Shiny Updates


Shiny Updates is a WordPress Core Feature Plugin.

It replaces The Bleak Screen of Sadness™ (example) with a simpler and more straight forward experience when installing, updating, and deleting plugins and themes.
Progress updates for these actions don’t add a benefit, they are disruptive and confusing. Shiny Updates deals with these details behind the scenes, leaving users with clear actions and results.

Development for this plugin takes place at GitHub.
To report bugs or feature requests, please use Github issues.


We need help testing the user flows! Please install the Shiny Updates plugin, run the tests below, and share your feedback in the #feature-shinyupdates channel in Slack or create an issue on GitHub.

Update core

  1. If you have any themes or plugins that need updating, update them. If you don’t have any that need updating, you can edit the them and change the version number to something older. Once saved, they will show as needing an update.
  2. Update one specific item, a theme or a plugin.
  3. Try updating all items in the table.
  4. Share your feedback. Or if you found a bug, create an issue on GitHub.


  1. What were the noticeable differences in the new install/update/activate/delete process compared to the old one without Shiny Updates?
  2. How did installing and activating a plugin or theme go? Was it difficult or easy? Was it faster or slower than expected?
  3. Do you have any further comments or suggestions?

Snímky obrazovky

  • Existing plugin install process, showing The Bleak Screen of Sadness.
  • Plugin install process with Shiny Updates activated.


Really loved this plugin!

What a nicer experience with plugins!

Thanks for this awesome plugin. This should be the regular way to use the plugin section!

I can’t understand any rating below 5 stars.

NO roll-back?

I was really hoping this would have ability to roll-back an install or update.
Never mind, I’ll keep dreaming …

Great job

I really like this plugin. It saves a lot of time.
I do miss the ability to immediately activate a plugin once it’s installed.
But it’s definitely faster. To install new plugins.
Keep up the good work.


Nice and should be in the core.

Not sure if it shows errors if an install goes wrong, does it?

Need more features

Overall it is good but need email notification and individual theme/plugin enable/disable updates

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