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Video on Checkout


Add video with gratitude to your customers on WooCommerce checkout page and increase their loyalty:

  • Tell „Thank you“ to your customers and get more loyalty
  • Describe how order will be processed and reduce calls to support
  • Make your shop more friendly

The best Thank You pages function to get customers excited about other pages or offers on the site, rather than let the sales opportunity drop off.

One modern and effective way of making customers make another purchase is by inserting a video on the Thank You page, and that is what the prosperous e-commerce sites do.

  • Video increases conversions. According to studies by Eye View Digital and co, videos can increase conversion by as much 86%, so using video gives you great opportunity to make more upsells and promote products of your shop.

  • Video is easy to look. Watching a video takes little effort in comparison with reading a lengthy information or description. Videos permit you to engage an audience that may neglect the information you would otherwise convey through alphabets.

  • Video deepens consumer connection. You will agree, watching a video makes you feel like there’s more engagement going on. When a client can relate more personally to your video, it enhance their connection to your service or product.

  • Video is persuasive. As stated by Insivia, 90% of users say that seeing a service video influences their decisions – such as coming back. Videos help to direct and connect your client to the thing you want: sales!

  • Video keeps clients on your page longer. The longer a person stays on your site, they more they become familiar with your company. A video on your Thank You page affords clients more time for your product offer to be absorbed, and to see the benefits your product will give them.

What video can contain?

You can insert a short video of your team or CEO to appreciate you client and state more benefits about your company. Your new customer will be more likely to return for more and remember your offer.

Also you can describe customer how order will be processed, highlight further promotions or suggest consultation

7 great examples of using Thank You video

  • Thank You For Your Order : PHAYAOSHOP –
  • Thank You for Your Order! – KL Jack & Co. –
  • Fishdeal: Thank you for your order, we would like to show you what happens next… –
  • Sweta Kumar: Thank you for your order!! –
  • ToDoGoodThings: Thank you for your order! –
  • Constant Contact: 2014 Customer Thank You Video –
  • Thank You for your Order of Limited Edition, Made in America Mens Polo shirts from Alial Fital –


  • Embed any YouTube video
  • Video code will be automatically configured to exclude displaying related videos on completion to avoid distractions

Possible new features

These features are not implemented yet, please send me message using support form if you are interested in some of them.

  • Show video depending on order count (so you can make different videos like „Thank you for first order“, „Thank you for second order“, etc.)
  • Show video depending on ordered product (so you can make specific video to make upsell for this product)
  • Show video depending on amount of last order / all orders of this customers (so you can make video like „You are reached $1000 in orders and we have special gift for you“)
  • Support other video services (Vimeo, ..)
  • Integration with Google Analytics, so you can look if users looking your video and how long
  • Disable audio on autoplay
  • Something you want, but was not specified here?

Any problems?

In case of any problems please contact me first before writing bad review for the plugin.

Please use contact form and I will do best I can do to solve your problem.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Checkout page
  • Settings


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/video-on-checkout directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress

  3. Go to WooCommerce / Settings / Integration menu (or use link to settings from plugins list). Specify URL of your video on YouTube, select whether you want it to be played automatically and it will be added to the checkout page.


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