* Cache Enabler
* Hyper Cache
* Wp Rocket

Proč nevidím hvězdičky na Googlu?

Read here and find out how to set up rich snippets.
You can use the Structured Data Testing Tool to validate your pages.
Also read this google announcement.
If you set up everythings fine, in 99% of cases your stars will appear in a week.
If doesn’t, you should work on your seo reputation.


10. 2. 2021
Hello i use your plugin since years but since 1 year hae the problem at over 10 sites that when click rating it sets a cookie for non logged in and then they get Forbidden You do not have permission to access this document. so need deactivate your plugin also remove but at people that have clicked rating they can never come back because alway Forbidden You do not have permission to access this document. error when not remove cookie because your cookie is never expire 🙁 regards
25. 1. 2021
Quite nice for rating posts but pity the ratings don't appear on search results and archives pages.
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Přehled změn

Úplný seznam změn naleznete v adresáři pluginu. Nedávné příspěvky:


  • TWEAK: yasr_top_ten_highest_rated is now deprecated. yasr_ov_ranking will take its place
  • TWEAK: yasr_top_5_reviewers is now deprecated. yasr_top_reviewers will take its place
  • TWEAK: yasr_top_ten_active_users is now deprecated. yasr_most_active_users will take its place
  • FIX: yasr_visitor_votes didn’t work on CPT if AJAX is enabled and CPT is registred without _base parameter
  • FIX: Couldn’t add new element in MultiSet if only one is used
  • Updated freemius to version 2.4.2


  • FIX: Visitor rating broken if custom text is enabled. (thanks to @raulpopi)
  • FIX: In some themes (Twenty Twenty, Twenty One and most likely many others) if a post contains the tag, and
    stars next to the title is active, the excpert layout get broken


  • FIX: if load results with ajax is enabled, and for some reason an api call fails, span below the stars didn’t shows up
  • TWEAK: containerAfterStars method is now public


  • TWEAK: when a rating is saved, ajax answer returns an array instead of the html. This will no overwrite the actual text but just update it.
  • FIX: „0“ Showing up at the end of the titles in some circumstances.
  • Minor changes


  • FIX: wrong css style for rankings yasr_top_5_reviewers and yasr_top_ten_active_users


  • TWEAK: Rankings have been rewritten: now are build in REACT, this will allow much more flexibility


  • FIX: register_rest_route called incorrectly in Gutenberg
  • FIX: random js error into dashboard (thanks to @lwangaman)
  • TWEAK: On stars hover, cursor is now displayed an an hand
  • FIX: minor changes to support older versions


  • FIX: rich snippet’s attribute name returns the post_id instead of the title in some circumstances


  • FIX: yasr_visitor_multiset data didn’t save correctly if more than one were used in the same page.


  • FIX: in Yet Another Stars Rating: Stats -> Overall Rating only posts with rating > 0 are shown


  • NEW FEATURE: is now possible delete overall rating data in Yet Another Stars Rating -> Stats -> Overall Rating
  • FIXED: Schema title come with rating string if „Enable stars next to the title?“ is enabled
  • TWEAKED: all rankings functions has been rewritten to work with REST API. Documentation will come soon.
  • TWEAKED: a lot of minor changes.


  • TWEAKED: added new hooks: yasr_vv_shortcode, yasr_vv_ro_shortcode and yasr_overall_shortcode. These hooks can
    be used to customize the shortcodes.


  • TWEAKED: minor changes. Nothing to be excited about


  • FIXED: Removed unnecessary closing div for yasr_visitor_votes shortcode


  • Removed YasrSettings file from svn repo


  • NEW FEATURE: Added new fields for these itemTypes:


  • author
  • bookEdition
  • BookFormat
  • ISBN
  • numberOfPages


  • actor
  • director
  • Duration
  • dateCreated
  • TWEAKED: added hooks yasr_vv_saved_text and yasr_mv_saved_text to filter text showed after a rating is saved
  • TWEAKED: added hooks yasr_vv_txt_before and yasr_vv_text_after to filter text showed before or after the star ratings
  • TWEAKED: code cleanup in setting page
  • FIX: check cookie name to use hooks added in version 2.4.6
  • FIX: on fresh install, with php 7.4, a notice is returned

Additional Info

See credits.txt file