Tento plugin byl uzavřen, a je od 15. 6. 2021 nedostupný. Není již k dispozici ke stažení. Toto uzavření je dočasné. Čeká se na kompletní přezkum.


15. 10. 2020
Thank you for this nice working plugin. I also really like the cache and download history functionality.
16. 1. 2020
Independent of any platform : works perfectly with wordpress 5.3.2! It is extremely useful for a wordpress scientific publication website CSS customization is a bit difficult but the results superb (with footnotes, references, custom post type...)
30. 9. 2019
Great plugin, it just *works*! After some trial and error I made it also to use my own template by pulling data from a BuddyPress user and display it as a contact info sheet. Thanks!
2. 5. 2019
I wanted to provide a way for my visitors to download posts as PDFs and began to google for solutions. First of all it seems, that "post to PDF" can be understood in a couple of ways. I wanted to have it a simple way: on a post page a button, that opens a new window with the PDF to be saved or shared. I found a couple of plugins, that didn't work in my environment, server error 500. I found some with annual fees. Well, I don't mind paying for services per se, but this is a gratis site, and so far donations aren't flowing in. Then I found one with an output, that ,eh, leaves a lot to desire, until I found this. To tell the truth it took me a while to figure out how to get the button on a post. And I like to my some minor formatting on the PDF, but overall effect is wow! Nice PDF, as if I had myself manually done 🙂
Thanks for this great plugin. Really appreciate that you offer your free time to write a plugin like this.
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