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Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

Display a list of related posts on your site based on a powerful unique algorithm.


  • Discontinuing the YARPP Pro service


  • Removed new file


  • Fix 'unable to update'


  • Don't allow new YARPP Pro signups
  • Discontinuing the YARPP Pro service as of 01/31/2017


  • Fix 'Undefined index' in YARPP_Cache.php (credit to Derrick Hammer/@pcfreak30)


  • Fix ksort error in YARPP_Cache.php (credit to Derrick Hammer/@pcfreak30)
  • Discontinuing the YARPP Pro service as of 12/31/2016


  • Tested on WordPress 4.4.
  • Fix $lang missing error in YARPP_Cache.php
  • Fix WP_Widget deprecation PHP error


  • Tested on WordPress 4.2.2.
  • Styling fix: User can now override all YARPP CSS styling


  • Bugfix: Missing internal version number update


  • Tested on WordPress 4.0.
  • Bugfix: Made logo image url in css scheme-less (fix http/https)


  • Tested on WordPress 3.9.1.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate related post links removed.
  • Bugfix: Removed extra <br> at the end of post content.


  • Bugfix: Resolved the issue related to "Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given".


  • Tested on WordPress 3.9.
  • YARPP Basic and YARPP Pro can now be used simultaneously, rather than being mutually exclusive.
  • Added a YARPP Pro option to the YARPP sidebar widget.
  • Enlarged "Display Options" panel textbox for increased usability.
  • Updated YARPP Pro script to allow for future enhancements.
  • Updated MyISAM check notice message to explain its impact on "Pages."
  • Added descriptive text to explain new enhancements.


  • Tested on WordPress 3.8.
  • Added field boxes with API Key information to Domain page.
  • MyISAM check notice message was updated to better express what it does and a feedback message was added in case the fulltext index creation fails.
  • Bugfix: MyISAM check overwrite was broken since 4.1.x release.
  • Bugfix: PHP title not defined warning when creating new cache entry.
  • Bugfix: Uninstall script now deletes options with empty, false or 0 values.
  • Bugfix: Scrollbar functionality on YARPP Pro Domain Settings page.


  • Bugfix: Incompatibility with PHP < 5.3.x


  • Added optional YARPP Pro enhancements:
    • Revenue-generating ad content interspersed with related posts display
    • Detailed reports for Clicks, Click-Through Rate, and Revenue
    • Ability to display related content from multiple domains
    • UI settings for related content display, including thumbnail size and layout
    • Refined "relatedness" algorithm is now independent of MyISAM or InnoDB engines
    • "Relatedness" is calculated and stored externally, minimizing server load
  • Based on user feedback, the "Screen Options" section displays all YARPP options panels by default.


  • The recent 4.0.7 YARPP update included a settings modification to opt in users to our tracking pixel by default. By doing so, our intent was to use this expanded information to better understand the geographic reach of the popular plugin. We have been made aware that this change infringed upon the WordPress guidelines. We apologize for the issue and have remedied the situation in update 4.0.8. Going forward, we would really appreciate your input to help us continue to improve the product. We are primarily looking for country, domain, and date installed information. Please help us make YARPP better by opting in to this information and by filling out our quick, 5 question survey. Thank you.


  • Bugfix: Now more robust against certain custom options.
  • Updated plugin de-activate/delete functionality to drop all tables. Prior to fix some legacy tables remained which required manual deletion in wp_options from phpmyadmin.
  • Updated FAQs section.
  • Update to YARPP's data collection terms and conditions.
  • Added Macedonian (mk_MK) localization by [WPdiscounts] (http://wpdiscounts.com).


