Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.

Uninstall Yoast SEO


Když deaktivujete plugin Yoast SEO přes standardní stránku administrace pluginů WordPressu, nevyčistí se vám databáze. Pokud chcete mít databázi pěkně čistou, Uninstall Yoast SEO plugin je to co hledáte!

Plugin Uninstall Yoast SEO deaktivuje plugin Yoast SEO, pokud jste to ještě neudělali sami, a pak odstraní všechny databázové položky, které se týkají Yoast SEO. Takže budete mít čistou databázi.


  1. Nahrajte uninstall-yoast-seo složku do adresáře /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Aktivujte plugin Yoast SEO prostřednictvím nabídky „Pluginy“ v menu WordPressu
  3. Smaže Yoast SEO a odinstaluje soubory pluginu Yoast SEO z vašeho serveru


4. 9. 2018
this plugin is simply awesome specially for someone like me who have no clue to code and manual removal from cpanal thank you so much - it simply deleted every leftovers of yoast - came to know from my designer though thank you once again and will be recommending to people who are switching from yoast to something else
6. 9. 2017
This cleans up all of the Yoast entries in the database and deactivates immediately so you can delete it. In fact, it was so fast, I didn't think it worked, because it kept showing up as deactivated. That's just how good it is at doing it's job and then getting out of the way.
8. 5. 2017
Yoast SEO did nothing but slow down my site and cause it to plummet in Google SERPs. After a month of struggling with it, I deleted it but then saw all this code it leaves behind. Thanks to this plugin -- gone. Thanks guys!!
14. 11. 2016
Yoast SEO breaks the standard WP installation by increasing the CPU usage way beyond necessary, leaving behind lot of useless information when deactivated. This plugin has proven to be **the** solution to such behavior. Thanks for making this available to the community.
21. 9. 2016
This plugin helped me fix a problem I had for ages on a client's site: Yoast SEO versions after 3.1.2 would conflict with Visual Composer, preventing the VC editor from loading. This plugin didn't seem to deactivate or remove Yoast SEO, but I could do that myself - the important part was removing the Yoast info from the database, which it did. I deactivated & removed Yoast SEO myself, ran this uninstaller and reinstalled Yoast. Then the VC editor finally worked again! Many thanks to the dev!
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