Verowa Connect


Verowa is a swiss management software for churches and parishes. Verowa connects your team, manages your rooms and equipment, helps to plan events like church services or meetings and organizes your ads, office weeks and much more. Verowa keeps you informed of subsequent changes and also keeps your webpage content actual with this plugin.

This WordPress plugin is connecting with the Verowa API. To use it on your WordPress project you need to obtain an instance of Verowa and an API Key. Please visit and contact us to get started.

Verowa Subscriptions Plugin

With this plugin visitors of your website can subscribe for certain events. This is useful for when you want to limit the number of people attending the event or for contact-tracing.
You can only use this plugin if you have a Verowa license and the subscription-module activated.
Visitors of your website can then subscribe themselves for events! All the data will be sent to your Verowa where you can view and edit each individual subscription.

Snímky obrazovky

  • The Verowa options panel


  1. Install the plugin from the plugin repository and activate it.
  2. For the plugin to be able to fetch your Verowa data you need to set the id of your Verowa instance (e.g. „my-parish“) and the API key in the Verowa options panel (e.g. „6ba4ceea235de07b258044a0cb3804d2“).
  3. If you have Automatic Updates enabled you can sit back an relax. Verowa Connect will update itself when a new version is available.
  4. You have to create a new page with the shortcode [verowa_dynamic_agenda] in order to show the agenda on your site.
  5. You can show a list of specific events with the shortcode [verowa_event_list]. With the attributes id, layer_id or target_group you can limit the events shown to specific events or lists. With the attributes max you can set the max amount of events shown. The attribute pro-seite sets the amount of events shown per page. The attribute max_days limits how far in advance the events are allowed to be. With the attribute title you can change the title displayed above the list.
  6. If you want to display eventlists in the Widget you need to add the Verowa Event Widget to a sidebar und Appearance > Widgets
  7. After installing you need to make sure you have a default template for the persondetails, personlists, eventdetails and eventlists selected. You can select them under Settings > Verowa Options

Subscription Installation

  1. Verowa subscription-module should activated in order to use the following Shortcodes.
  2. For the registration process to work properly, you need to set up three pages. On the first page you add the shortcode „[verowa_subscriptions_form]“ to display a list of events.
    On the second page you add the shortcode „[verowa_subscriptions_response]“ to instruct your subscribers to click on the confirmation link after they have sent the form.
    On the third page you add the shortcode „[verowa_subscriptions_post_validation]“. This page shows a confirmation message to the Users after they have validated their subscription through the confirmation link.
  3. After that you have to enter the reCaptcha public / secret key under Settings > Verowa Subscriptions. Here you can also configure the info displayed in the form.

Nejčastější dotazy

When is Verowa for me?

If you are a church or a parish and it is always a fight to keep all people up to date

Can I test Verowa?

Yes, there is a demo site where yo can test it directly (in german).

I have a problem, who should I contact?

Call us directly at +41 52 551 04 40.
For specific questions about the WordPress plugin please write an e-mail to

Subscriptions: Do I really need Verowa to run this plugin?

Yes. You need a properly set up Verowa and the activated subscription-module for this plugin to work.

Subscriptions: Can I filter the listed events?

Yes. The easiest way to show only certain events is to make a list in Verowa and add the list’s ID as an attribute to your shortcode (e.g. „[verowa_subscriptions_form id=34]“).


Pro tento plugin nejsou žádné recenze.


Verowa Connect je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


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Přehled změn


  • Bugfix: Display errors for events or people. If it has both widget and content templates.
  • Bugfix: Layer selections are displayed again at the events


  • New: Shortcodes verowa_urlencode and verowa_encode_link
  • New: Placeholders DATETIME_FROM_UTC and DATETIME_TO_UTC for event templates
  • Optimisation: Agenda JS scripts for multi-site
  • Bugfix: toggle function of event list
  • Bugfix: template table extension


  • New: Nested templates for the display of rosters
  • New: Event placeholder LIST_IDS for if statements in templates
  • New: Template option to display all events of the current day
  • Optimisation: If saving a subscription or room rental fails, an error message is displayed to the user.
  • Bugfix: The error message above the subscription form is no longer displayed twice.


  • Optimisation: Agenda fulltext search
  • Bugfix: Display Agenda datetime on mobile devices


  • Bugfix: Reading the agenda filter during the plugin update caused an error. Now its optimised for PHP 8.


  • New: Event placeholder for display Datetime
  • New: shortcode verowa_roster_entries no longer display a title
  • New: GET parameters for agenda. vcat, vq und vdate
  • Optimisation: Reduction of API calls
  • Optimisation: Load of Templates use WP cache.


  • Optimisation: Reduction of API calls when updating individual verowa events


  • Bugfix: Insert query for the groups of persons


  • Update post content when the template is updated
  • Reduce API CAlls


  • Public events without list IDs are assigned their target groups and layer IDs correctly.


  • [verowa_event_list …]: Show notification when handle_full is set and no events have been received
  • Fix: Import person related with a event
  • Placeholder PERSON_ID for persondetails added


  • new shortcode verowa_image to display a verowa person images
  • shortcode verowa_agenda_dynamic replaced by verowa_agenda
  • Shortcode verowa_event_liste_dynamic was deleted
  • Each Verowa template supports shortcodes


  • Javascript validation for subscription Form
  • Shortcode verowa_print_subscriptions_form deleted.
  • The following shortcodes have been changed
    old: verowa_subscriptions_form / new: verowa_subscription_form
    old: verowa_subscriptions_response / new: verowa_subscription_confirmation
    old: verowa_subscriptions_validation_anmeldung / new: verowa_subscription_validation
    old: verowa_print_subscriptions_form / new: verowa_subscription_overview
  • Roster list and first roster entry support templates.


