WP Prayer


Prayer request application that allows users to submit requests, or pray for existing requests. All requests can be moderated from the admin section.
Every time a request is submitted, prayer requester will receive an email detailing the prayer they submitted.

Live WP Prayer

View our working version of WP Prayer, post a prayer request or pray for others here: Request Prayer


  • List of prayer requests with details at administrator area.
  • Email notifications to users and administrator when request is made.
  • Easy management of content used in email notification.
  • Dynamic Thank you page content with editable content at administrator area.
  • Spam prevention on prayer request form
  • Captcha on prayer request form

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Support and Requests

We respond to all support requests sent from our WP Prayer contact form:

Snímky obrazovky

  • Settings page

  • Email Settings page

  • Prayer Request

  • Manage Prayers page


  1. Upload ‚WP Payer‘ folder to the ‚/wp-content/plugins/‘ directory or use the ‚Add New‘ option under the ‚Plugins‘ menu in your WordPress backend and ‚Upload‘ ‚WP Prayer.zip‘.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress.

  3. Configure settings for WP Prayer in the WordPress dashboard by clicking on the ‚WP Prayer‘ option in your WordPress backend.

  4. Enter the appropriate information into the form fields on the ‚WP Prayer Settings‘ page.

  5. Make sure the appropriate shortcodes are placed on the appropriate pages.

  6. Paste shortcodes accordingly:

  • Paste this shortcode into the page you would like to use to display your prayer listings: [wp-prayer-engine]

  • Paste this shortcode into the page you would like to use to display your praise listings: [wp-prayer-praise]

  • Paste this shortcode into the page you would like to use to display your submission form for prayer request and praise report: [wp-prayer-engine form]

  • Paste this shortcode into the page you would like to use to display your submission form for prayer request: [wp-prayer-engine form type=prayer]

  • Paste this shortcode into the page you would like to use to display your submission form for praise report: [wp-prayer-engine form type=praise]

  1. Have fun using this plugin and if you have any questions, requests, or positive feedback, we would love to hear from you Contact

Časté dotazy

How does Spam/DDoS prevention and detection system work?

Spam/DDoS prevention and detection system prevents DDoS attacks on prayer request form by blocking the frequent requests from one or several IP addresses. If the maximum number of requests from related IP addresses exceeds a certain time interval, then excessive requests are blocked. Spam bots usually submit the info immediately after the page has been loaded, this happens because spam bots do not actually fill the web form, they just send $_POST data to the blog. The normal visitor sends the data after several seconds or minutes. When the prayer request is posted, if the timestamps are missing or if the user did not spend enough time on the page, the prayer request will be blocked.

How does spam prevention (aka honeypot technique) method work?

The spam prevention is based on fact that almost all the bots will fill inputs with name ‚email‘ or ‚url‘. Extra hidden field is added to prayer request form. This field is hidden for the user and user will not fill it. But this field is visible for the spammer. If the spammer will fill this trap-field with anything – the prayer request will be blocked because it is spam. This blocks automatic spam messages (sent by spam-bots via post requests). This does not block manual spam (submitted by spammers manually via browser).

If mails are going in spam.

To avoid your email being marked as spam, it is highly recommended that your domain name in ‚From Email‘ must match with your website, i.e. if your website is example.com then your email must hosted on @example.com.

Why does the From address still show as the default or show up as ‚sent on behalf of‘ the default address?

Possibly your mail server has added a Sender: header or is configured to always set the envelope sender to the user calling it.

Why are emails not being sent?

Some hosts may refuse to relay mail from an unknown domain. See https://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/5007 for more details.

Captcha does not appear on website.

When logged in to WordPress, captcha does not show on website. Log out from WordPress to see the captcha.


