Product Enquiry for WooCommerce


Missing out on pre-sale inquiries? WISDM Product Enquiry for WooCommerce is the perfect plugin for you.

Potential customers have questions about products they want to purchase. WISDM Product Enquiry for WooCommerce lets you add an ‘Inquiry’ or ‘Request a Quote’ button on every product page.

Interested buyers can use this option to send across doubts or quote requests. You can:
– Connect with genuine leads
– Address customer’s exact concerns and queries
– Get good insights into your customers’ demands
Negotiate purchase quotations
– And quickly convert unsure customers into buyers!

Capture Pre-sale Inquiries

You can place the ‘Inquiry’ or ‘Request a Quote’ button on your products page and allow visitors to make pre-sale Inquiries or negotiate for a list of products they’re interested in. In doing so, you’ll be able to capture genuine leads and convert them into buyers sooner than expected.

Easily Customize Link or Button

You have full freedom to customize or label the button or link text as “Make an Inquiry”, “Request a Quote”, or “Quote to Order”, etc. to suit your convenience. This will make it easier for your customers to immediately understand and perform an action.

Collect Inquiries on Product Variations

You can use this option to allow interested customers to Inquire or Request Quotation for simple products or variations of a product. The quicker you address their problems, the quicker the sale happens!

Effortlessly Configure Settings

As a plugin user/administrator, you have the freedom to configure where to show the Enquiry or Request a Quote button on the product page, an option to style the buttons, and many other details too. (check out the screenshot ‘Plugin configuration’ for more details).

Receive Inquiries/Quotations via Email

Delegate responsibilities to the team by adding multiple recipient email ids for incoming product inquiries or quotations. An email with details such as site name, product name, product URL, customer name, and inquiry message is sent in a well-formatted manner.

Moreover, you can also configure the setting to help customers keep a tab on their Quotations by allowing them the option to send a “copy of email” to themselves.

Get Quick Support

It also gives you access to request a support query, make an inquiry for custom development, know additional services provided by us, etc. through a support sidebar right from the plugin settings page.

Support Local Languages

The latest version is ready for translation. All you need to do is create the .mo and .po files for your language.

Enhanced functions with Pro

To enhance and add more value to the existing functions, you should also check out the Premium version – WISDM Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce.

Using this, you can empower your customers to send a single quotation request for multiple products or inquire about bulk or large ticket size orders. You can also view and reply to all inquiries and quote requests right from your dashboard.

Pro Review:

„I was looking for a plugin for WooCommerce to request a quote. I tried several plugins with no or a bad result. At the very end I bought the plugin Product Enquiry Pro of WisdmLabs, that was working out of the box. I highly recommend WisdmLabs!“
-Leo Verzijl

By opting for the premium version, you can:

  • Allow customers to send a single inquiry or quote request for multiple products at once
  • Create a custom inquiry form using a Built-in form Builder
  • Display a mini-cart inquiry widgets
  • Easily filter & export inquiries or quote records and analyze buyer demands
  • Add an Inquiry or Quote button on the Shop or Archive page
  • Easily reply to inquiries or create PDF quotations in the backend
  • Show/hide the Inquiry button, Add to Cart, Pricing, etc.
  • Place the button anywhere on the page when using page builders like Elementor

WISDM Product Enquiry Pro is rated 4.8/5 by our customers and has been featured on,, sellwithwp, and several other expert platforms.

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Please Note:

The Product Enquiry Free plugin sends the data consisting of customer info and message directly to your inbox when a customer makes an enquiry on your website.
This plugin neither stores any data in the database nor does it send the data to any third party services.
It is your sole responsibility and we urge you to update the privacy policy of your websites accordingly.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Email settings
  • Enquiry button styling and other options
  • Form options
  • Custom styling options
  • Data and privacy settings
  • Request a quote for specific products
  • Make an inquiry before the purchase
  • Form to submit the inquiry


As this is an extension for the WooCommerce plugin, you must have WooCommerce plugin installed already.

