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We offer everything you need to grow your online sales: AI, LeadGen chatbots, live chat, and much more you can use to engage your visitors at the right time. And convert them into loyal customers in no time. Smartsupp is one of the leading and most trusted chat and chatbot solutions in the world, currently boosting over 100,000 webshops and websites.

Proč si vybrat Smartsupp?

🗨️ Chat and Connect: Engage effortlessly with your customers and establish robust relationships. Our lightning-fast chatbox is complemented by Messenger and email integration, ensuring every conversation is at your fingertips via our mobile apps.

🚀 Convert and Conquer: Transform mere visitors into enthusiastic customers thanks to lead-gen chatbots and automated messaging.

🤖 Engage with AI: Keep both customers and visitors engaged with our AI-powered sales and customer care assistants, available 24/7 to provide invaluable assistance.

📊 Unlock Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of conversation dynamics, customer satisfaction, your team’s performance, popular inquiries, and more. Uncover who’s converting effortlessly and who may need your special attention.

🔐 GDPR compliant: Vaše údaje bezpečně ukládáme v Evropské unii a dodržujeme přísné zákony EU o ochraně osobních údajů.

Co Smartsupp umí?

What awaits you with Smartsupp? Explore our list of key features that will elevate your customer service from ordinary to exceptional.

Live Chat: Connect with your e-shop customers in real-time, just like having a friendly conversation.

Chatbot: Your personalized, time-saving assistant. It engages with your visitors, answers their questions, guides them to the right products, and even chats when you’re not around.

AI Features: Simplify response customization and design. We’re also working on an AI shopping assistant to make your work even easier.

Lead Collection: Automatically gather leads through the chatbot and categorize them based on your needs.

Messenger & Email Integration: Bring all customer inquiries from various platforms into a single, user-friendly dashboard.

E-shop Data: Access detailed customer information right during your chat, thanks to our advanced integration with WordPress.

Mobile App: Stay connected with your customers anytime, anywhere – it’s like having your e-shop in your pocket!

Ready to take your online presence to new heights? Experience the difference with Smartsupp today and witness firsthand what we can do for your business!

Co si o nás myslí naši uživatelé?

„Smartsupp nám pomáhá dělat náš e-shop ještě lepším! Po jednoduché instalaci se hned objevil první zákazník s dotazem a hned dokončil objednávku.“

–Oke Harms,

„Se Smartsupp můžeme používat jeden chat v několika obchodech! Díky jsme byli schopni zlepšit náš kontakt se zákazníky. Komunikace je okamžitá a pohodlná pro nás i naše zákazníky.“


Snímky obrazovky

  • Smartsupp live chat
  • Smartsupp widget
  • Smartsupp multichannel communication
  • Smartsupp chatbot
  • Smartsupp mobilní aplikace



WordPress 3.0 nebo vyšší, PHP od verze 5.3.2

Installation instructions

  1. Begin by installing the Smartsupp plugin in your WordPress dashboard and ensure it is activated.
  2. Log in to your Smartsupp account or create a new one through the plugin settings.
  3. Voilà! Your Smartsupp chat is now visible on your website. Sign in to the Smartsupp dashboard, and you can start engaging in real-time conversations with your website visitors.

Nejčastější dotazy

How can Smartsupp benefit my online business?

Smartsupp boosts online sales via impactful conversations. With AI, LeadGen chatbots, and live chat, we turn visitors into customers. Used by over 100,000 webshops, our tools integrate with Messenger and email, streamline lead campaigns, and provide AI-assisted customer interactions. Explore Smartsupp for free to see the difference!

What’s the cost of Smartsupp?

Once you’ve set up an account, Smartsupp offers a Free version. For more advanced needs, consider our paid packages, which include features like AI, LeadGen chatbots, live chat, and detailed statistics to monitor customer satisfaction and agent performance. Choose a package that aligns best with your requirements.

How can you integrate Smartsupp with your website?

If your website utilizes WordPress, integration is straightforward. Simply install our designated plugin and log into your Smartsupp account within the plugin settings. The integration will be handled automatically from there. The second option is a manual installation, please refer to our step-by-step tutorial here.

Ukážete mi, jak váš chatbot funguje?

Certainly! For a live example, visit our website and interact with our chatbot. Additionally, for an in-depth understanding, we have a detailed tutorial available in our Help section.

Máte i mobilní aplikaci?

Yes, we offer a mobile app to facilitate seamless conversation management on-the-go. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Kde zjistím podrobnější informace o funkcích?

For better insights into our features, visit the HELP center on our website. If you have further queries or can’t locate specific information, please reach out to us at We’re always eager to assist.

Which languages does the Smartsupp dashboard support?

The Smartsupp dashboard is multilingual, offering support for: English, Čeština, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, and Polski.


15. 11. 2023
à éviter ! Totalement déçu, suite à un changement de prix et de prix en cours de contrat, avec une limite à 100 utilisations du chatbot par mois… tout cela rend ce module completement inutile par rapport à d'autres solutions, bien moins cher et plus performante, comme Br**o par exemple.
1. 11. 2023
The plugin requires a separate account, and all chat will be through a third party. This is not secure and most likely developers will gain access to correspondence between you and clients. I don’t recommend using the plugin and most likely the 5 star reviews here are artificial
12. 10. 2023
I am really amazed by the features and standards of the SmartSupp plugin. It is a must have plugin. Simple Quick Registration and Setup and it is really affordable. I will highly recommend for anyone to try it and see for themselves.
19. 9. 2023
I've been using Premium Smartsupp LiveChat on my website Mike Microtrophic House for years now and everytime they update their app makes it even better. Once I have a client on my website, I must get a notification and I get the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly count of how many customers visited my website. And the fact that you can see everything the client is doing on your website and the pages they are visiting is topnotch. I'll recommend Smartsupp to anybody looking for a reliable LiveChat both for your WordPress, PrestaShop or any website you have doesn't matter. Smartsupp got you covered.
17. 9. 2023
Very helpful tool.
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