  • YARPP's automatic display will not run on posts which include the HTML comment <!--noyarpp--> by request.
  • More robust activation handling, particularly when network-activated.
  • Improved handling of exceptions, for example when fulltext indexes cannot be created or non-MyISAM tables are used.
  • YARPP no longer triggers the generation of YARPP-thumbnail-sized images (120x120) when YARPP thumbnails are not used.
    • If you are using YARPP programmatically and using the thumbnails view and having troubles with YARPP's thumbnail size being registered, a manual control to force image size registration has been added to the YARPP Experiments plugin.
  • Bugfix: calls to yarpp_related_exist() type functions were causing errors.
  • Bundled yarpp-template-wpml.php is now called yarpp-template-multilingual.php, following discussion with the author of the Polylang plugin.
  • Localizations


  • Bugfix: Some upgrade code would try to access the global $yarpp before it was properly initialized
  • Added experimental graph data method to the YARPP table cache class


  • Bugfix: 4.0.3 broke some paginated post displays
  • Bugfix: custom post type support was not working properly in widget displays
  • Bugfix: widget control JS was not working right when first adding a widget
  • Added ability to set widget-specific heading for the thumbnails view, by request
  • Added the filter yarpp_results
  • Localizations:
    • Updated French localization and stopword list
    • Added Slovenian (sl_SI) localization by Silvo Katalenić
  • Bugfix: forces the DB Cache Reloaded (Fix) plugins to flush when necessary


  • Bugfix: on sites where custom templates are not available, the "thumbnails" display option would get reset when visiting the YARPP settings page
  • Bugfix: the CSS for YARPP's thumbnails display would load at the foot of the page, and therefore would cause some style-flashing. This is fixed for automatic includes, but not for widgets or manual calls.
  • Restoration of the $post global after YARPP is now more robust. Fixes the display of incorrect metadata on some complex themes.
  • YARPP template files no longer recognize Template Name fields in their headers, instead using YARPP Template. This is to avoid confusion with regular page templates.
  • Added "Related Posts" meta box to other "auto display" post types
  • Updated Polish localization


  • Bugfix: cache should be cleared when the "show only previous posts?" option is changed
  • Bugfix: In the thumbnail display, sometimes the default image was not displayed, even though no post thumbnail was available.
  • Localization updates
    • Updated Polish, Japanese, Hebrew localizations
    • Better right-to-left layout support


  • Improvements to thumbnail handling
    • See new FAQ entry for practical details
    • Thumbnail size can be specified programmatically (see FAQ)
    • YARPP now registers its thumbnail size properly as yarpp-thumbnail
    • Fixed a typo and simplified an item in the dynamic styles-thumbnails.php styles
    • Code to generate thumbnails of appropriate size on the fly has been added, but is turned off by default for performance reasons (see FAQ)
  • Bugfix: a class of yarpp-related- with a stray hyphen was sometimes being produced. Now fixed so it produces yarpp-related.
  • Bugfix: term_relationships table was being joined when unnecessary
  • Bugfix: widget options would not display if custom templates were not available
  • Bugfix: some transients expired too soon if object caching was used
  • The yarpp_map_post_types filter now also applies to feeds and takes an extra argument to know whether the context is website or rss.


  • New thumbnail template option!
    • No PHP required—just visit the settings page
    • Edit your theme's CSS file to modify the styling
  • Auto display settings changes:
    • Easily choose which post types you want related posts to display on
    • Added an "also display in archives" option
  • Bugfix: uses of related_posts_exist() and get_related() without explicit reference ID parameter would incorrectly return no related posts.
  • Changes to the output HTML:
    • All YARPP output is now wrapped in a div with class yarpp-related, yarpp-related-widget, or yarpp-related-rss as appropriate (by request). If there are no results, a yarpp-related-none class is added.
    • The "related posts brought to you by YARPP" text is only added if there were results.
  • Refinements to settings UI:
    • A new design for the template chooser
    • Example code display is now hidden by default; turn them back on from the "screen options" tab.
    • A new "copy templates" button allows one-button installation of bundled templates into the current theme, if filesystem permissions make it possible.
    • Header information in YARPP custom templates are now displayed to users in the settings UI. Available fields are YARPP Template, Description, Author, Author URI, in the same format as plugin and theme file headers. See bundled templates for examples.
  • Code cleanup:
    • Settings screen UI have been rewritten to use divs rather than tables!
    • Inline help in settings screen now use WordPress pointers
    • Removed keyword cache table, as it does not ctually improve performance much and the overhead of an additional table is not worth it.
  • Default option changes:
    • Default result count is now 4
    • Default match threshold is now 4
    • Default for "before related entries" heading uses h3 instead of p
  • Added yarpp_map_post_types filter to programmatically specify what post types should be looked at for automatic displays
  • Added option to send YARPP setting and usage information back to YARPP (off by default). This information will be used to make more informed decisions about future YARPP development. More info available in the settings.


