Stock Locations for WooCommerce


Stock Locations for WooCommerce will help you manage your products stock across multiple locations easily. If you have multiple physical stores or storage locations, like warehouses, this plugin may help you.

You can print the locations inside a product page on the frontend, with this shortcodes:

  • Product pages
    [slw_product_locations show_qty=“yes“ show_stock_status=“no“ show_empty_stock=“yes“]
    [slw_product_variations_locations show_qty=“yes“ show_stock_status=“no“ show_empty_stock=“yes“]
    [slw_product_message is_available=“yes“ only_location_available=“no“ location=“location-slug“]Your custom product message/HTML here[/slw_product_message]

  • Cart page
    [slw_cart_message qty_from_location=“location-slug“ only_location_available=“no“]Your custom cart message/HTML here[/slw_cart_message]

SLW also adds standardized barcode fields to WooCommerce products, for you to use.

Barcodes available:

  • UPC
  • EAN
  • ISBN
  • ASIN

You can call the barcodes inside a product page on the frontend, with this shortcodes:

[slw_barcode type="upc"]
[slw_barcode type="ean"]
[slw_barcode type="isbn"]
[slw_barcode type="asin"]

REST API endpoints (both accept GET and PUT requests):

/wp-json/wc/v3/products/id/variations/id (first ID is for parent product, the second one for the variation ID)

This plugin requires at least WooCommerce 3.4.


  • New taxonomy for stock locations
  • Works on both, simple and variable products
  • Easy management of stock with multiple locations, both in product and orders
  • Standardized barcodes
  • Get and update product stock locations from the REST API
  • Allow customers to select locations when purchasing
  • Auto order allocation for locations stock reduction


  • PHP 7.2+

Snímky obrazovky

  • Product list filter based on stock locations
  • Stock locations taxonomy
  • Manage stock locations in simple products
  • Manage barcodes
  • Manage stock locations in variable products
  • After successful subtraction of stock the locations inputs become inactive
  • Insert the correct amount to subtract from one or more locations per item
  • Allow customers to select locations in cart page


  1. Upload „stock-locations-for-woocommerce“ to the „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory.
  2. Check if you have WooCommerce 3.4+ plugin activated
  3. Activate SLW plugin through the „Plugins“ menu in WordPress.

Simple Products

  1. Assign Stock Locations to the product > Update Post
  2. Under Inventory Tab > Activate Manage Stock
  3. Under Stock Locations Tab > Manage the stock for the locations

Variable Products

  1. Assign Stock Locations to the product > Update Post
  2. Under Inventory Tab > Deativate Manage Stock
  3. Under Attributes Tab > Create attributes
  4. Under Variations Tab > Create variations based on attributes
  5. In each variation > Activate Manage Stock & Add Price > Update Post
  6. Under Stock Locations Tab > Manage the stock for the locations for each variation


  1. Under Product > Barcodes Tab > Fill the barcodes

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I found a bug, where i can report it?

I prefer you to use the Github issues. You can submit a new one here GitHub


2. 6. 2020
I'll always be amazed at those people who contribute just for the sake of it, or better said, "por amor al arte", as we said in Spanish. Because the commitment on what they're doing
18. 5. 2020
This is a really amazing little plugin that allows basic stock management by location! I've been looking for a plugin that simple, clean and just what I wanted. Nice work Alex! The support is pretty quick and efficient. Thumbs up.
2. 4. 2020
Amazing little plugin that allows some basic stock management by location! I have tried a few paid solutions that this plugin solved without the bloat.
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Stock Locations for WooCommerce je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


  • Fix: helper ‚view‘ function call, preventing colision with other plugins with the same function name


  • New: plugin setting to lock selected location in cart for every cart item
  • Fix: check if location stock is enough for the cart item, if not hide from select option
  • Fix: if auto allocation exist for the location disable WC hold stock


  • New: stock locations select in cart page
  • New: settings page
  • New: auto order allocation for stock
  • New: shortcode ‚slw_cart_message‘ to display a custom message in the cart page
  • New: shortcode ‚slw_product_message‘ to displaying a custom message on product page
  • New: options for stock locations: Default for New Products, Backorder Location, Auto Order Allocate and Stock Location Priority
  • Fix: several bugs and PHP legacy compatibilities


  • Fixes bug on shortcodes method


  • Improved stock locations levels products listing
  • Locations added to REST API products and variations endpoints for GET and PUT requests, thanks to @shanerutter


  • Remove flush rewrite rules, should be avoided for now


  • Add variations stock levels to products listing column
  • New shortcode ‚slw_product_variations_locations‘
  • Fixes on shortcode ‚slw_product_locations‘


  • New filter ‚slw_shortcode_product_location_name‘
  • New shortcode ‚slw_product_locations‘


  • New column in product listing with stock locations imventory
  • Fix bug on getting barcodes data for shortcodes
  • Fix bug reported by @sebtoombs
  • Plugin structure refactoring


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.4
  • Fix – Removed condition that prevent other roles beyond the admin from accessing the plugin functionality
  • Added Capabilities to the location taxonomy
  • Fix – Some actions priorities and arguments number were missing


  • Fix – Bug creating new order, trying to get items on nonexistent order


  • Tested up to WooCommerce 4.0.1
  • Fix – Added condition to check variation products in hide meta function
  • Fix – Check if order item product exists before trying to hide meta
  • Fix – Check if order has items before trying to hide meta


  • Initial release