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12. 5. 2022
Showing a post with multiple images has been broken for ages (I'm wondering if it has ever worked) and I need to refresh the Facebook token from time to time. Usually the reauthentication fails due to the (recently updated) app still being in development mode according to Facebook. Can't the plugin be reviewed by Facebook before releasing the update? I'd give this 1,5 stars for occassionally somewhat working (which sadly is in my experience more than most of the Facebook plugins for Wordpress can offer) but between the two alternatives I'm unsatisfied enough to round it down to a one-star review. Stuck with this one until someone develops an actually working Facebook plugin.
3. 4. 2022
It's awful. The posts displayed are huge, way too big and can't be changed, and they display in a single column too. Absolutely no good for integrating into a web page. Awful.
26. 11. 2021
Using a little bit of custom CSS, it was very easy to implement this plugin with my theme. It is very easy to use and authenticate.
23. 9. 2021
Since new version, Plugin not working: Thumbnails broken, Errormessage appears: ["error","(#12) description field is deprecated for versions v3.3 and higher"] Still waiting for bugfix Version for 2 months now...
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