  • Typo fix for postmeta cache
  • Added Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, zh_TW) localization by Pseric


  • Quick bugfix for how admin screen code was loaded in in WordPress < 3.3.


  • New Help tab, which displays help text from the readme.
  • Retina icons! Now served faster, in sprite form.
  • Added Croatian (hr) localization by gocroatia.com
  • Cleanup:
    • Bugfix: stopwords would not be loaded if WPLANG is defined but blank.
    • Added new stats method to YARPP_Cache_* objects.
    • Load meta boxes on screen_option hook. Improves performance on admin pages.
    • Changed default option of "show only previous posts" to false and removed FAQ text, as it no longer improves performance much.


  • Bugfix: Fixed a common cause of "no related posts"!
  • Better post revision handling
  • Bugfix: setup wasn't automatic for network activations.
  • Code cleanup:
    • Bugfix: tables should be created using WordPress charset settings
    • YARPP_Cache_*::update methods are now protected
    • Simplified some post status transition handling
    • Ensure that delete_post hook receives relevant post ID information
    • Various functions now refer to the enforce method which will activate if it's a new install, or else upgrade if necessary. (Part of the fix for the network activation above.)


  • Bugfix: fix an unfortunate typo which caused "no related posts" on many environments with non-MyISAM tables
  • Fixed a bug where related posts would not be recomputed on post update, on environments using the table YARPP cache method and a persistent object caching system, like W3 Total Cache or memcached
  • Bugfix: reference to get_post_types() failed in ajax display
  • Fixed a bug where some RSS display options were not being obeyed
  • Fixed a bug where the "automatic display" was being displayed on some custom post types without any control.
  • Localizations:
  • Clarified readme to require WordPress 3.1
  • Code cleanup:
    • PHP 5.3+: replaced an instance of ereg_replace
    • Removed warning on settings save
    • Sometimes a warning was printed on upgrade from YARPP < 3.4.4
    • Fixed PHP warning when no taxonomies are considered
    • No longer using clear_pre function which has been deprecated since WordPress 3.4.


  • Bugfix: change $yarpp->get_post_types() to return array of names by default
  • Ensure that all supported post types are used when "display results from all post types" is set


  • New public YARPP query API, which supports custom post types
    • Documentation in the "other notes" section of the readme
    • Changed format of weight, template, recent parameters in options and in optional args
  • Further main query optimization:
    • What's cooler than joining four tables? Joining two.
    • Exclude now simply uses term_taxonomy_ids instead of term_ids
  • Bugfix: "related posts" preview metabox was not always working properly
  • Changes to the related_*() and yarpp_related() function signatures.
  • Added "consider with extra weight" to taxonomy criteria as well
  • Code cleanup:
    • Don't clear the cache when it's already empty
    • protect the sql method as it shouldn't be public
    • Further use of utility functions from 3.1 like wp_list_pluck()
    • New constant, YARPP_EXTRA_WEIGHT to define the "extra weight." By default, it's 3.
  • Localizations:
    • Added Slovak (sk_SK) localization by Forex
    • Added Romanian (ro_RO) localization by Uhren Shop
    • Updated it_IT, ko_KR, fr_FR, sv_SE, ja localizations


  • Bugfix: keywords were not getting cleared on post update, meaning new posts (which start blank) were not getting useful title + body keyword matches. This often resulted in "no related posts" for new posts.
  • Postmeta cache: make sure to clear keyword cache on flush too
  • Make welcome pointer more robust
  • More custom post type support infrastructure
  • Updated Turkish localization by Barış Ünver.


  • Bugfix: 3.4 and 3.4.1 assumed existence of wp_posts table.
  • Fix typo in yarpp-template-random.php example template file
  • Improve compatibility with DB Cache Reloaded plugin which doesn't properly implement set_charset method.


