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PrivateAnalytix plugin adds the PrivateAnalytix tracking pixel to your WordPress web site. It makes it possible to use the features in your PrivateAnalytix account, such as: visitor analytics, real-time visitor count, visitor event tracking, page heatmaps and session replays.

At a glance, this plugin adds the following functionality:

  • Embeds PrivateAnalytix pixel code snippet in your WP web site
  • Allows quick access to your PrivateAnalytics dashboard via the „My Account“ tab
  • Allows to track visitor analytics on their WordPress web web site
  • Allows to see the number of real-time visitors
  • Allows to create web page heatmaps
  • Allows to track visitor events
  • Allows to create visitor session replays

The plugin supports both types of PrivateAnalytix pixels: full pixel and light pixel.

  • The full pixel allows for tracking of visitor analytics, visitor event tacking, page heatmaps and session replays
  • The light pixel (much quicker and lighter) allows for tracking of only visitor analytics

Snímky obrazovky

  • PrivateAnalytix plugin in WP dashboard
  • "Dashboard" in PrivateAnalytix -> My Account
  • "Event Tracking" in PrivateAnalytix -> My Account
  • "Real-Time Analytics" in PrivateAnalytix -> My Account
  • "Heatmaps" in PrivateAnalytix -> My Account
  • "Session Replays" in PrivateAnalytix -> My Account

Nejčastější dotazy

What is the difference between the normal and the light pixel?

The main difference between the regular and the light pixel is their size. The light pixel is about 8x smaller (~ 6kB) than the large pixel (~ 45kB). Both pixels are very small, but the light pixel is specifically designed for site owners who want only track the number of visitors and to ensure that their site loads as quickly as possible.

It is notable to remember that the normal pixel supports the tracking of daily and real-time visitor analytics, creation of heatmaps, tracking of visitor events and session replays. The light pixel supports tracking of visitor analytics and reatime visitor view only.

Can I add pixels from other analytics trackers?

No. To ensure maximum compatibility and to maintain quick web site loading speeds, the plugin only supports PrivateAnalytix pixels.


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