WP Photo Album Plus


This plugin is more than just a photo album plugin, it is a complete, highly customizable multimedia content management and display system.


  • Any number of albums that contain any type of multimedia file as well as sub albums
  • Full control over the display sizes, responsive as well as static
  • Full control over links from any type of image
  • Full control over metadata: exif, iptc can be used by keywords in item descriptions
  • Up to 10 custom defined meta data fields, for albums and for media items
  • Front-end uploads
  • Bulk imports
  • Built-in lightbox overlay system
  • Built-in Google Maps to display maps based on the photo gpx exif data
  • Built-in search functions on a.o. keywords and tags
  • A customizable rating system
  • Commenting system
  • Moderate user uploads and comments
  • Configurable email notification system
  • 20 widgets a.o. upload, slideshow, photo of the day, top rated and commented items and many more
  • Supports Cloudinary cloud storage service
  • Supports Fotomoto print service
  • Required maintenace is fully executed by background processes (cron jobs)
  • Extended error/event logging system
  • Extended documentation site: https://wppa.nl/

Plugin Admin Features:

Administrační sekci pluginu naleznete v nabídce Fotoalba na administrátorské obrazovce.

  • Albums: Create and manage Albums.
  • Upload: To upload photos to an album you created.
  • Import: To bulk import items to an album that are previously been ftp’d.
  • Moderate: Change status of pending
  • Export: To export albums
  • Nastavení: Definice rozličných nastavení pro přizpůsobení vašim potřebám.
  • photo of the day widget settings
  • Help & Info: Credits and link to the documentation site


Privacy Policy

  • When you leave a comment on a photo or other media item on this site, we send your name, email address, IP address and comment text to the server.
  • When you enter a rating on a photo or other media item on this site, we send your (login)name or IP address and your rating to the server.
  • When you upload a photo or other media item on this site, we send your name to the server.
  • If the photo contains EXIF or IPTC data, this data may – dependant of the configuration – be saved on the server.
  • If the photo contains GPX location data, this data will be saved on the server.
  • If visit the site, the pages you visit, the photos you watch and your IP address will be saved on the server for statistical purposes in your session information. This information will be anonimized after one hour and removed after 24 hours.

O nás & kredity

  • WP Photo Album Plus je rozšířeno o mnohé nové funkce a za jeho vývoj a údržbu vděčíme J.N. Breetveltovi, ( http://www.opajaap.nl/ ) alias OpaJaap
  • Díky R.J. Kaplanovi za WP Photo Album 1.5.1, základ tohoto pluginu.


WP Photo album je uvolněno pod GNU GPL licencí.
( http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html )

Snímky obrazovky

  • Typical display of album covers
  • Typical display of thumbnails as seen by the owner of the photos and the administrator
  • Upper part of a slideshow
  • Lower part of a slideshow, including filmstrip, rating and comment sections and exif data. all included optional features
  • Album admin: the table of albums
  • Album admin: the album specifications edit screen
  • Album admin: edit photo information screen
  • Bulk edit photo information screen
  • Photo sequence editor screen
  • Comment admin and moderation screen
  • Photo of the day configuration screen
  • Embedded lightbox example
  • The quick setup screen


Tento plugin poskytuje 2 bloky.

WPPA Gallery
WP Photo Album Plus


  • Standard from the plugins page


  • Šablona tématu by měla obsahovat volání funkce wp_head() v souboru header.php a funkce wp_footer() v souboru footer.php.
  • Pokud je fronta skriptů načítána bez přepínače $in_footer, měla by ji šablona tématu načítat v záhlaví, (např. wppa.js a jQuery).
  • Šablona tématu nesmí pluginu bránit v natažení knihovny jQuery ve výchozím stavu, tj. knihovna jQuery v bezpečném módu (využívá jQuery() a nikoli $())
  • The theme should not use remove_action() or remove_all_actions() when it affects actions added by wppa+.
    Most themes comply with these requirements.
    However, check these requirements in case of problems with new installations with themes you never had used before with wppa+ or when you modified your theme.
  • Server by měl disponovat minimálně 64MB operační paměti.

Časté dotazy

Co musím udělat při konverzi na síť webů?
Which other plugins do you recommend to use with WPPA+, and which not?
  • Recommended plugins: qTranslate, Comet Cache, Cube Points, Simple Cart & Buy Now.
  • Pluginy, které způsobují ve WPPA+ problémy: My Live Signature.
  • Pokud je v konfiguraci pluginu Google Analytics pro WordPress nastaveno Track outbound clicks & downloads:, nebudou řádně fungovat prezentace.
Které šablony (motivy) mají problémy s wppa +?
  • Photocrati je při použití šablon stránek s postranním panelem v konfliktu s Lightboxem vloženým do wppa.
Existují zvláštní požadavky na responzivní (mobilní) šablony?
  • No, WPPA+ is responsive by default
Po aktualizaci nefunguje všechno jak má
  • After an update, always clear your browser cache (CTRL+F5) and clear your temp internetfiles, this will ensure the new versions of js files will be loaded.
  • And – most important – if you use a server side caching program (like W3 Total Cache) clear its cache.
  • Ujistěte se, že vámi používaný minimalizační plugin (např. WP Total Cache) byl také resetován, aby mohly být použity nejnovější verze souborů.
  • Visit the Photo Albums -> Settings page -> Table VIII-A1 and press Do it!
  • When upload fails after an upgrade, one or more columns may be added to one of the db tables. In rare cases this may have been failed.
    Unfortunately this is hard to determine.
    If this happens, make sure (ask your hosting provider) that you have all the rights to modify db tables and run action Table VII-A1 again.
Jak pracuje vyhledávací widget?
  • See the documentation on the WPPA+ Docs & Demos site: https://wppa.nl/docs-by-subject/search/regular-search/
Jak mohu tento plugin přeložit do svého jazyka?
  • See the translators handbook: https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/
  • Here is the polyglot page for this plugin: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/wp-photo-album-plus
Jak nainstaluji hotfix?
  • See the documentation on the WPPA+ Docs & Demos site: https://wppa.nl/docs-by-subject/development-version/


2. 1. 2020
Este plugin es la caña, hace de todo... y gratis! Solo echo en falta que no esté traducido al español ya que dispone de cientos de opciones de configuración y cuesta entender para qué son. Aún así le doy 5 estrellas.
30. 11. 2019
I couldn't configure it. Hard to configure. Read the support you can learn if you want to try to use this plugin. Customer service is not all that responsive. Good luck.
19. 11. 2019
Clean install. Few hundreds of rows in wp_options table - all of them with autoload set as true.. None of them are removed after deinstalling the plugin. None of them are used all the time. Some people are saying that WP is a joke, which is insecure and slow. This is a plugin which is causing such opinions...
28. 10. 2019
This is probably the best FREE Gallery plugin for WordPress. Nothing hidden and no paid / pro / plus versions. Completely free. Not sure what to mention first about it. Has his own folders (not in WP media libs). Has TONES of options. Every user has his own album with upload and that is a first. I haven't seen that in other free galleries. Very fast in everything. The support is exceptional. Thank you Sir for your great and free work with that plugin.
14. 10. 2019
Hey. Where in the plugin’s settings to add an image download button? Downloading a site image to a computer. Thank you in advance for your reply.
28. 6. 2019
200.000+ photos, 2 years, over 5000 albums - that's what I have maded with this plugin. Works fine, even on hi-load sites. No alternative. WPPA are the best.
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