  • Bugfix: restore global $post access to custom templates
  • Bugfix for missing join_filter on bypass cache
  • Bugfixes to query changes:
    • Bugfix: Shared taxonomy terms were not counted correctly
    • Bugfix: exclusion was not working
  • Bugfix: "disallow" terms were not being displayed for custom taxonomies.
  • Add defaults for the post_type arg
  • Strengthen default post ID values for related_* functions
  • Added nonce to cache flushing. If you would like to manually flush the cache now, you must use the YARPP Experiments plugin.
  • Updated sv_SE, ko_KR, fr_FR localizations


  • Major optimizations to the main related posts query, in particular with regard to taxonomy lookups
    • Performance improvements on pages with "no related posts"
  • Now can consider custom taxonomies (of posts and pages), in addition to tags and cateogories! Custom taxonomies can also be used to exclude certain content from The Pool.
  • Add welcome message, inviting users to check out the settings page
  • Bug fix: Custom templates could not be used in widget display
  • Significant code cleanup
    • Move many internal functions into a global object $yarpp of class YARPP; references to the global $yarpp_cache should now be to global $yarpp->cache
    • Created the "bypass" cache engine which is used when custom arguments are specified.
      • Switch to bypass cache for demos
    • Now only clears cache on post update, and only computes results for actual posts, not revisions (thanks to Andrei Mikhaylov)
    • Removed the many different options entries, replacing them with a single yarpp option (except yarpp_version)
    • Fixed issues with display options field data escaping and slashing once and for all
    • Streamlined keyword storage in YARPP_Cache_Postmeta
    • Create YARPP_Cache abstract class
    • Updated minor bug for computing how many results should be cached
    • Adding some filters: yarpp_settings_save, yarpp_blacklist, yarpp_blackmethods, yarpp_keywords_overused_words, yarpp_title_keywords, yarpp_body_keywords, yarpp_extract_keywords
    • New systematic use of YARPP_ constants to communicate cache status
    • Use get_terms to load terms
  • Get lazy and embrace asynchronicity:
    • Implement lazy/infinite scrolling for the "disallow tags" and "disallow categories," so the YARPP settings screen doesn't lock up the browser for sites which have a crazy number or tags or categories
    • Don't compute related posts for the metabox on the edit screen; display them via ajax instead
    • Only clear cache on post save, not recompute
  • Added yarpp_get_related() function can be used similar to get_posts()
  • Support for YARPP Experiments.
  • Fix formatting of the Related Posts meta box
  • Localizations


  • Bug fix: a fix for keyword computation for pages; should improve results on pages. May require flushing of cache: see FAQ for instructions.
  • Init YARPP on the init action, for compatibility with WPML
  • Updated Polish, Italian, and Japanese localizations; added Dutch stopwords by Paul Kessels
  • Code cleanup:
    • Minor speedup to unnecessarily slow i18n code
    • Fixed fatal error in postmeta keyword caching code
    • Fewer globs
    • Bug fix: ignore empty blog_charsets


  • Bugfix: removed an unlocalized string
  • Bugfix for users of WordPress 3.0.x.



  • Pretty major rewrite to the options page for extensibility and screen options support
    • By default, the options screen now only show the display options. "The Pool" and "Relatedness" options can be shown in the screen options tab in the top right corner of the screen.
    • Removed the "reset options" button, because it wasn't actually doing anything.
  • Rebuilt the new version notice to actually have a link which triggers the WordPress plugin updater, at least for new full versions
  • Changed default "relatedness" settings to not consider categories, to improve performance
  • Added BlogGlue partnership module
  • Localizations
    • Quick fix to Czech word list file name
    • Updated Italian localization (it_IT)
    • Added Hungarian (hu_HU) by daSSad
    • Added Kazakh (kk_KZ) by DachaDecor
    • Added Irish (gb_IR) by Ray Gren


  • Now ignores soft hyphens in keyword construction
  • Minor fix for "cross-relate posts and pages" option and more accurate related_*() results across post types
  • Localization updates:
    • Updated de_DE German localization files
    • Fixed an encoding issue in the pt_PT Portuguese localization files
    • Added es_ES Spanish localization by Rene of WordPress Webshop
    • Added ge_KA Georgian by Kasia Ciszewski of Find My Hosting
    • Added Czech (cs_CZ) overused words list by berniecz



