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6. 1. 2017
The actual plug-in itself is a really nice concept. It does feel very "unfinished", in many cases and could use some attention from the devs to finalize it. The functionality is pretty solid overall, and having the ability to sync with myallocator.com services is pretty awesome. This plugin concept is pretty well done, and with a little bit of attention could be great. However... My biggest problem with this product is that there is literally no support of any kind. There is no organized, or reliable documentation to be found for the plugin. The only way you'll find short codes, or similar information regarding this plugin is by searching through the reviews, and support threads here on wordpress.org. It also seems that there is zero active development on the plugin. The last update as of this review was 5 months ago...and an update is needed because some of the features have stopped working (hotel search shortcode). If you contact support you aren't very likely to get a helpful reply, if any at all. It's a shame... this could be a really great plugin. However, in the end of the day I can not recommend this plugin to anyone considering it. Using this plugin essentially has wasted a LOT of my time (and my clients time) because I'm going to have to find an alternative solution.
3. 9. 2016
I have the latest version of WordPress 4.6 and though it says it MIGHT NOT WORK with my version --- IT DOES!! I have a retreat center [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ] and when we are not hosting retreats we rent out the rooms. It was confusing to people in regards to Retreat Prices and Rooms For Rent Prices. So I decided since I basically have 2 types of business I'll do 2 websites. I have setup [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ] with WordPress. I also have setup [ link redacted, please do not post links in reviews ] with WIX and upgraded for more options We have a listing on TripAdvisor now 🙂 We also are listed on AirBnB and I imported the Calendar to sync together. I have all 3 sites being listed on many search engines too. It sounds like it was complicated but with your plug in it was a breeze. I have different e-mails setup with each so if someone books in one e-mail I just log in and sync the calendars and all updated just about everywhere. FEATURE REQUEST: Customer Reviews on WordPress sites Wix already offers that in the apps. I'm still working on all the sites to interconnect them better, as well as the blogs. I'll give it a good year to see which one does better and I'm betting it will be the site with your plug-in on it.
3. 9. 2016
Tengo una duda ¿es posible que el front end desde el que el cliente reserva este en español? por que sale en ingles al igual que los datos de las habitaciones también están en ingles y pues el idioma de las personas que va dirigido esta en español. Es el plugin mas completo de reservas que he encontrado ademas de tener una interfaz intuitiva y agradable gracias n_n .
3. 9. 2016
Это пипец товарищи, я бы поставил 5, но вот есть один огромнейший недостаток, не меняется язык на фронтенде, только англиский! Мне нужен мой язык, русский или японский, или немецки, но не английский. Думал ладно, переведу сам, скачал плагин для перевода, а там переводить то нечего! Вообщем сделайте по человечески. Kick It comrades, I would put 5, but there is one huge disadvantage, it does not change the language on the frontend only english! I want my language, Russian or Japanese or German, but not English. I thought, okay, will translate itself, download the plugin for translation, and there is nothing to translate! Generally done by a human being.
3. 9. 2016
I'm sure many will agree with me that the current situation regarding reservation and booking plugins is bad, particularly for those who cannot pay great amounts of money. This plugin, however, is not only completely free - it's also the best one. The plugin guides you through te whole process of setting it up, you really feel like they are taking care oof your business. Easy to use, free and well-designed, this plugin is the one you want to use.
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