SIP Calculator


SIP Planner & SIP Calculator is a special application that has been deliberately created for all types of users. a housewife, a student, a businessperson, an investor, a banker, a certified public accountant, a financial planner, etc.

SIP in mutual funds is one technique to invest and save money. You may easily plan your SIP investments using our simple SIP calculator. You may check anticipated gains for several mutual fund categories with the SIP calculator app. Both SIP returns and one-time returns are visible. The SIP Planner app is distinct and superior to other sip planner apps thanks to the SWP Calculator, SIP Calculator, and other important features. It’s wonderful that you can also share your SIP Planner calculations with pals. Install this fantastic mutual fund tool, the SIP Planner.

Shortcode – [sip_calculator]


  • Mobile friendly UI
  • Customize title text and font size
  • Also customize title text color
  • Change Chart invested and profit amount color
  • Change slider activ and progress color
  • Customize slider thumb color
  • Customize table result setting
  • Display result with chart
  • Display result with table
  • Customize result text setting
  • Customize result chart text setting
  • Set invested min, max and default amount
  • Set invested period min, max and default value
  • Set expected annual min, max and default returns
  • SIP Calculator
  • Select chart type
  • Systematic Transfer Plan ( STP ) Calculator
  • Add Investment

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  1. Download the file to install and activate.
  2. Done! Just remember to keep the plugins up to date!


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