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The Pinionate plugin provides WordPress site owners with access to highly engaging and interactive Pinionatestory-telling content easily and seamlessly within your WordPress editor.

The plugin offers a user-friendly and quick way to embed Pinionate content without leaving your WordPress editor, either from your library of created content or from public items shared amongst the Pinionatecommunity of users.

All content available through the Pinionate plugin appears natively within your site and is automatically optimized for both mobile and web.

Pinionate content has been proven to significantly boost user engagement, page-views, time on site and social sharing activity. Pinionate data can be used to improve content delivery and recommendations. Likewise, Pinionate advertising partnerships can significantly increase direct, programmatic and affiliate revenue streams with relevant and native, data driven advertising that enhances the user experience.

It’s never been easier to give readers content they want to consume and share.


• Easily embed Pinionate channels directly from your edit screen.

• Enrich your storytelling capabilities with content that engages the reader in your content.

• Establish a dialogue with your readers, help them discover new content, and provide them transparent insight or feedback.

• Leverage the Pinionate review screen function and thumbnail images to re-engage your audience in the content.

• Increase page views, completion rates, dwell-time and social shares with more engaging and interactive content.

• Browse your own published items or search from a growing list of community created content on the Pinionate library.

How to create a Pinionate channel in WordPress:

• All WordPress members can use public Pinionate content, but only registered Pinionate users are able to create interactive items in WordPress. If you haven’t done so yet, please open your very own Pinionate account via the Apple iTunes store – HERE, and contact us at to request access to our Publisher CMS.

How to embed a Pinionate channel into WordPress:

• You can seamlessly embed Pinionate items you create, and public items created by others, with the PinionateWordPressPlugin.

• Browse content from the Pinionatecommunity or search for your own content by User Name.

• Find an item you like and embed it directly in your post without leaving the editor.

• Choose any item from Pinionate, or directly from Copy the Pinionate channel embed code into your HTML editor, then simply check the visual editor to confirm that the item loads properly.

• For advanced customization, the plugin supports shortcodes.


  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to „Plugins“ -> „Add Plugin“.
  2. Search for „Pinionate”.
  3. Install the plugin by pressing the „Install“ button.
  4. Activate the plugin by pressing the „Activate“ button.


  • Use WordPress automatic updates to upgrade to the latest version. Ensure to backup your site just in case.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress version 4.7 or greater.
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater.

Recommended Requirements

  • Latest WordPress version.
  • PHP version 5.4 or greater.
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater.

Snímky obrazovky

  • Start creating by clicking the new post shortcut in your WordPress editor and choosing "Pinionate" button.
  • You can also find by you name on "My channels" tab.
  • The embedded item will appear in your WordPress visual editor.
  • Switching to the text-editor will present the simple shortcode in use.
  • You can also edit you inserted item in your WordPress visual editor.
  • Craft your item by combining different interactive textual and visual elements, as you wish.

Časté dotazy

I don’t have a Pinionate account, can I still use the plugin?

In order to create an item within WordPress, or embed an item you’ve created on, you must have a Pinionate account. Register for your own free Pinionate account on the Apple iTunes store or from you do not have a Pinionate account, you can use the plugin to embed publicchannels.

I can’t find Pinionate channels from my account in the plugin?

If you need assistance configuring the plugin settings accordingly, please contact your WordPress admin or send a note to Note that when you search for your channels in the plug-in, make sure your account name matchesyour Pinionate user name exactly.

Does Pinionate work on mobile and tablet devices?

Pinionate items can be viewed and interacted with on all platforms. Creating and embedding items is currently available only on desktop.


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