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Taugun Events Calendar


Taugun Events Calendar is a free Events Calendar plugin which allows you to create and manage events in your WordPress site. With Taugun Events Calendar, you will be able to use the following features,

  • Any number of events can be created
  • Organizers and Locations can be used across events
  • Month view for events
  • Event date and time can be displayed along with timezone
  • Event categories and Event Tags
  • Events can be added to Google Calendar and can be downloaded as an iCal file
  • URL slug can be modified for Single Event, Categories and Tags
  • Highly responsive across devices
  • Translation Ready

Live Demo | Documentation | Pro Version

Pro Version

Taugun Events Calendar has a Pro version. The features offered in the Pro version are as follows,

  • Sell Tickets for Events

  • RSVP Events

  • Stripe and PayPal Payment Gateways for Purchasing Tickets

  • WoCommerce Integration for Purchasing Tickets

  • Advanced Account Management

  • Customer Dashboard to view upcoming events

  • QR based Check-in

  • Email and SMS Notifications for Users and Organizers

How to Setup the Plugin?

1. How to Create a Category?

Go to Events Categories Add new Category

  • Give a name for the category in the Name field
    *Give a slug for the category in the Slug field
    *If any description has to be given for the category, then give it in the Description field
  • Click the Add new category button so that the category will be created

2. How to Create a Tag?

Go to Events Tags Add new Tag

  • Give a name for the tag in the Name field
  • Give a slug for the tag in the Slug field
  • If any description has to be given for the tag, then give it in the Description field
  • Click the Add new Tag button so that the tag will be created

3. How to Create a Location?

Go to Events Locations Add Location

  • Give the name for the location in the Location Name field
  • If any description has to be given for the location, then give it in the Description field
  • Fill the Address Line1, Address Line2, City, State, Country, Zip Code
  • You can give an image for the location in the Image field
  • Click the Add Location button so that the location will be created

4. How to Create an Organizer?

Go to Events Organizers Add Organizer

  • Give the name for the organizer in Organizer Name field
  • If any description has to be given for the organizer, then give it in the Description field
  • You can give an image for the organizer in the Image field
  • Give the organizer phone number in the Phone field
  • Give the organizer email id in the Email ID field
  • In the Website field, enter the website for the organizer if available
  • If any other information has to be displayed for the Organizer, then give it in Additional Info field
  • Click the Add Organizer button so that the organizer will be created

5. How to Create an Event?

Go to Events Add Event

  • Give the name for the event in the title field
  • Give the Event Description in the text editor
  • Select the date and time for the event in Event Time option
  • If the event is an all-day event, then enable the All Day checkbox
  • Select the location where the event is about to happen in Event Location option
  • Select the organizer of the event in Event Organizer option
  • If the event has to be assigned to any categories, then select the categories in Event Categories option
  • If the event has any tags, then select the tags in Event Tags option
  • Click the Set featured image link in Featured Image option and select the image to set the featured image for the event
  • Publish the event

Snímky obrazovky

  • Single Event Page
  • Events Calendar – Month View
  • Location Settings
  • Organizer Settings
  • Event Categories
  • Event Tags
  • List of Events – Admin View
  • Plugin Settings


  1. Visit your site dashboard -> Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Taugun
  3. Install and activate Taugun from your plugins page

Nejčastější dotazy

How can a user see all the events on my site?

A page will automatically be created when the plugin is activated. This page displays a calendar in which all the events will be listed.

To locate the Events Calendar, Go to Pages Events.

Can a user view past events?

Yes, user can view both past and upcoming events in your site.

Can I set the timezone for each event?

Yes, Timezone can be set individually for each event.

Are Location and Organizer fields mandatory?

No, Both Location and Organizer fields are optional.

Do you provide support?

Yes, we provide limited support.

How can I contact you?

Please register and open a support ticket.

Is a Pro version available?

Yes, you can check the Taugun Events Calendar Pro Version here

Can I request a new feature?

Yes, you can request new features by contacting our support.


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