Sdílené Počty-Tlačítka Sdílení Sociálních Médií


Shared Counts is a WordPress social media share buttons plugin. Sharing buttons increase traffic and engagement by helping readers share your posts and pages to their friends on social media.

Včetně Tlačítek
– Facebook Tlačítko Sdílení
– Pinterest Tlačítko Pin
– Yummly Tlačítko
– Twitter Tlačítko Tweet (pomocí třetí strany API)
– E-mail sdílení (s reCAPTCHA podporou pro předcházení zneužívání)
– Celkový Počet Akcií
– Tlačítko Tisku
– LinkedIn Tlačítko Sdílení

Facebook, Pinterest, Yummly, a Twitter tlačítka podporujíci společenské zobrazení a sledování.

Basic Usage

In Settings > Shared Counts you can select where the share buttons can appear automatically (Before Content, After Content, Before & After Content). When editing a post, you can use the checkbox in the „Shared Counts“ box in the right column to disable the automatic buttons on this specific post.

You can use the [shared_counts] shortcode to manually display the buttons.

Styling and Display

Zahrnujeme mnohé možnosti stylingu pro tlačítka sdílení, takže si můžeš vybrat perfektní vzhled pro svou stránku. Navíc, můžete automaticky vložit tlačítka sdílení před a/nebo po obsahu příspěvku. Chcete granulát nebo manuální ovládání? Žádný problém! Můžete také použít [shared_counts] krátký kód, vložte uvnitř vašeho obsahu, jak uznáte za vhodné.

HTTP Recovery / Upgrading to HTTPS

We provide a one-click option to retrieve both HTTP and HTTPS share counts, ensuring you don’t lose your share counts when upgrading your website to HTTPS.


Na rozdíl od jiných sociálně sdílející nástrojů, tento plugin nepoužívá cookies, sledovací skripty, nebo ukládání žádných uživatelských dat.

Optimalizace a výkon

Shared Counts was created with site performance in mind, even at large scale. It is used on several large websites that get tens of millions of page views each month. Our unique and creative caching methods have a minimal affect on site overhead. Leveraging the API, we can retrieve (almost) all share counts in a single request.


Navíc, Sdílené Počty byly postaveny býti vstřícné vůči vývojářům! My poskytujeme velmi liberální použití háčků a filtrů. Vše je přizpůsobitelné a možnosti jsou téměř neomezené. Na rozdíl od jiných pluginů, všechny údaje (počty) jsou umístěny a uloženy v mezipaměti v post_meta, který usnadňuje přístup pro rozšíření (např. načtení top 10 nejvíce sdílených příspěvků na webu). Máme rozsáhlou dokumentaci na naši stránce a jsme také na GitHub.

Add On Plugins


Bližší informace naleznete zde Webové stránky sdílených počítání a naše GitHub wiki.


If you find an bug or problem, please let us know by creating an issue.


Příspěvky jsou vítány!

  1. Open an Issue on GitHub.
  2. Fork Shared Counts on GitHub.
  3. Create a new branch off of develop; branch name should be issue/### to reference the issue.
  4. When committing, reference your issue and provide notes/feedback.
  5. Send us a Pull Request with your bug fixes and/or new features.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Available styles


  1. Download the plugin from GitHub. or from
  2. Activate plugin.
  3. Go to Settings > Shared Counts to configure.

We recommend you sign up for a free account at, which lets you receive share counts from all services (except Twitter) with a single API query. Alternatively, you can select „Native“ as the count source and select which services you’d like to query. If you select all 5 native service queries, then you will have 5 separate API queries every time share counts are updated.

If you would like to include Twitter share counts, you can sign up for a free account at

If you use the Email share button, we recommend you enable Google’s reCAPTCHA to prevent spam. Sign up here (free) to get your Site Key and Secret Key.


