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MundiPagg WooCommerce Module


MundiPagg integration module with WooCommerce
The intelligence of your payment – Solutions focused on increasing your conversion!

Payments have to be easy. There are many steps behind a simple financial transaction. But your consumer does not need to know that. Our solutions are available to help you increase your conversion and provide the best payment experience for your customer.


  • Single installment or by brand with incremental interest option;
  • Operations Authorize Only or Authorize and Capture;
  • Payment with credit card;
  • Payment with ‚boleto‘ (brazilian ticket);
  • Payment with two credit cards;
  • Payment with credit card + ‚boleto‘ (brazilian ticket);
  • Secure transaction! Do not worry about the credit card data, they are sent directly to our API (PCI Environment) and in your environment only one token pertaining to the credit card is trafficked, providing greater security for the merchant and the end customer;
  • Customer wallet – Save credit cards;
  • Purchase with 1-click;
  • Anti-fraud with minimum value option;
  • Cancellation and capture by module;

Comming Soon

  • Multiple buyers – Inform a buyer for each form of payment;
  • Plans and signatures management;

Free and Opensource

Our module is totally free and always will be!
Our code is opensource and also always will be!
Source code:


For any questions, please send a email to

Snímky obrazovky

  • After installation, go to WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > MundiPagg Payments to access configuration
  • Enable payment methods and anti-fraud configuration
  • Configuring boleto (brazilian ticket) and credit card (partial)
  • Configuring credit card (complete process from a previous image)
  • Example of Checkout to the end customer
  • Example of the customer credit cards portfolio in My Account
  • Example of detail view of payment by customer in order detail

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18. 4. 2019
Fácil instalação, rápido. Dashboard da mundipagg bem simples e direta. Muito bom o suporte e atendimento também!!
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