  • Multiple selections in the forms for subscriptions and room reservations support the options „min“ and „max“ selected items
  • Javascript validation for renting form


  • WP 6.0.0 and PHP 8.1.4 support
  • LiteSpeed support
  • Renting form refactoring
  • Placeholder LOCATION_WITH_ROOM needs a label e.g �Location�
  • Placeholder CALENDAR_EXPORT has been removed, replace it with e.g. �Calendar export�
  • Placeholder HAS_PRIVATE_ADDRESS returns 1 instead of �Private:�
  • Placeholder HAS_BUSINESS_ADDRESS returns 1 instead of �Business:�


  • Include new text fields (ADD_TEXT_1..4)
  • Full text search in Agenda
  • Detail pages of past Verowa events remain accessible via direct link for several days
  • Remove Verowa options that are no longer needed
  • Verowa events and persons can be excluded for search engine indexes
  • Verowa events has the meta tag „unavailable after“ for robots
  • Bugfix: Delete the temporary user data for the subscription form and the room reservation form


  • Agenda: date-time picker shows the icons again
  • Agenda: remove output buffer, to prevent memory overflow
  • new DB update logic, after a plug-in update.
  • Refactoring of persons function


  • Bugfix: phone number validation
  • Bugfix: Update event and person posts after changing the corresponding template

2.8.8 / 2.8.9

  • Bugfix


  • Subscription form try to load from the API, if not then get the data from the database
  • Bugfix display room names


  • Fix Navigation Bug on new custom post type
  • Refactoring


  • PHP 8 support
  • Form error messages are now displayed below the input field
  • Verowa events and persons new also stored as custom post type „verowa_event“ and „verowa_person“
  • Personal details and event details pages must be deleted
  • Remove use of $_SESSION
  • Refactoring


  • Bugfix: Subscription add person
  • Bugfix: add further Persons
  • Bugfix: shortcode verowa_event_liste_dynamic title

2.8.2 / 2.8.3

  • Bugfix


  • Update list event mapping on post save
  • Several warnings and notice fixed


  • Calls to the Verowa API reduced
  • Several warnings and notice fixed
  • New template placeholder for events „LOCATION“
  • Refactoring


  • Bugfix Plugin Activation Error: „Headers Already Sent“


  • New template placeholder for persons „PERSONAL_URL“
  • Template placeholder „SERVICE_4_PERSONS“ requires a label
  • Extract Verowa IDs in Widget stored in widget_text


  • Subscription Button in the Agenda would be displayed without subscription date
  • Event IDs used in widget are also included when querying the event.
  • Bugfix subscription from
  • Subscription Option new delimiter || instead of ;
  • Refactoring


  • With Flexy Breadcrumb, the breadcrumbs are displayed accordingly in the person and event details.
  • Bugfix subscription form radio button default value and drop-down list
  • The new agenda supports the Get parameter cat


  • New „html“ type for renting formfields
  • renting form Bugfix
  • Verowa templates can now be duplicated


  • When the plugin is activated the generic detail pages for person and event are automatically created.
  • Verowa Template Editor
  • Bugfix sublayer ids


  • Verowa event updates are immediately transmitted to the WP-DB. Requires Verowa to be configured accordingly.

2.4.1 / 2.4.2

  • Bugfix


  • Reduces requests to the Verowa-API
  • Bugfix in event and person updates


  • Bugfix and refactoring
  • Bugfix display Person and Events


  • The agenda filters are now persistent and the scroll position is maintained.
  • Renting Form checkbox error could be overwrite in de DB
  • Bugfixing
    Backlink works now proper
  • New


  • Verowa input control could now use as input fields in subscription and renting form
  • Verowa subscription and renting form us the same input-control class
  • Refactoring


  • Integrate the plugin „Verowa Subscriptions“
  • Update renting form
  • Refactoring


  • New HTML-Templates for eventdetails, persondetails, eventlists and personlists. After updating you need to select four default templates in the Options in order for the templates to work.
  • Events, persons and persongroups are now saved in the WPDB. They are automatically updaten once every hour via a cronjob
  • New Event Widget: The event Widget works exactly like the Person Widget but instead of persons it displays the eventlists selected on the page


  • Event- and person-details are now displayed through pages with shortcodes ([verowa_generate_post_event] || [verowa_generate_post_person]). New Rules are automatically added to htaccess upon plugin update.
  • List title, max amount of events and max days in advance can now all be adjusted while editing a page.
  • New Shortcode to display the event lists: [verowa_event_list]. The old shortcodes are automatically directed to the new one.
  • Refactoring


  • Buttons leading directly to the subscription form in the agenda added
  • bugfix: preselected list for sorting the agenda works again
  • Now gets the smaller Person pictures in pages, events and group-pages


  • bug fix: slashes in captions no longer cause a problem


  • Persons HTML structure changed


  • Runs now on PHP 7.4.


  • Refactored code for localization.
  • Roster functionality refactored.
  • Added a new shortcode: verowa-first-roster-entry.


  • Added an option to show/hide the event organizer in event lists and detail pages.
  • Bug fixes and broad refactoring.


  • This version merges several forks that had hard coded values and altered features. It brings the plugin back to an equal code base.
  • The plugin folder’s name has changed from „verowa-connect-plugin“ to „verowa-connect“.

UPDATE WITH CAUTION! Custom code fragments in your WP project may be overwritten! We highly recommend using a file compare tool to check for changes before updating to this version.