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Help customers visiting your website make buying decisions in real-time by adding this live chat app. They can contact your sales agents with one simple click. Personal attention, answers, and receommendations will improve customer satisfaction and increase repeat business.

Build trust and relationship with your customers through immediate feedback and real-time conversations. Investment on interactive custom support via this live chat app can provide an immediate boost in your bottomline.

Rocket.Chat Live Chat plugin allows website visitors to chat with you directly. You can handle multiple incoming chats yourself, or assign them to your sales agents (even work-at-home agents).

Unlike other WordPress chat plugins, Rocket.Chat Live Chat plugin works with the world’s most popular 100% open source chat server – Rocket.Chat. This means you can run and operate your own chat server and never have to pay any monthly fees to have Live Chat on your website. It also means that you are supported by a community of over 40,000 Rocket.Chat servers with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide in over 22 countries.

Rocket.Chat Live Chat plugin also has the following class-leading features:

  • works great with visitors on mobile phones or tablets
  • works great with on-the-go agents working from phones, tablets, or laptops
  • customizable triggers to selectively chat with high sales potential visitors
  • support for selective redirect to multiple departments
  • management dashboard based monitoring of call flow and chat activities
  • form for message when no agent is available
  • customization satisfaction survey after chat
  • transfer to other agents
  • confer with additional agents

There is no comparison, only Rocket.Chat Live Chat plugin offers:

  • free, no cost, 100% open source chat server that you can run yourself
  • file upload and download for support documents and photos
  • live link support for video viewing within the chat
  • built in optional geo-location
  • knowledge base integration to enhance support services
  • transfer to voice and/or video chat
  • amazing extension possibilities through the use of intelligent „bots“

Don’t wait, try Rocket.Chat Live Chat plugin today; boost your bottomline and get rid of the old stale plugin that costs you dearly every single month.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Registration form for customers
  • View of the chat window
  • Offline form for sending messages


  1. Upload rocketchat-livechat to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install through WordPress plugins interface
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Settings-> Rocket.Chat LiveChat and enter the URL of your Rocket.Chat installation and save.
  4. If you do not have a Rocket.Chat installation please visit and setup your Rocket.Chat

Časté dotazy

I don’t have Rocket.Chat installed. Where can I get it?

Please visit to download and setup Rocket.Chat

Do you offer Rocket.Chat a service?

Yes, please visit here to get in touch.

Can this plugin be used for chat between WordPress users?

No, this plugin is only for support messaging, i.e. customer contacts sales with questions about the service.


8. 8. 2020
Rocket chat is awesome in general. I love and appreciate their contribution to the community.
12. 1. 2020
BUT - RocketChat Live Chat DOES work. Here is how: First login as admin to your Rocket.Chat server, then in admin enable Livechat. Next, go back to your Rocket.Chat main screen and there'll be a new little Livechat dropdown at the top of the sidebar. Click on that and you get a load more menu options. In there you can go to Agents and add some Agents (you have to have at least one added before it will work). Then go to Installation and copy the javascript. Finally, paste the javascript into your WordPress just above the last body tag (I always use Genesis themes which handily have a Header/ Footers Scripts option in theme options to and you can just paste it in there). This plugin didn't work/ do anything for me. But I've now got Rocket.Chat Live Chat working and it's great! 🙂
17. 12. 2019
Installed the plugin. no settings or any options of any kind. nothing actually happens
10. 4. 2018
As a user of Rocket.Chat i wanted to test this plugin on my website. It took me exactly 4 minutes to make it work properly as i wanted. Awesome and thanks for the plugin 😉
8. 12. 2017
This plugin is awesome if you want to integer a livechat on wordpress. You must configure livechat on your installation. More on configuration on this page Très bon plugin qui intègre un livechat sur wordpress. Attention, la configuration du plugin est basique, il faut configurer le livechat sur un tuto de configuration sur cette page:
18. 11. 2017
This plugin is just a stub, a skeleton of what could have been a plugin that's described. You can look at the source code here: . As you can see from the code it does absolutely nothing other than declare itself as a plugin, register with WP Admin, and that's it. There is absolutely no functionality to perform anything else. This plugin is nothing but the developer's dream, it does not actually exist...
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