Local Business Schema Lite


Local Business Schema Lite by WP-Speed

JSON-LD Local Business Schema

Features Available:
1. Business Name
2. Street Address
3. Image
4. City
5. State
6. Postal Code
7. Phone
8. URL

Add Local Business Schema on your Website and Boost Your Local SEO.
Easy and Effective !

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Snímky obrazovky

  • Settings Page
  • Source Code
  • Structured Data Testing Tool


  1. Go to Plugins Page
  2. Add New
  3. Search „Local Business Schema by WP-Speed“
  4. Install & Activate
  5. Navigate to WP Speed LBS Tab in your admin menu and configure the plugin.
  6. Ready to go !

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Because Google recommends using JSON-LD for structured data whenever possible.


30. 12. 2018
Couldn't have been easier. Would have been even better if you could add a snippet based on a blog/post author id. Will look forward to any updates these guys make to this gem of a plugin. Thank you.
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Local Business Schema Lite je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Tested with WP 5.5.1


  • Tested with WP 4.9.5


  • First Release