Post Type Archive Descriptions


Enables an editable description for a post type to display at the top of the post type archive page. Output the description via the native the_archive_description() function that already works with a taxonomy term descriptions.

Automatically works for any theme that uses the_archive_description() (added in WordPress 4.1) like Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Sixteen, Twenty Seventeen or most _s-based themes.

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Snímky obrazovky

  • The editing interface for writing a post type archive description. This plugin adds the "Archive Description" link in the left menu, the "View Books Archive" link in the admin bar, and, of course, the field to save the description.

  • The post type archive description displayed (automatically!) in the Twenty Fifteen theme. The plugin also adds the "Edit Books Description" link.


  1. From your WordPress site’s dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for „Post Type Archive Descriptions.“
  3. Klikněte na „Instalovat“
  4. Klikněte na „Aktivovat“
  5. Depending on your theme, you may need to add the_archive_description() to your templates in order for it to work.

Nejčastější dotazy

Je tento plugin kompatibilní s WordPressem 5.0 / editorem Gutenberg?

Yes. The plugin does not directly integrate with the post editor screen so no changes were required.

Be aware that as of 5 Dec 2019, it appears the Twenty Nineteen theme will not support post type archive descriptions by default. Unless something changes, you will need to manually add support for them in a child theme if using Twenty Nineteen. See the next FAQ for how to do that.

How do I display a custom post type’s description?

In WordPress 4.1, the_archive_description() and get_the_archive_description() were introduced. As long as your theme supports those functions, you don’t have to do anything!

Older themes can use ptad_get_post_type_description() or ptad_the_post_type_description() to return or echo a post type description. Both functions take an optional $post_type slug argument to return a specific post type. However, that is unnecesarry on a page that returns true for is_post_type_archive()`.

Chances are you want this in the archive-{post_type_slug}.php or archive.php template files.

Which post types get a description?

By default, any custom post type excluding Posts and Pages that was registered with 'has_archive' => true. There is a filter (see below) to add support for any post type.

Are there filters & actions to modify the plugin?

Glad you asked. Yes. Plenty!


  • ptad_post_types – specify the post types with a description (default is all non-built_in post types where has_archive is true)
  • ptad_admin_title – Modify admin page title
  • ptad_admin_parent – Change parent page of the Description edit page
  • ptad_menu_label – Modify the menu item label in the admin
  • ptad_description_capability – Set capability of who can edit descriptions. Default: edit_posts
  • ptad_edit_description_link – Modify admin bar link to edit the description
  • ptad_view_archive_link – Modify admin bar link to view the post type archive


  • ptad_before_editor – Between title and description editor for ALL admin pages. Receives $post_type arg.
  • ptad_before_editor_{post_type} – Between title and description editor for any specific post type.
  • ptad_after_editor – Immediately below description editor for ALL admin pages. Receives $post_type arg.
  • ptad_after_editor_{post_type} – Immediately below description editor for any specific post type.


1. 4. 2019
This is such an elegant way to present your users with the option of editing the text of your archives. I simply installed it and after modifying my theme a bit, I was up and running. Fantastic idea, thank you and keep up the good work!
18. 1. 2018
A useful and well implemented plugin. If you're going to use any other post-type global fields it's better to replace this plugin with a custom field and put all of those on a single options page, but otherwise it does its job well.
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Přehled změn

1.2.0 (October 3, 2020)

  • [Fix] Now supports post types in admin submenus other than the default. Big props to Jeremy Carlson, @eyesofjeremy
  • [Fix] Get correct description and don’t show warning on a Post Type Archive that shows multiple post types (probably via pre_get_posts)
  • Code cleanup

1.1.5 (September 23, 2019)

  • Add global and post-type-specific actions before and after the Description Editor on the admin editing screen: ptad_before_editor, ptad_before_editor_{post_type}, ptad_after_editor, and ptad_after_editor_{post_type}
  • Don’t sanitize plugin output so shortcodes work. Thanks @mmcginnis.

1.1.4 (August 13, 2018)

  • [Fix] Fully restrict access to Post Type Description edit screen when ptad_description_capability filter is used. Props @deucecreative
  • Bump requires version to 4.6 and remove load_plugin_textdomain usage

1.1.3 (May 31, 2018)

  • [Fix] Remove deprecated screen icon notice on Archive Description edit screen
  • Bump tested up to version

1.1.2 (April 25, 2017)

  • [Fix] Only show „Edit Description“ admin bar link if user has correct permissions
  • [Docs] Clarify one function’s inline documentation

1.1.1 (April 18, 2016)

  • [Fix] Typo resulted in error and broken qTranslate-X support.

1.1.0 (March 30, 2016)

  • [New] New ptad_wp_editor_settings filter to modify Post Type Description TinyMCE settings. Thank you @katanyan.
  • [New] Support for qTranslate-X. Thank you to @Tusko on GitHub.

1.0.0 (May 14, 2015)