  • Better caching performance:
    • Previously, the cache would never actually build up properly. This is now fixed. Thanks to Artefact for pointing this out.
    • The appropriate caches are cleared after posts are deleted (#1245).
    • Caching is no longer performed while batch-importing posts.
  • A new object-based abstraction for the caching system. YARPP by default uses custom database tables (same behavior as 3.1.x), but you now have an option to use the postmeta table instead. To use postmeta caching, add define('YARPP_CACHE_TYPE', 'postmeta'); to your wp-config.php file.
  • Localizations:
  • Added WordPress HelpCenter widget for quick access to professional support.
  • Some code cleanup (bug #1246)
  • No longer supporting WordPress versions before 3.0, not because I suddenly started using something that requires 3.0, but in order to simplify testing.


  • Added Standard Arabic localization (ar) by led
  • The Related Posts Widget now can also use custom templates. (#1143)
  • Fixed a conflict with the Magazine Premium theme
  • Fixes a WordPress warning of "unexpected output" on plugin installation.
  • Fixes a PHP warning message regarding array_key.
  • Fixed a strict WordPress warning about capabilities.
  • Bugfix: widget now obeys cross-relate posts and pages option
  • For WPMU + Multisite users, reverted 3.1.8's get_site_options to get_options, so that individual site options can be maintained.


  • Added Turkish localization (tr_TR)
  • Bugfix: related pages and "cross-relate posts and pages" functionality is now working again.
  • Some bare minimum changes for Multisite (WPMU) support.
  • Reimplemented the old "show only previous posts" option. May improve performance for sites with frequent new posts, as there is then no longer a need to recompute the previous posts' related posts set, as it cannot include the new post anyway.
  • Minor bugfix to threshold limiting.
  • Minor fix which may help reduce strip_tags() errors.
  • Updated FAQ.
  • Code cleanup.


  • Added Egyptian Arabic localization (ar_EG)
  • Changed default option for automatic display of related posts in feeds to OFF. May improve performance for new users who use the default settings.
  • "Use template" options are now disabled when templates are not found. Other minor tweaks to options screen.
  • 3.1.7 has been lightly tested with WP 3.0. Multisite (WPMU) compatibility has not been tested yet.


  • Added Latvian localization (lv_LV)
  • Added a template which displays post thumbnails; requires WordPress 2.9 and a theme which has post thumbnail support


  • Quick bugfix to new widget template (removed extra quote).






  • New snazzy options screen
  • Smarter, less confusing caching
    • No more manual caching option—"on the fly" caching is always on now.
  • Bugfix: fixed related pages functionality
  • Bugfix: an issue with options saving
  • Bugfix: a slash escaping bug
  • Minor fixes:
    • Fixed yarpp_settings_link dependency when disabled.
    • Breaks (<br />) are now stripped out of titles.
    • Added plugin incompatibility info for Pagebar.
    • Faster post saving.


  • Quick immediate bugfix to 3.0.12


  • Yet another DISQUS note... sigh.
  • Changed default markup to be make the output validate better.
  • Reformatted the version log in readme.txt
  • Added a Settings link to the plugins page
  • Some initial WPML support:
    • Tweaked a SQL query so that it was WPML compatible
    • Added YARPP template to be used with WPML
  • Added Hebrew localization


  • Quick fix for compare_version code.


  • Added Ukrainian localization
  • Incorporated a quick update for the widget display thanks to doodlebee.
  • Now properly uses compare_version in lieu of old hacky versioning.


  • Added Uzbek, Greek, Cypriot Greek, and Vietnamese localizations
  • Further bugfixes for the pagination issue



  • Bugfix: additional bugfix for widgets.
  • Reinstating excerpt length by number of words (was switched to letters in 3.0.6 without accompanying documentation)
  • Localizations:
    • Updated Italian
    • Added Belarussian by Fat Cow
  • Confirmed compatibility with 2.8.1


Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Poslední aktualizace: 3 týdny ago
Aktivní instalace: 300,000+


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