5. 7. 2019
Its exactly what I was looking for! Am using WordPress vers 5.1.1 and it installed and worked without a glitch. Only thing i did was change the color of the "Pray" button with CSS to suit the site. Thanks for sharing this awesome plugin and your talent. God bless! 🙂
13. 9. 2017
This works extremely well when it actually works. I receive the emails for the prayer requests but it stopped showing up on the back end so I can review, approve and post the prayer request on my website. This happened once before and it was fixed. It stopped working again. Also receiving too much Spam emails through this plugin.
9. 4. 2017
plugin works but there is major issue with it's purpose conflicting with how it works (most prayers that get submitted would usually be prayed over more than once by same people on different days ... this is normal function of a prayer ministry) This plug-in checks IP addy of visitor and blocks them from praying again if they have already visited from that IP (logging it is great, blocking it is bad). I have contacted this support team three times and gotten no response, posted on support forum (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/repeat-prayers-not-allowed/)and gotten no suggestions. Suggest this "blocking" be resolved so it can be the effective tool it was supposed to be.
2. 4. 2017
Hi- My client is looking for a sortable prayer wall based on category. Is this something that can be done, or something that can be put on the roadmap for future implementation? Thanks!
3. 3. 2017
This plugin worked great and I like the captcha feature & monitoring. However, it does not appear that email notifications work when someone clicks "pray" (the confirmation and approval emails worked though)
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Přehled změn


  • Update description and make plugin translatable


  • Rename text domain, PO and MO language translation files to wp-prayer


  • Fixed prayer submission may not showing in back office


  • Added option to change prayer submit/pray font/button colour


  • Added ip address of user prayer submission to Manage Prayers


  • Replace Google reCaptcha v2 checkbox with invisible reCaptcha v3. Record the ip address of user prayer submission


  • Added terms and condition acceptance tick box to form. Added option to limit number of characters entered in the text message box. Updated the country codes.


  • Fixed: notification of email comfirmation to user


  • Updated: Compatible to last version WordPress


  • Replace current captcha with google reCAPTCHA v2


  • Updated: Compatible to last version WordPress


  • Fixed: Internal execution error on previous update 1.3.4


  • Fixed: Duplicate submissions on prayer request form on some installations


  • Added: Export listing of prayer request between specific period to PDF\CSV file


  • Modified: Visitor can click on pray button multiple times per IP address


  • Updated: Compatible to last version WordPress


  • Fixed: Option to change prayer request status approved/pending was not working on update 1.2.9


  • Added: Allow comments on prayer requests.


  • Modified to show prayers and praises in local time instead of UTC time.


  • Added: Option to enable Spam/DDoS prevention and detection system on prayer request form. See FAQ for more details.


  • Removed: Last name on prayer request form due to submission issue on some installations.


  • Added: Option to enable spam prevention on prayer request form. See FAQ for more details.


  • Added: Option to select country and select category on prayer request form.


  • Renamed the Name field to First name and added Last name field to prayer request form.


  • Added: Option to hide captcha.


  • Added: Option to display prayer requests for last 14 days.


  • Added: Option to modify the From email address in email settings. See FAQ for more details.


  • Added: Option to customized admin email message notification of new prayer requests.


  • Added: Option to add CC admin email multiple addresses to receive notification of new prayer requests.


  • Added: Option to change admin email to receive notification of new prayer requests. Added option to change the From name in email settings.


  • Modified CSS files to make plugin responsive.


  • Modified shortcode [wp-prayer-engine form type=prayer] [wp-prayer-engine form type=praise] to display correct title.


  • Fixed on some wordpress installations not sending admin email notification.


  • Modified shortcode to display line break or new line in prayer request listing / praise reports.


  • Added: Display prayer count on the admin page Manage Prayers. Added: Parameter to [wp-prayer-engine form] to change the default request type to either Prayer Request or Praise Report [wp-prayer-engine form type=prayer] [wp-prayer-engine form type=praise].


  • Added: Option to display user name on prayer request listing.


  • Split the settings and email settings table files to improve performance. Note that email messages are reset to default.


  • Modified frontend framework to position different elements in versatile fashion.


  • Added: Option to modify the email confirmation message.


  • Modified CSS to keep information in the proper display format.


  • Added: Option in Settings to hide „I Prayed for You“ button.


  • Added: Option in Settings to default new prayer requests to status pending for approval before display live online.


  • WP Prayer advanced features and release.