  1. Upload ‘product-enquiry-for-woocommerce’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory or upload ‘’ through WordPress admin panel
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Visit the ‘Product Enquiry’ menu page to configure settings.

Nejčastější dotazy

Does the Enquiry plugin work with all the Product types?

Yes. The WISDM Product Enquiry for WooCommerce works for Simple and Variable Products.

Can I assign the incoming Inquiry or Quotation request emails to other team members?

Yes. With the Product Enquiry for WooCommerce, you can delegate the responsibility of the incoming Inquiry or Quotation requests to other team members as well.

Can I display the Inquiry button on the Shop Page?

The Free version allows you to display the Inquiry button on the Products page only. However, the Pro version (WISDM Product Enquiry Pro) enables you to place the Inquiry button on the Shop page as well. Plus, it lets you convert your store into catalog mode too.

Can I allow customers to place multi-product inquiries?

With the Free version, the customer will have to place the inquiry or request for quotation individually for each product. However, the Pro version enables the customers to save time by placing the Inquiry or Request Quotations for multiple products at once.

Can I modify/customize the Inquiry Form to fit my needs?

No. You have to use the default inquiry form. Having said that, the Pro version comes with an in-built custom form builder that allows you to add custom fields in the Inquiry form as per your needs. If you require advanced customisation, please contact our WooCommerce Developers from here.


4. 11. 2023
The plugin did not work on mobile version of my site for probably 6 years and I did not know it. I was told that it was incompatible with wp rocket when I contacted support. So, I get perfmatters. It works for a week and then breaks again. Meanwhile, I am having to test it all the time to make sure it is working. It is a hassle. And the support takes at least 24 hours to get back to you with a copied and pasted response that doesn’t work.AFTER LEAVING THIS REVIEW, WISDM REMOVED ME AS A USER FROM MY SITE. THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WITH ADMIN RIGHTS AND MY HOST TOLD ME THEY DID IT.
9. 2. 2022
WisdomLabs has Excellent customer service. We reached out because we needed some help with one of the plug-ins. We got an email very quickly. WisdomLabs went well above and beyond by helping us with some code snippets that helped us get our site operating as we wanted and resolved our issue very quickly. BIG THANK YOU TO YOU GUYS AGIN!!
14. 10. 2021
With Product Enquiry Pro I FINALLY found a plugin with all the features and flexibility I needed, like individually being able to toggle enquiry-buttons, prices and add-to-cart-buttons globally or on a per product basis! The enquiry form works flawlessly. It has a comprehensive enquiry management system for processing your enquiries and a enquiry-cart feature, which you can deactivate. Therefore you can adjust the plugins feature-load to your projects needs. It’s much appreciated, that WisdmLabs offers optional lifetime licencing for Product Enquiry Pro and the support is great too — I had to open two tickets and both were quickly resolved by the fast responding support team —thx @Arjun ;).
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Přehled změn

  • Fix: Compatibility with latest version of WooCommerce(8.9.1).


  • Fix: Resolved Security related Issues.

  • Tweak: Removed branding URLs.


  • Feature: Compatibility with HPOS.


  • Feature: Compatibility with WP 6.0.


  • Feature: Compatibility with Twenty Twenty Two theme. #76373
  • Fix: No ‚Sending‘ screen when enquiry is made second time. #76427
  • Tweak: Added filter to decide whether to encode enquiry subject line. #76372


  • Update: Compatibility with latest WooCommerce and WordPress.


  • Fix: ‚Close‘ text appearing near close ‚x‘ icon on enquiry form. #69238
  • Fix: Fixed ‚Unauthorized Access‘ error on enquiry form submission. #69231
  • Tweak: Added class attributes to ‚Send‘ and ‚OK‘ button. #69237
  • Tweak: Added filter to add/ change the class attributes for ‚Send‘ and ‚OK‘ buttons. #69237


  • Fix: Email Product name had dashes between words.
  • Fix: Dashboard menu icon size was larger.


