Plugin nebyl testován na 3 nejnovějších verzích WordPressu. Nemusí už být tedy podporován a u novějších verzí WordPressu může mít problémy s kompatibilitou a může být nestabilní.

Saleshybrid Forms


This plugin lets your customer to fill Saleshybrid web forms without leaving your WordPress site. We use lightbox that renders iframe to achieve this.

The plugin works by transforming web links with as a hostname so that they are opened in a lightbox.

The plugin does not use database nor admin panel. The plugin does not load external code or scripts.

The plugin is free of charge and open-sourced. We do not require you to have an Saleshybrid account to install or use this plugin; however, official Saleshybrid web forms can only be created with Saleshybrid account.

Saleshybrid ecosystem

Saleshybrid is new powerful CRM for handling sales leads in B2C environment. We launch our flagship product during fall of 2018.

Go to Saleshybrid website to find out more!


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/saleshybridforms directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ screen in WordPress

This plugin starts working right after activation. There is no admin settings page.

Časté dotazy

Does this plugin require paid Saleshybrid account?

No, this plugin is free of charge and can be used without Saleshybrid account. However, creation of Saleshybrid web forms (that will be rendered by this plugin inside a lightbox) can only be created with active Saleshybrid subscription.


Pro tento plugin nejsou žádné recenze.


Saleshybrid Forms je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.


Přehled změn


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