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Trustbadge Testimonials


Notice: This plugin is no longer developed and won’t receive any further updates. If you use WooCommerce and want to implement the Trusted Shops services, please download Trustbadge Reviews for WooCommerce.

The eTrusted Trustbadge Testimonials solution enables you to collect testimonials from your happy customers. You can integrate the Trustbadge® within your website with one click and it will be displayed on every site of your website showing testimonials when expanded and offering your customers the possibility to leave a testimonial. It also links to your profile on eTrusted where all testimonials from your happy customers are displayed. This will also improve your ranking in search engines (SEO). Trustbadge Testimonials work with any web browser and on all devices. Your customers do not require any additional software.

The Trustbadge® Testimonials solution in a nutshell:
* Automatically collect and display recommendations of your customers, clients or business partners
* Expand your online reach with your personal Testimonials Profile
* Get valuable feedback from your customers and improve your offer

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Why testimonials are highly important

„In a networked world trust is the most important currency.“ — Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google
„88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations.“ – BrightLocal
„72% of consumers will take action after reading a positive review.” – BrightLocal

eTrusted: Get Better Testimonials

Trust, security and transparency are vital for success not only in the online world but also for local businesses. People are more likely to buy from those they trust and if consumers can’t trust a business, they will go elsewhere. When people start reading testimonials they have already established their ‘need’ and which business can meet it; now they’re looking for positive signals to help them decide which competitor they trust most. If they don’t get a personal recommendation from a friend or family, they will most likely search the internet for testimonials. And this is precisely where eTrusted can help you. By using the Trustbadge Testimonials solution, you make it easy for your customers, clients or business partners to just leave a recommendation directly on your website. New customers can see that you’re trustworthy on your site viea the testimonials or by visiting your profile. This improves your ranking in search engines (SEO), demonstrates your trustworthiness by a trustworthy third party and you neither need to manually upload recommendations nor require any technical knowledge.

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Snímky obrazovky

  • Grow your business - Show that your customers love you!
  • Show your testimonials on your unique seo-optimized profile.


Good news: It’s fast and easy to install your Trustbadge Testimonials plugin.

Getting Started

With your WordPress website or blog you can start in less than 66 seconds

  1. Sign up for a free Trustbadge Testimonials account.
  2. Install the Trustbadge Testimonials plugin on your WordPress Website
  3. Customize your Trustbadge in the backend of WordPress

As promised, it´s easy like that. Welcome on board!

Časté dotazy

How can I get a Trusted Shops ID?

You can find your Trusted Shops ID in the confirmation mail after your sign up. If you don’t have an account yet, it’s free and easy to sign up here.

Which languages does the Trustbadge® support?

The Trustbadge® is available in German, English, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. More to come.

How fast can I collect testimonials?

Good question, good news for you. You can collect testimonials immediately. Sign up, integrate the Trustbadge Testimonials in your website and your customers, clients or business partners can leave a testimonial. To boost your testimonials pace, start the Testimonial collector and send out invites to your last visitors.

How does the Trustbadge look on mobile devices?

Are you currently working on your mobile strategy? Great news – the Trustbadge® is ready for use on all common devices, including native mobile Apps.


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