Prevent Browser Caching


Are you a frontend developer? Do you want to clear browser cache for all users? Just activate this plugin and show your work!

Prevent Browser Caching allows you to update the assets version of all CSS and JS files automatically or manually in one click.

Now you can show the latest changes on the site without asking the client to clear the cache.

How it works?

Usually, WordPress loads assets using query param „ver“ in the URL (e.g., style.css?ver=4.9.6). It allows browsers to cache these files until the parameter will not be updated.

To prevent caching of CSS and JS files, this plugin adds a unique number (e.g., 1526905286) to the „ver“ parameter (e.g., style.css?ver= for all links, loaded using wp_enqueue_style and wp_enqueue_script functions.

For developers

By default, this plugin updates all assets files every time a user loads a page and adds options in the admin panel (Settings -> Prevent Browser Caching) which allows you to configure updating of these files.

But you can also set the version of CSS and JS files programmatically.

Just insert this code in functions.php file of your theme and change the value of assets_version when you need to update assets:

prevent_browser_caching( array( 
    'assets_version' => '123' 
) );

Snímky obrazovky


From WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit „Plugins > Add New“.
  2. Search for „Prevent Browser Caching“.
  3. Install and activate Prevent Browser Caching plugin.

From site

  1. Download Prevent Browser Caching plugin.
  2. Upload the „prevent-browser-caching“ directory to your „/wp-content/plugins/“ directory.
  3. Activate Prevent Browser Caching on your Plugins page.


19. 11. 2020
I just want to thank the developer for this super useful plugin, it works wonderfully well, great job.
30. 9. 2020
I was crazy here because I couldn't solve a serious browser cache issue on my site. Due to a problem with the cache, my customers were unable to make any purchases at my store, as the products had color and others options and they did not load. It was not a question of style, but of functionality. I did everything possible, restarted the server, excluded plugins, I even changed the theme to see if it forced cleaning, but nothing resolved. This plugin saved me. Thank you very much for your work!!!
4. 5. 2020
Thank you for this very helpful plugin. It works as expected and I use it on all of our development sites.
13. 2. 2020
I'm glad I have found something like this, its not 100% what I was looking for since I would have preferred the query string to automatically update everytime a file has actually been changed. Hopefully we can see this in the future. It's a shame plugins like this have to exist, it should be part of WP core. Since its not though, I am very grateful for this plugin. EDIT: The Manual button does not seem to work if I disable automatic mode. -1 Star. EDIT: The Manuel button has been fixed. +1 Star.
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Prevent Browser Caching je otevřený software. Následující lidé přispěli k vývoji tohoto pluginu.

Přehled změn


  • Fixed „Update CSS/JS“ button in the admin bar.


  • Tested the plugin in WordPress 5.1.


  • Tested the plugin in WordPress 5.0-beta1 and optimized the code.


  • Added function „prevent_browser_caching“ which disables all admin settings of this plugin and allows to set the new settings.
  • Changing „ver“ param instead of adding additional „time“ param.


  • Added option to show „Update CSS/JS“ button on the toolbar.


  • Added setting page to the admin panel.
  • Added automatically updating CSS and JS files every period for individual user
  • Added manually updating CSS and JS files for all site visitors


  • Added plugin text domain.


  • First version of Prevent Browser Caching plugin.