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Woo Inquiry


Woocommerce Online Price Inquiry

With this plugin you can launch an online price inquiry system for your store.Just add your store products to the inquiry list. From now on, whenever a user enters the product page, Instead of adding to the shopping cart option, see the price inquiry option. by clicking on this option a message will be sent to you in the telegram bot as well as in the web version and the user page is expected to wait until admin answer the inquiry.

After you answer the user’s inquiry and declare the new price, the new price is announced to the user and the Add to the cart option will appear again and the user can buy the product at the new price you set for the product.

If you don’t respond within the specified time period, it will display a contact form to the user and ask him the contact information to call the user as soon as possible. You can determine how many hours after the price announcement، the user can purchase that product and If the user does not complete the purchase after that time, it will remove the product from user’s cart and force the user to Resend inquiry request for products.

Or you can set the time for your shop so that it shows the contact form in the non-working hours instead of displaying the price inquiry timer.You can set a price until the end of the working hours, and since then, every user who requests the inquiry ,the price you once logged in ,will be shown to him and at the end of the working hours, all prices for that day will reset.

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Free Version Features :

  • Determining the user’s waiting time to receive the price inquiry response

  • Having a web version for responding to inquiries

  • automatic uploading( filling) of the name and number field when the customer is logged in the contact form

  • Fast response capability (Out Of Stock) if the goods are not available in the stock

  • The ability of editing all displayed texts in the inquiry process using plugin setting page

  • Show custom store notice on the product page

  • the Ability of determining the infinite numbers of admins to answer queries

  • the ability of receive inquiry request by email and telegram bot

  • the ability of determining how to display the main products price on the product and store page

Premium Version Features :

  • Defining working hours for the store

  • The ability of determining the price for the product until the end of the working hours

  • Determining the maximum purchase opportunity after an inquiry

  • The list of missed Inquiries and Non-Working Hours with users informations

  • the history of All inquiries with excel and csv output

  • Users List with excel / csv output and print

  • Having different methods to make products Inquiryable(using categories , tags)

  • the ability of editing the appearance and coloring of all sections of the inquiry system without needing for a coding line along with the preview of changes within the plugin settings.

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Snímky obrazovky

  • inquiry for a product and answer in telegram bot

  • inquiry for a product and answer in dashboard

  • add to inquiry list

  • settings

  • notifications setting

  • answer inquiry in telegram bot

  • answer inquiry in telegram bot 2

  • answer inquiry in dashboard


1.install the plugin

2.create a telegram bot and active the bot token.(watch this video)

3.add your products to inquiry list.(watch this video)


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