WP smart CRM & Invoices FREE


WP smart CRM & invoices FREE covers lots of „office management features“.

CRM management:

  • Customers archive grid
  • „CRM agent“ custom role
  • Todo and appointments scheduler
  • Annotation timeline
  • TODO / appointment Status update
  • Notification system ( email and dashboard )
  • Notification to single user(s)
  • Notification to specific WP role(s)
  • Custom notification rules
  • Successive notification steps ( for mid/long term expiring services )
  • Customers CSV import


  • Dynamic creation of invoices/quotation with multi-line products
  • Invoices/quotation creation in .pdf format
  • Download PDF and save on the server
  • Custom LOGO
  • Custom header elements alignment in pdf template
  • Configurable payment expiring dates
  • Notification at payment expiration
  • Internal comments and annotation
  • Custom canvas signature in quotation ( touch compatible )
  • Invoices registration
  • Custom numbering start value ( you can start to use it at any point of the year giving a starting number different from 1, conforming to your fiscal accounting )

All the records in grids are powered with filtering/grouping/sorting functions for a quick usage.

All the grids information are visually enhanced with icon/colors to always guarantee a quick overview

Official site and support : WP Smart CRM free plugin


Upgrade to PRO version

  • Full page layout
  • Avanced Scheduler con drag & drop + clone & copy
  • Custom datasets for contacts (i.e. customers, suppliers, partners…)
  • Custom fields
  • File uploads for contacts
  • Sending of emails with attachments
  • Contacts import from other plugins (i.e. woocommerce)
  • Multipage invoice pdf
  • And much more!

Try our DEMO
User: demo
Pwd: demowpsmartcrm

Current supported currencies in PRO version: EUR, USD, GPB, AUD, CHF, BRL, INR, CNY, JPY

Not in the list? we can add any international currency on demand…just ask!

The plugin has been designed conforming to the Italian fiscal rules but we’re open to feedbacks to address specific country-based issues in EU, USA and ASIA.
NOTE: the italian fiscal law system is worldwide recognized as (probably) the most tricky and confused..so it will an easy task to adapt it to any system, just ask !

If you want to send us feedback use the support forum, if you want to partecipate to its translation in more languages you can use the translation project of the plugin here on the WP repository

Snímky obrazovky

  • The agenda view with appointments and todo having different styles based on status ( to do, done, canceled)
  • The Customer form with all the information and quick todo and summary of activities and related documents
  • The document list grouped by type ( invoices / quotation )
  • The pdf document that can be downloaded and saved on the server for future browsing
  • The "notification rules" screeen by which you can create a set of notifications step to apply to a rule
  • The "online help" popup that contains information for every screen you're currently in


  1. Upload wp-smartcrm-invoices.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or go to Plugins->add new ->search for wp smart CRM-> click on install

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress

  3. Some basic configuration are needed upon activation, follow the help to configure your business data


15. 9. 2018
Ottimo il Plugin, fa il suo dovere ed è semplice da configurare ed utilizzare. Ho avuto la necessità di contattare il supporto per un problema ed è stato risolto egregiamente in un'oretta. Quindi 5 stelle anche al supporto tecnico.
31. 1. 2018
Mi serviva un plugin per sviluppare un sito con CRM integrato per imparare e questo a mio avviso è eccezionale. Unico difetto, non trovo la fattura nella libreria media di WP. Sicuramente sbaglio io qualcosa. Grandi ragazzi!
7. 11. 2017
Consigliatissimo, anche in versione free, per gestire fatture e preventivi, tenendo traccia di invii, pagamenti e permette di tenere sott'occhio le cose da fare, tutto in un unico gestionale sempre online. Efficace
22. 8. 2017
Salve, metto una stella solo per avere la vostra attenzione. Il plugin mi sembra veramente ben fatto, ma mi ha funzionato solo per una giornata. Ho salvato alcuni clienti (3 per la precisione), il giorno successivo ho provato a salvare un altro cliente, ma ogni volta che faccio salva, mi esce "anagrafica salvata", si aggiorna la pagina e mi ritorna alla pagina per inserire un nuovo cliente. Attendo un aggiornamento che risolva il problema. Ho provato a reinstallare tutto da capo anche togliendo le schede all'interno del database. Grazie per quello che fate in attesa di aggiornamenti
24. 6. 2017
Se avesse alcune migliorie sarebbe eccezionale, alcune cose mancano, es. il todo calendarizzato per una certa data non può essere posticipato ma deve essere sempre ricreato d'accapo ecc. Nel complesso ottimo tool considerando poi che è gratuito.
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Přehled změn