  • Fix: Fixed fatal error when WooCommerce is not active.
  • Fix: WPML Translation ready.
  • Update: Removed empty CSS file. Path: assets/admin/css/wdm-subme-style.css
  • Update: Removed Bootstrap file which was not being used.


  • Feature: Added a setting to display button as a link. #62352
  • Feature: Retain PE Free settings after upgrading to PRO. #62353
  • Fix: Enquiry email is not getting sent. #62492
  • Fix: Added error messages for enquiry form fields. #63081
  • Fix: Product URL is not included in BlueMail. #62347
  • Fix: Subscription error. #62613
  • Fix: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool. #62597
  • Fix: Recipient’s email field accepts invalid email address. #63067
  • Fix: Enquiry privacy policy field gets accepted when kept blank. #63077
  • Fix: Make telephone number field mandatory doesn’t appear immediately. #63074
  • Fix: Enquiry button label gets accepted with initial blank spaces. #63070
  • Fix: Default subject field gets accepted when kept blank. #63069


  • Fix – Fixed a phone number issue in enquiry mail.
  • Fix – Fixed a send and ok button theme’s style issue.
  • Fix – Fixed a REST API encountered an error.


  • Update – Redesigned enquiry form to make it look modern.
  • Update – Moved menu near the WooCommerce menu in the dashboard.
  • Update – The coding standard changed to WordPress-Core standards.
  • Update – Revamped settings pages.


  • Feature – Added SKU or Product/Variation ID in the enquiry email.
  • Update – Compatibility with WC 3.7.0
  • Update – Added hooks in enquiry email body, enquiry form, etc.
  • Update – Added plugin version in enqueue styles and scripts.


  • Feature – Added telephone number field.


  • Fix – Fixed a few styling issues on the admin settings page.


  • Fix – Minor bugs fixes.


  • Feature – Added Setting to display terms and conditions checkbox on enquiry forms.


  • Feature – Added disable nonce setting to bypass nonce.


  • Feature – Admin can now add custom CSS from settings.
  • Fix – Fixed a few styling issues.


  • Feature – Admin can now add multiple recipient email addresses.
  • Fix – Fixed a few styling issues.


  • Improvements – Minor layout improvements.


  • Feature – Admin can decide whether Product Author should receive enquiry emails or not
  • Feature – Admin can decide whether Enquiry emails should be sent on email set in WordPress’s General Settings
  • Fix – Fixed conflict of jQuery UI CSS with other CSS
  • Fix – Made compatible with WooCommerce 3.0


  • Simplified settings page by adding tooltips


  • Added support with WC Vendors plugin.
  • UI fixes for space in footer.
  • Modified strings to keep same contextaul meaning when translated to other languages.


  • Z-index fixes for modal.
  • UI fixes for enquiry button.


  • Added support for more than one position for the enquiry button. In the previous version, the button position was moved from after the product summary to below the add to cart button. This version gives you the option to display the button either below the add to cart button or below the product summary.


  • Updated position of enquiry button
  • Updated enquiry modal and improved its UI
  • Localization ready
  • Default subject issue resolved
  • Fixed email related bugs. Now, wp_mail() function will be used instead of mail().


  • Added „reply-to“ address
  • Added plugin URI


  • Fixed „header already sent“ warning message on plugin activation.
  • Removed old sidebar files from plugin.


  • Header issue resolved.


  • Updated the email functionality of the plugin.
  • Resolved Warnings and Notices.


  • Fixed the issue where enquiry button was moved within product summary instead of after it.


  • Fixed z-index issue.
  • Resolved IE issue.
  • Updated plugin dashboard UI.


  • Fixed enquiry button alignment issue.


  • Fixed tab index issue.


  • Added a plugin support sidebar in settings page.


  • Resolved issue of showing ‚Undefined index‘ warning message.
  • Added code to show ‚site name‘ in email.
  • Formatted email contents in such a way that they look more meaningful and proper aligned.


  • Plugin Released