Read More Without Refresh


Include more content at your Pages/Posts/Products/Custom Post Types, without affecting users experience and get advantage of its SEO!

I got you covered!

My plugin hides the predefined text, through a shortcode and based on your choice, leaving the remaining one visible to the search engines.

Your readers will be also able to read more content by pressing the ‚Read More‘ button, without having the page reloaded.

Once you press „Read more“ button, it will expand.
They will also be able to hide it again by pressing the same button, which would have been converted to ‚Read less‘.

It works via a shortcode and can be placed everywhere!

You can change its colors through its settings menu!

Simple usage: [read more] Your long text [/read]

Feel free to try its frontend demo here, to take a look at this YouTube videocast or to verify its Gutenberg compatibility.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Read More button Deactivated
  • Read More button Activated (after click)
  • Wp-admin settings page


All you have to do is upload the plugin within your WordPress Plugins menu and activate it.

Then, you can add the shortcode everywhere you want (pages, posts, widgets etc):

[read more] Your hidden text here [/read]

You can, of course, change „Read more“ and „Read less“ texts to your preferred one, along with other settings in ‚RMWF Settings‘ wp-admin menu page.

In case that you have any support inquiries, feel free to contact me.

Nejčastější dotazy

Is it complatible with every WordPress version?

Yes it is!

What about Gutenberg compatibility?

Yes it works!


11. 5. 2023 1 odpověď
Great plugin, the others are TOO heavy. Thanks! Suggestion, if I may? Wish "Change Naming"/" could also be achieved via the shortcode, in my instance, I am using the plugin to hide/show song lyrics, wish I could add the song title for each instance. Also, I wish that in addition to "Border Bottom", there was an option for a full solid border - Button like style Again, great plugin, THANKS!
27. 4. 2023 1 odpověď
I'm a user not a developer, and Read More Without Refresh has been a really excellent plugin for me. It has revolutionised my writing - I can get the main points across succinctly and tuck details away in a read more for someone who is interested in more. I have been using the Classic Editor and am now trying to migrate to Gutenberg. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I have tried entering [read more] xxx [/read] into the code editor in a Paragraph Block, a Classic Block and a Shortcode Block, but so far without success. Can anyone help? Thanks.
30. 3. 2023 3 odpovědi
After updating there are now spam/ad screens displayed on the WordPress admin interface. These can't be removed.
3. 8. 2022 3 odpovědi
Yes, simply it does what it says on texts, group images etc. If there was a selection for transparent Background color (in settings, to be transparent not white or other color) then it will be a perfection! Till now i "cheat" this by erasing the number of #color on background... Tnx George
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