* updated translation files


* Removed document numbering options for invoices and quotes (unnecessary)


* Bugfix italian translation string causing javascript issue


* Feature: now it’s possibile to change quotation number in quotation form
* Minor bugfixes


  • Bufix input fields length in form invoice and form quotation


  • Debug notice removed


  • Replaced example import file


  • Added agent field and annotations field in customers import
  • Improved customers import


  • Improved payment conditions and annotations in printable version
  • Added link to online documentation


  • WP 4.9.8 compatibility
  • Bugfix in total document row when amount has decimals


  • WP 4.9.6 compatibility
  • Small bugfixes


  • Bugfix in quotations printable version for some calculations
  • Improved printable version layout for documents


  • Bugfix in discount calculation in document printable version
  • Bugfix in link of generated document after download from printable version
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Bugfix in totals calculation in documents


  • Quantity with decimals in documents


  • Added time in annotations and improved timeline
  • Improvements in scheduler list
  • Improved input of numbers in documents
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Bugfix on invoice automatic numbering in particular situations
  • Added translaion in French


  • Minor bugfix on setup


  • Added missing traslations
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Improved import customers from csv file, which failed with special characters


  • Bugfix on saving of todo/appointment in some cases


  • Feature: columns „code“ and „discount“ not showing in print document if they are empty
  • Minor bugfixes


  • bug fixed in customer when saving country
  • translation strings modified


  • bug fixed in customer import


  • bug fixed saving customer missing control


  • Improved localization procedure according to standard WP
  • Ajax save documents


  • Bug fixed php notices


  • Bug fixed missing class upgrade from 1.5.09


  • Added compatibility with thenewsletterplugin with record bulk import
  • Improved timeline log view for customer


  • Bug fixed db upgrade from 1.5.08


  • Added support for BRL, CNY, JPY, INR currencies and date format
  • Bug fixed document custom numbering
  • Added categories , interests and origins in CSV import + all missing fields


  • Bug fixed saving customer with some general options selected


  • Bug fixed customer form php open tags


  • Bug fixed error on activation for PHP < 5.3


  • CSS improvement in document printable version with some options added
  • Usability improved in customer edit/insert
  • Bug fixed in TODO status update


  • Bug fixed in category update at setup


  • Bug fixed product description in invoices and quotes not saving correctly


  • Minor bug fix unespected output in send mail via cron


  • UI improvement in grids: create TODO, appointments and activities directly from customers grid
  • Implemented better taxonomies and terms management for customers
  • Implemented split Invoices / Quotes in separate grids


  • Implemented: automatic reset for progressive numbering of invoices and quotes at new year change


  • Bug fixed utf8 encoding in customer address field
  • Featured added: Greek culture support for js widgets ( calendar, datepicker)


  • Bug fixed in todo and appointments creations for GERMAN language
  • Featured added: send instant notification at todo / appointments creation


  • Minor Bug fixed in todo and appointments notification scheduled time


  • Feature added: Quick toggle invoices payment status (paid/unpaid) from document grid
  • Bug fixed at setup for some mysql configuration
  • Bug fixed: PDF documents export not working


  • Feature added: Date range selection improved in todo and document grids


  • Fixed: Customer selection in appointment/todo creation


  • Fixed: import csv not working properly
  • Fixed: missing csv example file


  • Fixed: CRM-Agents can only manage their customers and their customers‘ documents
  • Optionally possible to choose whether to print totals in quotes or not
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Feature added: csv customers import
  • Added link to CRM important sections in the main WP admin menu


  • bug fixed for currencies and date format




  • First version