20. 3. 2022
This is a very nice plugin to have but, there is no clear or intuitive way to set it up. It seems like the questions in the Setting panel are good questions to have as options but when you go to use the plugin meta boxes in the individual post's editor, there is no clear way to "do anything" with the plugin. I believe it is lacking the simple instructions as to what each functionality or button is supposed to do. It will say ADD URL, for example, in the post editor metabox. And there is not a way of knowing what the url is or where it is going or what it is going to do if you enter the url. Then it has a widget to add a new image which, I assume is going to be used as the image that is SENT to social media but, that too is unclear as to what the image "does." Very ambiguous and lacks the UI/UX needed to use in confidence.
31. 8. 2021
Works best with my theme. No errors in code or problems with caching. It's a shame that it is no longer being developed and that the last update was some time ago. Thank you!
11. 10. 2020
Good and effective plugin. I use it to simply show the good looking social buttons but don't display counts (to improve page speed). Very easy to configure.
22. 8. 2020
It was either gonna be Shared Counts or Social Warfare. I felt Shared Counts was cheaper, written just as well, very easy to work with. We did some crazy custom stuff. - saved HTTP and HTTPS counts - even changed permalink structure, and had it make calls to the old structure as well. So basically we were able to combine 3 counts: - old permalink structure in HTTP - old permalink structure in HTTPS - new permalink structure in HTTPS I'm happy camper. Counts are even cached so as to avoid slowing down your site under heavy load. Love you guys!!!
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Sdílené Počty-Tlačítka Sdílení Sociálních Médií je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


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Přehled změn

– Added: Only update share count if larger than currently saved service count (prevents zero counts when API is down), see #51
– Added: Accessibility improvements around email share modal, see #112
– Changed: Allow theme file editor to work if Count Source is set to ‚none‘, see #120
– Changed: Updated Native Facebook counts to work with new Facebook API, see #98
– Changed: Dashboard widget only appears if there are posts with share counts, see #83
– Changed: Ensure input fields are full width in email modal, see #77
– Changed: Fixed edge case where buttons show 0 count when source set to „None“, see #81
– Changed: Improved fancy style in small areas, see #58

– Added: Filter for changing services used by location: shared_counts_display_services.
– Added: Admin bar stats.
– Added: Support for Twitter counts using, props @robert-gillmer.
– Added: Automatic social share tracking with Google Analytics.
– Added: Add support for fastcgi_finish_request when updating counts.
– Added: Specific services can be defined in shortcode via services attribute (comma separated).
– Changed: Pass post_id to needs_updating method.
– Changed: Removed support for Google+ and StumbleUpon (RIP).
– Changed: Default letter-spacing to normal on button labels.
– Changed: Hide Total Counts button if empty and „Hide Empty Counts“ setting is enabled.
– Fixed: Pinterest JS API conflict.
– Fixed: Multiple spaces between some CSS classes inside markup.
– Fixed: Twitter URL encoding issue with special characters in text.
– Fixed: Email counts not tracking, props @thartl.
– Fixed: Showing „Preserve HTTP Counts“ setting when Count Source is None.
– Fixed: Enabling various settings by default on initial save.
– Fixed: When sorting posts by share count in the admin, posts with zero shares are now included.
– Fixed: Data attributes are filterable.

– Added support for Pinterest Image add-on plugin
– „Hide empty counts“ checkbox now works correctly
– Pinterest „Pin it“ JS no longer modifies our pinterest button
– Metabox is now always visible, allowing you to disable share buttons even if not collecting counts

– Internal „prime the pump“ method now includes all supported post types. Can be used with this plugin to view the status of the cache and mass update posts.
– Improved compatibility with Genesis theme framework.

– Added Yummly share count support/tracking.
– Added Proper rel tags for share buttons for security and SEO.
– Added caching via transient for Most Shared Content admin dashboard widget.
– Removed code for LinkedIn/Google+ share counts, as they are no longer supported.
– Added available buttons setting description to indicate which buttons support share counts.
– Fixed reCAPTCHA issue in the email sharing modal.
– Fixed encoded characters in the „From Name“ email setting.

– Email sharing modal can now be closed by clicking outside the modal or pressing the ESC key.
– The minified stylesheet has been rebuilt. It was missing some styles.

– Initial release.